Spring and Autumn’s Dream Chapter 5: Wei Qin’s Life (2)

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Xiang Bao looked at Wei Qin’s frail back as it disappeared into the vast night as she followed Fan Li up the horse.

Fan Li sat behind her as he slowly urged the horse forward.

“What’re you thinking about?” Fan Li asked upon seeing that Xiang Bao kept on looking down.

There was still no answer even after a while. Fan Li curiously looked down at her.

Xiang Bao had actually fallen asleep.

Fan Li couldn’t help but laugh.

When they had arrived back at Liu Jun Zui, Mo Li was waiting at the entrance, her face full of anxiety. Wen Zhong was standing beside her,

Seeing that Fan Li had brought Xiang Bao back, Mo Li let out a relieved sigh, as she walked forward.

“She fell asleep,” Fan Li said, carrying Xiang Bao down the horse, his voice filled with laughter.

“Xiang Bao.” Mo Li unkindly woke her up.

Xiang Bao rubbed her eyes and with drowsy eyes, she muttered out, “Sis, I’m hungry……”

Mo Li stared at her for a long while, yet she still couldn’t help but laugh.

The plan of buying cloth had been spoilt so she could only steal some from Mo Li. Thus, her dream path began.

What should she make? She should make a gown!

Fiddling for one whole day, her ten fingers were riddled with bruises, Xiang Bao could only speak bitter words.

She should endure for her dreams of being a Madam!

“Xiang Bao, who are you making this for?” Mo Li’s voice had suddenly sounded out as Xiang Bao was looking for a knife.

Xiang Bao was startled but it was too late to hide it.

“Who is it for?” Mo Li laughed as she looked at the ‘gown’ that looked more like rags.

“Fan Li.” Xiang Bao very honestly answered.

The moment the words landed in Mo Li’s ears, she lost her smile and frowned.

“What’s wrong sis?” Xiang Bao went over to Mo Li.

“You like him?” Mo Li suddenly asked,

Xiang Bao immediately choked on her own saliva, “Ke Ke Ke”

“Xiang Bao, I don’t like that person.” Mo Li touched her face, saying.

“Why?” Xiang Bao asked, blinking her eyes.

Mo Li scratched her nose, laughing, “He has no shame.”

Xiang Bao laughed.

With a course of untiring hard work, Xiang Bao finally completed her life’s first ever gown. Looking at it with happiness for half a day, Xiang Bao washed it and then hung it up.

She turned around and saw Ah Fu. With slitted eyes and a smile, she walked towards him, pointing towards that gown, “Brother Ah Fu, can you guess who I made this for?”

Ah Fu lifted his head to see, “Yi? isn’t this Chun Xi’s cleaning rag? What is it doing here?”

Half of Xiang Bao’s face darkened.

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“Oh, no no. This is not Chun Xi’s… ” Seeing that Xiang Bao’s face was looking unkind, he quickly said, “This must definitely belong to Lady Mo Li.”

The other half of Xiang Bao’s face darkened.

“Ah Fu, this is a gown that Xiang Bao made,” Qiu Xue laughed, seeing from afar.

Xiang Bao nodded, glaring at Ah Fu.

Ah Fu simple-mindedly rubbed his head, laughing.

Qiu Xue looked at Xiang Bao, smiling, “Xiang Bao, Madam Gan wants you to bring some tea over to her house.”

Xiang Bao responded before running off.

With tea in her hands, Xiang Bao ran like the wind towards Madam Gan’s house. She knocked.

“Who is it?”

“Xiang Bao. I’m here to bring the tea.”

The room was silent for a long while before the door opened.

Seeing that Madam Gan had personally opened the door, Xiang Bao felt a little overwhelmed with favour. She hurriedly brought the tea in.

“Come in.” Madam Gan looked at her, Xiang Bao followed in.

Taking the cup of tea, Madam Gan lightly blew on it, looking at Xiang Bao.

Xiang Bao was standing by the side obediently.

With a raise of an eyebrow, Madam Gan suddenly splashed the cold tea onto Xiang Bao’s face.

Xiang Bao’s heart turned a little cold, subconsciously covering her face but her hand was grabbed by Madam Gan.

“What an exquisite girl.” Madam Gan stood up, her eyes slanted from smiling. Her old hands that looked like tree bark lightly touched Xiang Bao’s face. “Qiu Xue that girl’s eyes are sharp. To think that such a beautiful girl has been by my side for such a long time and I actually never noticed.

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Xiang Bao lowered her eyes, looking at the fingernails that were stained with red, her body was overcome with goosebumps.

Qiu Xue…..

When did Qiu Xue find out?

That’s right, that night, she had seen everything by the door.

“Come come come, let Madam help you dress up.” Madam Gan sat her on a stool, applying powder onto her face, all the while with a big smile on her face.

Xiang Bao silently sat on the stool, looking at the old and wrinkly smiling face.

“Madam Gan, clothes……” Zi Fei’s voice sounded out but she went silent upon seeing Xiang Bao. She was dumbstruck.

“Come come come, help Lady Xiang Bao wear the clothes,” Madam Gan said.

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Lady Xiang Bao?

After seeing Xiang Bao change her clothes, Madam Gan looked front and back, smiling till her eyes disappeared.

Tilting her head to look at the beautiful girl in the mirror and then turned to look at smiling Madam Gan, Xiang Bao blinked her eyes. She smiled a little so she just full on smiled.

She had also became a glowing money tree.

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