Spring and Autumn’s Dream Chapter 5: Wei Qin’s Life (1)

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Sitting on the slightly moist grass, Xiang Bao didn’t dare to utter a sound. Wei Qin who was sitting in front of her was helping her block the gazes which were filled with ill intentions.

This was a broken down house whose living room was the only room that could shelter them from the rain. In the middle was firewood. Xiang Bao was shocked that other than Wei Qin, there were three or four more young men who looked just slightly older than Wei Qin. They all had dirty hair and faces and were not in the least bit clean.

“Take it out.” Big Yellow Teeth knocked on the floor and with that, the few young men scurried over. Taking out something from their dirty clothes and onto the floor. Some of the items were accessories – silver and coins. Wei Qin was the only one who didn’t have anything.

Xiang Bao looked at the back of the frail body that was blocking her. He… really did not steal anymore, even when he knew he would have to go through a hard beating.

With a ‘PA’, Wei Qin had gotten another hard slap.

He didn’t move, just letting the guy hit him.

Without any reason, Xiang Bao’s heart tightened as she unconsciously took out some coins from her clothes and threw them on the floor. “I’ll give you all these, don’t hit him anymore.”

Wei Qin in fact, did not appreciate the kindness as he turned backwards to stare at her before pulling her back behind him.

Big Yellow Teeth was happy, reaching out his hand, he dragged Xiang Bao from behind Wei Qin’s back, “This little girl is pretty loyal and righteous ah.”

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Wei Qin clenched his fists, touching the wooden stick by his side.

Xiang Bao frowned in revulsion. The man suddenly picked up a broken bowl filled with water and splashed it onto Xiang Bao’s face.

The faint red on her face vanished very quickly.

That guy was stupefied, his eyes glazed.
Wei Qin held up the wooden stick and smashed it onto Big Yellow Teeth’s head. It was fast and harsh, Big Yellow Teeth couldn’t even say anything before collapsing onto the floor.

Xiang Bao fell to the floor and before she could even come back to her senses, Wei Qin had already pulled her behind him.

The other men who saw that Big Yellow Teeth had been knocked unconscious were raging. “Kill that brat!”

Wei Qin held onto the stick tightly and dully said, “What’re you still waiting for?”

The moment those words landed, the few young man rushed up front and knocked out all the other men.

Xiang Bao looked at the scene in a daze.

“Wei Qin……What should we do……” The few young men were pale, looking at the unconscious Big Yellow Teeth and his other henchmen.

His pretty black eyes had a flash of color. Wei Qin walked towards the unconscious Big Yellow Teeth, all the while holding onto the stick tightly. He then very ruthlessly brought the stick down onto Big Yellow Teeth’s head.

One time, two time, three time……He kept on knocking until the person’s head seemed to change shape.

Those young men looked at each other in dismay, unable to do it.

“What’re you still waiting for?” Wei Qin licked his dry lips, “Even if you guys wanted to be like a dog and serve them for the rest of your lives, it is already impossible. Once they wake up, the ones who will be dead are you guys.”

Listening to those words, the young men turned resolute as they dealt with the other unconscious men.

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The firewood was crackling with a ‘Bi bi bao bao.’

“Are you not feeling well? Do you want to vomit?” It was unknown when Wei Qin had managed to move in front of Xiang Bao. His black eyes looking into hers, as if he was smiling a bit yet not.

Xiang Bao looked at his pretty face that was covered in green and purple bruises, looked at his eyes that were slightly raised. She suddenly reached her hand out, wiping away the blood on his lips.

Wei Qin immediately backed away, as if he had been scorched by her touch.

Xiang Bao’s hands felt empty.

“Next time when I open up a singing and dancing house, will you come over and help?” With a tug on her lips, Xiang Bao was actually smiling at him.

Wei Qin looked at her.

Xiang Bao was smiling so much that her eyes became slits, “Come and help me, I’ll give you good food to eat.”

Wei Qin looked at her as if he were looking at an idiot.

Under the firewood light, Xiang Bao’s face looked as glossy as jade. Those young men were dazed by her.

Wei Qin glared at each one of them as he kicked the firewood, dragging Xiang Bao away from the broken house.

It was unknown when the rain had stopped but the firewood was set. Not long after, the broken house burst in flames and started to burn down.

“Look, it’s burnt.” Wei Qin looked at Xiang Bao smiling, a very innocent smile. A smile that said he did something worth complimenting for. That kind of innocent smile, compared to that ruthless boy made it seem like two very different people.

The intensity of the fire grew more and more. That broken house that held those bodies was soon burnt to ashes.

Wei Qin’s lips slightly tugged upwards. His deep black eyes held a fierce fire, bringing along a dazzling color. That should not have been a gaze that a four to fifteen year old boy should have. That hatred made people shiver and shudder in fear.

“Wei Qin……” Xiang Bao tugged on his clothing.

Wei Qin did not bother her as he looked at the direction past her in hostility.

“Xiang Bao,” A gentle voice sounded out.

Xiang Bao froze a little, turning her head and saw that the person riding on the horse was Fan Li.

“Official Fan?”

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“Your sister is very worried about you. She had me come and find you,” Fan Li said as he got off his horse.

Xiang Bao lowered her eyelids as she turned back to look at Wei Qin but found that he had already left with those few young men.

“Xiang Bao, it’s time to go back,” Fan Li said, touching her head.

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