The Abandoned Chapter 48: The Gaze That Bares a Soul

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The Abandoned Chapter 48: The Gaze That Bares a Soul

Author’s Note: This chapter was facilitated with the help of my lovely waifu.

2 years ago:

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She smiled at me, and I was drawn to her. Her beauty was simply captivating, but it was an odd feeling following her into the doorway. The smell of the flowers around the courtyard, and the sound of the trickling fountain a its center. It was a contrast to the long, dark passageway that lead to the interior of the family compound. I stopped her, grabbing her by the arm, and pulling her into my arms.

She laughed.

God, I loved that laugh. It pierced my very core, and I could not help but press her against the wood doorframe. She giggle underneath me and we kissed. I could feel her warmth with each touch of her lips against mine. And the kiss became deeper. I tasted more of her, and I revelled in it.

The heat in me got so bad, I couldn’t wait. And pulled her blouse open, revealing the thin, lace camisole top she wore underneath. Her nipples hardened, perking up underneath the silk, and I couldn’t help but kiss her again. My hands ran down her back, and to her butt. I squeezed, dragging to her thigh as I lifted her leg. I hoisted her, bringing her back against the frame, and her legs wrapped around my waist.

She grabbed me, and ripped my shirt off. Not like me, where only her buttons had popped, but with her strength, she ruined the strong cloth. My eyes glanced towards that long hall.  For some reason, I didn’t want to go down that hall. I wanted to see her out in the day. I wanted this moment to last, to see her piercing grey eyes among the light. To feel the exuberance of life as her warmth spread beneath me. I did not want was down that hall to ruin the only good thing left in my life.


I placed my hand on his nape, pressing his mouth even harder against my own. I wanted to feel more of him, to feel his tongue, to feel his mouth, to feel his heart. I knew that this love we shared could not last. I knew our feelings for each other would reach an impasse, but for now, I could not resist him. I would not resist him.

I ran my lips across his smooth jawline, nipping and kissing the skin down to the hollow of his throat. His breath was ragged, and I could feel his pulse bounding beneath my lips. I smiled in anticipation of what was to come.


I ripped the lace apart. I felt a bit one upped by Yara’s display, and so showed my strength in return. I could see the mocking laughter in her eyes, and I felt a bit weird, but I knew how she was. I knew how she looked down upon the world, and she knew how much I wanted to prove himself. The feeling of being some half sibling of the heir to the eastern branch of one of the five great families. Being hated by a father who only saw the infidelity of a wife with one look. I closed my eyes, and let that meld deep inside of me.

And she kissed me again, drawing me back to her. I could see the look on her face, as if she knew what was running in my mind. It confounded me how she would always know, and it made me feel bare; vulnerable.

I kissed her on her chest, and moved to her neck. She shuddered, and I grinned. I knew exactly where to touch her- payback for making me feel that way. She punched me playful in the gut, and I laughed. It was something we did. We would joke with each other, and try to fight for being the one on top. I was of course going to win in the end.

That feeling washed away my doubts; my regrets. It made me feel alive; and wanting to live in the moment as I knew she did. It was at that moment I knew for sure,

I wanted her.


His hot gaze raked my skin, and I smirked and went down on my knees, pulling his pants down and taking out his member which was already hard in my grasp. I looked up at him as I stroked the shaft gently, and he looked back at me with hooded eyes, his lips slightly parted. I pressed my lips against the tip of his head, licking at the flavor of him as he jerked back in my grasp.

I stood up slowly as I licked my lips, tasting him. I pressed myself against him, and I whispered,

“Make me feel good.”


When she whispered into my ear, I knew then she was going to give me an order. She knew I hated that, but she also knew how much I loved to make her scream. I felt her grip the back of my head and pushed it down.

We moved from the doorway, and I pressed her against the wall inside the hall. The dull crystal lights made her skin look like gold, and I ran my hand along her chest and down hers belly as I went down. I pressed my hand against her, and my lips touched her lips. Not the ones above, but the ones below. She shuddered again. And I smiled. I knew she could feel me smile as I licked, and she pushed my head lower. My tongue flickered from the base of her wet slit, and up. I stayed away from the tasty button up top, though, kissing gently around it. I teased her, knowing full well how much she wanted me to get rough. If she was going to take control, I would not have it. I wanted to dominate her.

But as my tongue licked more of the sweetness of her, I wanted more. A bestial mentality took over, and my mind went blank. It was all a buzz. I kissed her there. Not a pucker, or a dab, but took her into my mouth, and she pushed my head against her. She buckled, and I grabbed her thighs. Yara wrapped her legs around my head, her back against the wall. I ate her out, savoring the taste, my hot breath teasing the very sensitive part a bit above.

I moved my mouth up, and pressed my mouth against it, and she squealed, albeit her hand had quickly muffled the sound. I went round and round around the button between my lips, and I flicked it a bit in my mouth.

My hands wrapped around butt, and I squeezed even more.

It was then that she pushed me off, and forced me to stand, and I heard two words coming from her mouth that sent thrills within me,

“F*ck me.”


I could feel myself get wetter. He suddenly turned me over, pulled me down to the floor, his fingers hard and steady against my head. He pressed his lips against mine, and they were searing hot.

“F*ck me already,” I growled.

He chuckled softly, contrasted to the intense pressure of his big hands against my hips. I felt a warmth behind me, and the next moment he thrusted. It was sudden, but I was half expecting it. The thickness of it all, the feel of him inside me. He stilled when he reached the deepest parts of me, and could feel him twitching. We just stayed there for the moment. And I closed my eyes, biting my lips in the pleasure of it all.

And then he began to move.

Again and again, he would thrust inside of me. Although we had done this many times before, each time was always better than the last.


She felt so good. I kept thrusting inside of her. It was warm inside of her, and wet. She wanted me, I could tell, as she bucked her hips back at me. I kept at it, and.. and I could feel myself reaching the end. My mouth playfully but at the small of her back as I moved up. I kissed her shoulders and hands ran up the side and to her breasts. Even though I thrusted with a passion, my finger was gentle, and subtle. I went round and round and then pinched at it, my other hand bracing against her hips as I moved.


I moaned from his touch, and pressed his other hand against my free breast, wanting him to touch me completely.

“Suck me,” I ordered,  and he flipped me around, and brought his head down to my left breast and flicked his tongue over my nipple. I moaned even harder as he bit the tip gently, then sucking it hard. I didn’t know how it was possible, but I was even wetter than before. I could hear the sounds as our hips slapped against each other. My legs involuntarily wrapping around him, pressing him deeper inside of me.

With each thrust of his member deeper within me, I could feel myself nearing my peak, as i could feel him getting bigger inside of me. With my legs clamped around him, I moaned in ecstasy as I closed my eyes, brilliant white light flashing behind my eyelids. He grunted as he climaxed with me, and I could feel his hot seed spilling into my womb.

We laid there on the floor, our flushed flesh slicked with sweat. With my head against his chest, I could still feel the erratic beating of his heart. I looked up at him, to see him smiling at me gently.

“So, Daniel,” I said slyly, “Round two?”


There was no round two. It was at that moment, the highlight of my life. The moment where a beautiful averati was at my side, that that person came. I only remember him standing over us. His grim look, and his darkened eyes. I shuddered, and that was last I saw of her. That was last I felt her. That was the last I even saw the light of day again.


“So there you are.” A soft voice echoed. But even though the sound was gentle against the ear, there was a cold and ruthless bite to it. Gliding from underneath the tree’s canopy, a wraith watched a boy fighting in the distance. The boy was bright, exuding a power that had repulsed him and his fellow beings only a few days ago. He watched the boy’s features, his eyes raking against that short red hair of his, and those black lines on his arms.“Boy, I told you I would kill you,” It growled, and the black mask melded into it’s ghostly form, the darkness growing darker around it; and soon,  the wraith turned from something ethereal into something a lot more tangible.

“Let’s go!”, and behind him, now standing on the solid ground, were tens of wraiths in their physical forms. Their bodies were jet black, and their eyes were like a deep ocean underneath a black clouded glass -shining with a deepness that could make anyone shiver. These were highborn, all of them. And the dark, deathly aura that drifted off their bodies were unlike any of the other highborn around. It was darker; colder; and with such cruelty, it made any gentle soul lose their minds with a single glance.

The wraiths behind did not reply, but as the one in front, the apparent leader who had some hate in it’s very soul  launched itself into battle, heading towards that light, those wraiths followed behind like quick, silent underworldly creatures; and like an arrow, that same group tore through with ease.


Delias swallowed. Sweat beaded and dripped down his forehead. It had only been a minute, but in the fray, a minute was a long time. The wraith’s movements were fast. Just how am I going to kill it, he wondered. The crystal is not strong enough. And that was so. He used it on the wraiths that tried to ambush him as he fought, and with a swipe, he could cause some severe damage even when they were in a physical forms. But for the giant wraith in front of him, it probably only tickled it.

All in all, he should have had the advantage, but that was not so. This wraith was at least two meters tall, and the air warped a bit around him. Just being near it caused Delias dread, and he realized that dread just kept growing and growing as they fought.

“Die!” It roared, and swiped it’s hand down. Delias dodged to the right, stabbing with his short spear, but as he did, the arm retracted back, and the creature then chopped down with the other, breaking apart the thick wood, severing the crystal tip from his newly fashioned weapon.

Delias didn’t even glance at the splintered wood before he tossed it.

Taking out a short dagger, he changed his stance, and was prepared to move. The light around his body still pulsed out strongly. I only used a little blood to activate it. The light is strong enough to dissuade some of the weaker ones, but not the strong. Between them and this one, I’m at a disadvantage.

Delias cursed. He had not planned on getting help from the nearby averati, but he at least expected that their presence would keep a lot of the wraiths busy. Unfortunately, battles did not always go as expected or planned. The averati and wraiths were so intermingled that a group of the stronger ones already had him surrounded, and with no averati even caring if he lived or died, especially now that most of the averati groups were spread apart and everyone was practically on their own, no one wanted to test the strength of them. In the end, in all that chaos, he was in a wide circle, surrounded by strong wraiths.

For now this big wraith is fighting me, but what happens when he realizes my presence is only wasting time, and his fellow soldiers will eventually break up and only get crushed in this mess. It has only been ninety seconds since I’ve stopped him, but after ninety more seconds, if he stays it will be too late to leave this chaos and regroup to the rear. At that, my plan will be a success.

But Delias was worried. It was only now that he thought about the ramifications of his actions. Not that he did not before, but the scope of things were now fully in sight. If he succeeded, the small group that had him surrounded would just kill him off in anger.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

In this moment, they were still, watching the fight mostly, and barring any of the others, wraiths or averti, from intervening in this seemingly one and one match. But after? What happens if he killed the big wraith? Or more likely, what would happen if his plan succeeded, and he managed to draw the wraiths to a standstill for longer than they anticipated- their soldiers too caught up in the chaos, and the momentum they had completely tarnished, breaking their charge apart. At that time, the wraiths surrounding the fight would finish him. And it was worse if his planned failed. If the wraiths noticed they could no longer stay and fight else be smothered in the chaos, he would still be attacked to end it quickly.

All in all, there was only one way to look at this.

Delias was trapped.

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