The Abandoned Chapter 12: New Plan

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It was a beautiful sunset. The sun was shining its last rays of light as the moon fazed into view. Delias stood besides his duck-steed. Some people came and went, leaving the post with a lot less steeds. As shops began to close, others started to open, but the Wine Water Pavilion remained unchanged.

Delias waited long after the sun had disappeared below the horizon. One hour. Two. He was growing antsy. After obtaining twenty gold coins, he was remiss to use any, so he just waited for the skunk. The skunk had said that he would be able obtain a place where they can freshen up, get some new clothes before he would take him into Wine Water Pavilion, but as Delias waited, he started to have doubts. This is taking too long.

Climbing up the marble steps, Delias headed for the Wine Water Pavilion entrance, but before he could even approach the door, a tall and burly averati in a dark tunic stopped him.

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“No entry.” The man rumbled.

Delias was startled. He had not seen when or where the man came from. “What do you mean no entry? I have seen people come and go from this place all day!”

“No entry.” The man rumbled again.

“My friend is in there. About yea high, black and white, with a smart mouth. He reserved rooms for us.”

“No entry.”

Delias was getting frustrated. He was going nowhere with the averati; not to mention the averati was not even remotely moveable or helpful.

“I want to speak to your manager. This is absurd! Is it because of how I look? Is this how Wine Water Pavilion treats prospective customers. Is this how Wine Water Pavilion runs? They are a bunch of bigoted, self-absorbed, prejudicial pieces of…”

“Do not defame our Wine Water Pavilion!” A deep resonating voice shouted out! As Delias looked around, the annoying averati was gone and out of the darkness approached another. His hair was greying, and his eyebrows were like swords. On the tips of his knuckles and finger joints were bronze plates that seemed fused with his skin.

“Defame?” Delias turned to the averati. “Defame is only defaming if it’s not true. If it were not true then why are you barring my entry? Are you closed? Or is it just closed to someone who dresses and looks like me? Hmm? Not saying something? That’s right. Bunch of upturned brown noses!”

The greying man’s face seemed to turn solemn. “There are requisites that need to be addressed in order to enter the Wine Water Pavilion. You do not meet any of the requisites.”

“Requisites? What are these requisites?”

“The fact that you do not know is proof of your lack of it.” The averati replied coolly.

“What of my friend, the-”

“You’re white and black friend, yes. He has been here. He is in a room with his… ehem,” the averati coughed. “friend. There has been no mention of you… unless you are his duck-steed caretaker. Caretakers stay outside.

“Duck-steed Caretaker? Is that what I am? Bull-sh-”

“Regardless. You’re not allowed entry. Further interruption in front of our establishment will result in pain. Now begone!”

An anger bubbled in Delias’s throat, and he was about to say something more when the burly averati  in the dark tunic suddenly appeared out of nowhere again and grabbed him by his collar from behind, pulled him back, and threw him down the marble steps.

By the time Delias picked himself up from the ground and brushed the dirt off of him, the two averati were gone.

Delias cursed, kicked at dirt ground, and stalked off. The first place Delias went to was a large inn named ‘ East Virgin Inn’. He had not wished to spend any money, but it was late and he was tired. A warm bed and a hot meal sounded too good. He went through the door entrance and approached the nearest desk.

“One room please?”

A cute blonde girl sitting on a stool from behind the counter was resting her head on the desk.

Delias rung the bell at the side. The girl bounced in her seat, lifting her head up. She wiped drool from her chin and asked, “Can I help you?” In a sleep filled voice.

“A room. Can I get a room please?”

The girl looked up and down Delias and frowned. “That would be seven vanii for one night.”

“Ok.” Delias handed over a gold coin.

The girl didn’t even take the coin. She looked at the coin with a raised eyebrow. “That’s a gold coin. We don’t accept gold at this establishment. Only vanii.”

Delias’s face twitched. “What? What do you mean? Is this not vanii?”

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The girl brushed her golden locks from her face, showcasing her violet eyes. Golden flecks shimmered in her iris as the dim candle light reflected of them.

“Sir, if you’re not going to be serious, please do it elsewhere. It’s late and we have an establishment to run.”

Delias frowned. “Explain this to me. Please!”

The girl sighed. She looked at Delias’s matted hair and dirty fingernails and sighed again. “Maybe you do not know but like most averati kingdoms, we use five main different forms of currency. Gold and silver; vanii, which divided into different grades; jewels; talismans; and others.

“What you have in your hand is gold which is a part of more of a niche market. Not many people accept gold. Only a few cities in the nation. Mostly those who somehow deal eccentrics, rich folk, and a lot of human countries. Humans seems to go nuts over the stuff.

“Seriously?” Those damn kids. Gave me useless money! “But if its currency then there is a currency exchange around, right?”

“There is.” The girl gave Delias some directions before she shooed him off and put her head down to back to sleep.

Delias roamed the streets. The streets that were bustling in the day, and less active but still busy at night, were now almost empty. It was already way past noon. Delias was extremely tired. The duck-steed he rode, taken so if the skunk needed it, he made sure he did not have anything to ride. Payback.

Delias found the exchange. The place was closed. There was billboards up though. Delias looked at the exchange rates.

“What?!” The exchange to trade vanii to gold was 1 vanii to 1 silver, where 10 silver is a gold piece. But to go from gold back to vanii, it was 1 gold for 1 vanii. That was a ninety percent loss from the exchange. And that was not including any taxes or standard fee from using the exchange’s services.

Delias was red with anger. Those damn kids cheated me! They gave me twenty gold, which was two hundred vanii, but gold is worthless. And since they could not get rid of it without a loss, they just handed it over to me! Damn them. Damn them all!

Delias cursed over and over in his anger. After an hour of roaming the city, trying to find a place to relax, he ended up by a creek that came from the deviation from the large river that ran through the east of the city.

Delias decided to take a bath. It was late and no one was around. He felt dirty, so taking of the linen, he hopped in. The water was cold. But he quickly got used to it. He scrubbed himself, though he had no soap, and tried to dig the dirt from his nails and wash his hair out.

It was as Delias was getting out that lights flashed on. Two high beam lanterns infused with fire crystals were held in the hands of two averati. One was tall. In the stead of a head, there was just a thick green arm. Eyes, mouth, and ears were on the arm, but the rest of the body was similar to humans, except for the pale and light greenish skin. The other averati was tanned with curly hair.

The curly-haired one yelled out, “Hey! There is no bathing in the creek.” Then he mumbled. “These damn hobos. They do this every time . I catch five yesterday. When will they learn?”

Delias anger nearly hit the roof. Hobo? Has it really come to this? I’m going to kill that skunk!

Delia got out of the water. He put his shirt on. “You got to come with us! We need to process you.” The two averati, who looked like guards were a bit far away.

Delias ran with only his shirt on. The member between his legs dangles with each step. The two averati guards did not chase him. It seemed they were so used to it, that they had no interest in overworking themselves.

As he was running, an averati female screamed, but he had not cared. It was dark and she would never put his member to a face, even if it was not as large as it was before his new body. When Delias got far off enough, he slipped on his pants. Damn it, I forgot the duck. I can’t go back for it now though.

After another hour Delias ended up at a park. He fell asleep under a blue metal jungle gym. The trees rustled as the wind blew. Delias shivered. It was a chilly morning, and he was hungry. His body seemed to not even have the energy to keep himself properly warm.

But even with his troubles, Delias was so tired that he quickly fell asleep.

As the sun broke the night, birds chirped in the trees above.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Delias woke to noise. He groggily got up, still tired from only having a few hours sleep. He looked over, and a few meters away was actually a huge building. Children, anywhere from six to eight years old were walking in and out of the building. At the side, there was a section where a few children were practicing drills. They looked like martial arts drills.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

It was then that an idea sparked in Delias’s mind. If the skunk won’t help me then I have to help myself. What better way to find out about this world and other information that I then a school?

Delias smiled. Time for a new plan.  


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