The Abandoned Chapter 45: Time to Die!

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The Abandoned Chapter 45: Time to Die!

One and a half hours left…

The world was different. Not because the actual realm differed from what she was used to, but everything she had come to know had set itself apart. Yara felt the presence of the whole battlefield seep into her. That aura of death and killing. It was maddening. She could feel the fear, the desperation, and most of all, the will to slaughter.

Yara felt drained. Her breath was ragged and her swings had become sluggish. She dodged to the left as a small hammer was aimed at her head, and swung her sword at the opposing student. The student then rammed his gauntleted fist towards her, bypassing the sword slightly, only to push it heavily aside, the steel of that gauntlet counteracting the small force from the side. The sword slipped from Yara’s grip, and he used that chance to bombard her with another attack.

Yara was prepared though. She knew she was tiring. Her mind was beginning to stray as she thought about the past, about the moments with a man she loved. A man she could not be with. With a quick motion, Yara twirled once, dodging the male’s overextended fist whilst moving to the inside of his reach where she kicked down and back at his right foot, making him lose his balance. She took the chance and went fully under the arm and flipped him over, his back crashing into the wet earth. She knelt and rammed her fist into the male’s face.

The male was an ugly brute, and she found herself punching him over and over again, smashing his pink painted nose till it was flat and mashed with blood. Even as the male fainted, she kept hammering, driving her fist into his face. After a moment, she stopped. The averati was dead, and her breathing was hard. She was completely drained. Her group, or some of what was left tried to aid her by blocking some of the oncoming attackers as best as they could whilst defending their sides, but even seeing as the people around her were cut down, Yara was too tired to pick up her sword again and assist.

But… To her luck, the fierceness that aimed at them significantly waned as a massive explosion erupted on the right.

“To have such an explosion… The x-cross group leader?” One of Yara’s team member said behind her.

Yara didn’t respond. She did not have to. It was fact. The X-cross group leader, a large group they had watched for a while now was in that direction, and the only one capable of unleashing such large flames was the leader from the Falali Clan. It was a small clan from the west, and the birthrate was low, but noteworthy for the power of it’s members. But to unleash such flames… That must have been a death technique.

Yara gulped. Death techniques were simply techniques that overextended the abilities of the body. By doing so, it could cause severe damage to oneself. The reason it was called a death technique was because if it did not help you kill your enemy, you were sure to die! After all, being overextended, you would be too exhausted to defend yourself. And in a battlefield, with enemies all around you, that was a sure death sentence.

“Just what could have been so bad to force that person to use a death technique?” She pondered. Even though the situation was hectic, her group had it the worse as everyone was trying to kill them and get past to the barrier, and so, Yara knew that the X-cross group should not have even been in a situation where they were that desperate. But just as the words slipped out of her mouth, Yara received her answer.

And the wraiths had gone wild.

Yara and her group were like the central point of the entire field, their backs in front of the only access point to the end of the trial that was blocked by the barrier of the realm, cutting that center down the middle. And the other groups were like a semicircle that surrounded them. Those groups charged from every possible angle on land and attacked Yara’s group as well as others nearby.

As for the wraiths, they were initially like another semicircle, but one that was awfully larger and surrounded all the averati.  That split the groups of other averati students’ attention among her, the wraiths, and the groups by their flanks.

But now their was a fourth party.

A column of wraiths, some mostly smaller than the ones that had surrounded the students, charged from the right, breaking through like a needle, killing everyone! Wraiths and averati, it did not matter. They killed whatever was in their path.

A large portion of the wraiths that had initially surrounded them redirected to tackling that group of newcomers. To Yara’s confusion, it seemed the wraiths were even against each other. Wraith against wraith against averati against averati.

Yara sighed. She was exhausted, but finally managed to pick herself up, drawing to her full height. She breathed in deep, taking in the moist, bloody air; her heart still thrashing within her chest as if it would pop right out at any moment.

It was only a moment of stillness, where there were not many students charging towards her, that she looked back,

Nargul, you best damn hurry!


When Cotter saw the explosion on the right, he knew what had happened involved someone of the Falali Clan. And he could only think of one person. The group leader was a powerful female averati that was lauded as one of those who would easily sweep the competition aside and become an official student. But for her to be in such dire straights where she had to use such power… Cotter paled. He glanced back at Nargul and Jargul who were near the barrier and grit his teeth. Running to where the larger portion of the group was fighting, but not too near, Cotter quickly skirted and found a short sabre lying in the grass. The blade was covered in some viscous white goo, but he did not mind, and ran towards Jargul.

All that pain, that indignation, that humiliation that he held inside of him as Jargul jeered at him bursted forth. But it was more so of the fear he had felt, and the sorrow from how Yara betrayed him that churned within him, devling him in anger and pain. And right now the situation looked hopeless, and seeing how Nargul and Jargul stayed so far away from danger, that Cotter finally snapped.

How could she love him? How could she make to stay with them?!

“AAHH!” He roared, the wretched sound lost in the sound of the battle behind him.

Jargul, I’m going to kill you!


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“Are you ready?” Daniel whispered to Delias. He was nervous. The two had hidden themselves in a pair of large bushes as wraiths floated past. They watched as the creatures, like ghosts, swarmed through the battlefield ahead. The situation was becoming even more chaotic; and Daniel was worried for his brother.

Was Cotter alright? Daniel could not help but wonder to himself. All he could imagine was his brother tied up as groups and groups of averati and wraiths swarmed him, stabbing him with blades and ripping his soul a part.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. Flames reached as high as the tops of the trees. They were like balls of warping monstrosities. Fierce; abstract yet visceral.

“That power! The Falali Clan!” Daniel couldn’t help yell out. He quickly slapped his hand around his mouth, muffling his cry, but luckily the roaring flames had drowned him out. Or so he thought.

An intrepid wail echoed in his ears as he felt something heavy slam into his back. Daniel tumbled forward and coughed. It was painful. He spun around, but in that moment he saw Delias jam his staff into a wraith in the chest. The light began to glow brighter and brighter until the wraith began to visibly disintegrate from the inside out, turning to nothing. He quickly checked his back, making sure he was ready for battle, but there was no mark. That attack that felt so heavy and daunting was actually an attack on his soul. It was so forceful, he felt as if it was weighing on his body.

“We move now!” Delias roared.

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Daniel could see he wanted to wait a bit more, but it was too late. The light had been bright, and the sounds loud enough to attract attention of many wraiths around them. Given the circumstance, now was the optimum moment to act.

Daniel watched as Delias charged forward. He watched the back of an averati he never would have ever dreamed of being associated with. An averati that seemed week. An averati from a clan that nearly vanished from the world. An averati, out of thousands, that just happened to be from the east just like him. One only days ago that just so happened to seem to fit a circumstance that could lead him to success. Now the averati was the one who would help him save his brother.

Taking one last look at that back, Daniel vanished ran to the side and into the fray apart from Delias.


Delias burst from the forest, no longer shrouded by the canopy of the treas. He took out a bag made from the gallbladder of a creature he killed on the way, and squeezed. As he ran, the blood flew back on him, splattering all over his clothes. This was his blood. And as the blood smattered across his clothing, crystals imbedded all over lit up. They were activated by his blood.

Delias roared, his makeshift spear hoisted in the air.

He was like ball of light that grew brighter and brighter. His presence tore through the wraiths that surrounded the averati students. The wraiths either scattered or were repulsed but the crystal-light, their ghastly bodies flying far in their ethereal like forms.

And then Delias was through. He charged passed students now, but none of them barred his way, moving through as he then crashed as the very tip of the fourth party that comprised of a column of wraiths that pierced through the encirclement like a knife in which were killing averati and wraiths together.  He reached the very center where he was now crashing into a very large wraith, one that lead the column altogether.

The wraith roared and a eerie and coarse whisper-like voice erupted, “It’s you!”

Delias noticed the wraith. It seemed familiar to him, but he did not stop, jamming his crystal-tipped spear towards the creature. It didn’t matter. The wraith was a wraith. And all wraiths so far were his enemy.

The wraith’s body become even more ethereal, more so than it was before around it’s arms and wispy ends, but at the center, the darkness became concentrated. And like a black shroud, the ethereal and wafting presence tore, melding into the surroundings as it what came out was a human-looking like figure. It’s body was dark and solid, emphasized by the crushed grass beneath the transformed wraith’s feet.

Delias’s eyes narrowed. He was not surprised. He did not know much about wraiths, and given what he had been through when he was within the stalagmite systems, he was willing to be ready for anything. But as he closed in on the creature, his eyes could not help but widen.

The creature launched itself forward, it’s large black hand wrapping around the crystal tip, smothering that light.

Smoke and a sizzling sound escaped from the contact.

“What are you?” Delias yelped. This was not something he had expected. It was far from his mind. This wraith was not like the white creature he faced a few days ago. It was just another wraith, wasn’t it?

The creature growled; it’s eyes were dark and soul crushing as it bored into Delias’s own.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

And then it smiled, showing off a pair of sharp, white teeth.

“Time to die, boy!” It roared.

And it launched it’s sharp, claw like hands towards him.

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