The Abandoned Chapter 3: Pain

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The Abandoned Chapter 3: Pain

Delias woke up. A deep seeded pain flared on the side of his head. He felt nauseous, and a dizziness came at him in waves. Delias squinted. A bright white light from above blinded him. He reached to shade the light from his eyes, but as he moved, his hand jerked to a still.

Delias looked. He was lying on a cool, metal surface. His arms were bound by iron shackles, and outside that bright light, the room was shrouded in complete darkness. What the hell? The pain in his head increased. He could not tell where he was, or why he was there.  And as he thought and thought, all he could remember was agreeing to the green-robed man’s proposal. What happened? But no matter how much Delias racked his brain, he could not remember anything more.

Delias glanced around as he twisted his hand, trying to pry them from his irons. The clanking iron chains echoed as Delias pulled. But the shackles were too tight. His flesh grew red and shredded with each attempt. Even though his legs were mangled, they were not in irons. If he got out of the irons, he might be able to crawl out. Delias looked at his left arm, the stump was tightly covered in a case of metal. Delias’s face fell. How am I to get out that?

“So you’re finally awake.”

Delias looked back up, but he did not see anyone, nor could he tell where the voice had come from.

“Who’s there?” He croaked. His mouth was dry and his throat felt raw. But there was no answer. “I said, who’s there?!” Delias’s heartbeat sped, and even with the room being cold, sweat began to trickle down his back. A cold sweat. He shuddered.

Out from the darkness, a figure emerged; like an apparition, smokey black tendrils glittering like fine crystals. It twisted and congealed, forming the stature of a man. His eyes were like a three pointed star. His hair was white pink in color, and his hands, protruding from his long, grey robe were tattooed with various symbols.

“The name is Malkivo.” Said the figure. Malkivo sauntered toward Delias, coming to his side. The man loomed over him, his figure blotting out the light. Delias jerked back, but he could go no where, he was firmly locked in.

“Shh. There’s nowhere to go.” Malkovich ran his fingers through Delias‘s hair. He brushed it back, petting him softly. “It’s going to be alright. The contract has been formed. Now it’s time to carry it out.”

Delias’s dizziness increased. To him, everything rocked; everything warped. “What the hell is going on?” Delias roared, but he felt as if it didn’t come out right. It was more like a whimper.

Malkivo came close to Delias’s ear. “You’re wondering if it’s going to be painful, aren’t you? The thing that ‘he’ will do to you that is.” Malkivo paused for a moment, and then smiled. “There is no doubt. It will be.”

Delias could not see the smile, but he could feel the sadistic air the man gave out. He trembled. He had no idea what he agreed to. Delias was no hero. He was scared of pain. He thought the green-robed man would give him a pill, or he would be be asleep and some kind of magic would happen. No. He did not think that. He hoped that. He hoped it would be done while he slept, whether he woke up or not would tell if the experiment worked.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Delias pulled harder against his chains.

“Stop patronizing the boy.”

Delias’s eyes shifted. A man dressed in a green robe came forward. It was the same man that was in his apartment. But the man was different than before. He had aged. His hair was streaked with white, and his face had deep seated lines. A few liver spots were on his hands and neck. And those pupils of his were more circular, more human.

“Surprised?” The green-robed man looked down at Delias. “Don’t be. When you go into my world, you will realize that such things are but minor details. My world is much, much bigger than yours.”

The green-robed man’s face looked solemn. “This will be hard.” But the words didn’t seem as if they were for Delias.

Delias couldn’t take it anymore. “Where am I? What are you planning to do? I didn’t agree to this shit!” He yelled. Being locked in a seat and treated like an animal. This was not what Delias thought would happen. What rights did I sign away. Ugh. All I remember is him handing me something, but why can’t I remember the details of the contract!  “I take it back. I don’t want to go through with this!”

“Shh.” Malkivo hushed him again. It’s too late. Contract has been written. Permission has been given. Only until there is death will it be void.”

Tears welled up. Delias’s eyes were red as the salty water ran down his cheeks. “Stop! Don’t do this. Please.” His voice was now but a whisper. He hated pain, but he could handle it. After all, he lived for many years with it. But what he could not handle was the unknown. His faith was already put to the max for agreeing to the green-robed man’s proposal.

“Get it!” The green-robed man uttered, seemingly ignoring Delias’s plea. The white pink haired man left and quickly came back. In his hands was a jar. The jar was glass and appeared to hold thousands of deep, red crystals. They were such a dark shade of red that it would not be impossible to think them black. “Begin.”

Malkivo came close to Delias. Malkivo was by his feet, in full view. “Do you know what these are?” He asked Delias. “Of course you don’t.  You haven’t truly experienced this world yet. “These are Kaplas. Over two thousand of them are in here. These things have a peculiar ability to reform the body, and make them stronger.” The pink haired man smiled again. “Aren’t you extatic?”

When Delias heard that, the fright within seemed to ease, but then seeing Malkivo smile, that fright, that sense of crisis, came back in furor.

“Of course as you have figured it comes at a price.” Malkivo continued. “But don’t worry, I am sure for someone in your position, it will all be worth it.” And as he he said that, Malkivo headed towards a long black granite stele. A red button, made of a translucent crystal, dimly pulsed on the its surface. Malkivo pushed down on it, and the floor shook.

A metallic liquid  sprung up from the ground. It seemed to come from nowhere, as if it just passed through. Delias could barely get a look over the small platform he was on to see the ground. He was not sure what was there, but as the metallic liquid rose, he had a sense.

A deep coldness pervaded his body. It seemed like the liquid was stripping him of his warmth, even though it was meters away! Delias shivered. His teeth began to chatter, and goosebumps popped up all over his flesh.

The glass jar within Malkivo’s hand shook. The tiny red crystals hummed. And soon, a constant light emanated from them. Delias’s gut churned. He did not know what was going to happen, but he had a sinking feeling that it was going to be the most painful thing he had ever experienced. He took deep breaths, trying to calm himself.

After an hour of this, the light from the crystals dimmed and then vanished. Delias was stumped and somewhat glad, but there was a part of him was disappointed. He wanted a new body. It was at that point that the liquid hovering all around him began to rotate. It circled around him, moving faster and faster until it was like a roaring flood. The crystal jar shattered in Malkivo’s hand. But Malkivo did not flinch. He just brought his hand down, leaving the red crystals to hover in the air.

The crystals flew up and went directly over Delias. Delias’s eyes widened. His heart thrashed within his chest. He felt as if there was a lump in his throat, and he could not say anything.

Delias told himself over and over that this was just the process in obtaining a new body. That it would be alright. But as time went on, that voice in his head, the voice he tried to keep going, to keep encouraging him to keep calm, waned to nothing. After all, he was held down in an unknown room within an unknown place.

Crack! A sharp noise rang in Delias’s ear. Pop! Like breaking glass, shattering across the floor, the sound reverberating across the room. When Delias looked at the crystals above his head, it was then that his racing heart momentarily stopped. It was like a stillness, a weight upon him.

From each crystal, a soft red head popped out. It first started out as one, but within seconds there were tens, and then hundreds. The heads were blank except for a small black crevice. And in seconds that crevice opened wide, as wide as half their tiny heads, revealing tinier, sharp black pearl teeth. They wailed. A wail roared from their mouths. It rammed into Delias, pressuring him to the platform.

Delias was in shock. Those things were the size of ants, so how could they be so loud? And with the Koplas’s roar, tiny drops from the roaring metallic flood floated inwards towards them. It looked like a whirlpool of silver droplets. The droplets entered the mouths of the Koplas. One after another, until the several tons of water disappeared, and all that remained were those creature’s open mouths.

The mouths shut. And in that moment, the Koplas fully emerged from their crystal shells. Their body was white with silver veins wiggling under their hardened flesh. They looked down on Delias, and Delias’s trembled. A dark stain grew in his pants, and a dark yellow liquid seeped out onto the platform.

Malkivo looked down in disgust, but did not say anything. Delias did not see the green-robed man anywhere, but he knew the he was there.

The creatures pounced.

Hundreds of insect-like crawlers fell down on him. They used their six legs to crawl all over. They swarmed up and down. And then one of them bit down, hard. Delias screamed. The pain was so much, it nearly knocked him out. But he did not faint. Another one had bitten him. The pain kept his mind from going dark, and in shock as a third and fourth came after. More and more bit him, until there were hundreds. And it was not just each having one bite, it seemed like they were biting deeper into him. And as Delias looked down, he roared as the crawlers went into his flesh, squirming and eating him from the inside. They crawled up his neck and through his nose. They went into his ears. Delias thrashed and thrashed. He could not bear the pain. They bit at his lips and went in his moth. Squirmed down his throat. Crunch! Delias bit down, trying to stop them. The copper taste was blood. His blood. But it was not enough.

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He could feel them in him. His mind buzzed. And the pain went on. They went through every hole… Every hole. When they went through his pants, and to his other areas, he wished he was dead!

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A few meters away, off the platform, Malkiovo stood there. He was calm, his face expressionless, but his eyes gleamed with a strange light.

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