The Abandoned Chapter 50: That’s What I Want to Know

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The Abandoned Chapter 50: That’s What I Want to Know

Chapter 50 \o/

I dedicate this chapter to Ruphire. Thanks for always reading.

“Where am I?.. Who are you?..”

There was only white. The floor, the walls… wait, were they walls? He could not distinguish anything. Even beneath his feet, there was no gloss or shine, no shadow. Just the color white. He couldn’t understand how he was standing. Was there a ground even? But what he did know was that he was not alone.

Sitting before him was a figure. It looked like a man, bare chested with thick, black lines that twisted and curved on it’s skin. These ‘tattoos’, you could call them were mosaic, and even seemed to undulate with the slightest of movement, where they all graduated towards the index fingers on his hands, becoming slim and twisting around them to merely a hairs-width .

The figure had no hair, well, it did in a sense except it was fire. The the fire was a thick, dark blue; but it did not act like a flame, well not completely. It draped down as it writhed and flickered, reaching it’s shoulders. He watched as the fire swayed, only realizing that there was no wind to make it sway. ‘How odd’, he wondered

But what stuck him was not the figure’s hair, or lack thee of, or even the figure’s tattoos. It was it’s face.

And that because, it had none!

The ‘creature’ before him only wore a pair of black pants. It dusted it off as it stood, though he did not ee any dust to begin with.

“Who am I?” It asked. “Who are you?” The figure responded in kind.

Hearing his question, he pondered. “I don’t know. Who am I?”

The figure just slapped it’s face, well, the space where it should have been.

“How can you talk with no mouth?” He continued.

“How can your mother talk with no mouth, bitch?”

He was startled. “Uh.. uh…”

“That wasn’t a serious question. It was rhetoric. Rhe. Tor. Ic!” The figure sneered.

“What happened to your face?”

“What happened to my face?!” And as the figure repeated the question, the space around him seemed to distort. “You happened! You lost all my face! All of it! How could you have just given it away like that? So freely?”

“I.. I.. I don’t know. I can’t remember anything. Stop blaming me!” He grew loud till he was screaming back. He found it strange. His thoughts, it was as if there was nothing much. He could not remember who he was, or why he … was. He felt no fear even while knowing that, but something deep inside of him screamed. It told him that this was all wrong. That he should… be. That he was… was. And he couldn’t help but scream back at the only thing he knew to be true… that there was someone, some ‘thing’ in front of him at this very moment.

< < 24. <<<< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“You don’t get to yell!”

And within less than a second, the figure was right before him, it’s hand latched onto his shoulders. It was taller than he was, it’s overbearing presence swarming over him like the tide. The blue fire on it’s head grew, and began to spread all around them.

He did not move, he could not, only looking upon that empty space that should have held a face.

“Boy, you have cost me my face.” It growled. “You will get it back! So stop acting dumb. You think I can’t see what’s deep inside of you? Your thoughts, your feelings? You have been acting like you have a death wish.” It’s voice became low and soft. “If you want to die, I’ll let you die, but not before you get me back what’s mine.”

“I-I don’t want to die,” he stuttered.

“Then why have you been making bad decisions, one after the other? You knew you shouldn’t, but you did anyway.”

“I have no-”

“Why did you help that boy back in Olato City when you knew nothing about your situation?

“Olato- what?”

“Why did you leave that letter behind?”

“What letter?”

“Why did you enter that cavern when everything in your being told you, ‘NO!’?”

He looked dumbly back at the figure, not responding. He could not tell if the figure was looking at him, but he could feel it, feel as if there was a gaze boring into his own as he looked up. The fire grew on the figure’s head grew, spanning almost the entire meter out all around him. He was wrapped in flames, but he did not feel burned, not even the slightest bit of heat.

That was until he heard those next few words…

“Why don’t you feel any… fear?”

And at that, his pupils constricted. He started to feel something. Something he had not felt before. His heart raced. His blood rushed.


“You’ve been acting like you don’t even know who you are. Have you truly forgotten? The soldier, the commander, the young genius that swarmed enemies that should have overwhelmed him in battle? Have you forgotten what you were meant to achieve? The woman you loved? Your friends, your family? Your mother died, for damn-sake!” It’s voice grew loud again, and then it turned into a sneer, “you don’t really want to go back. You never did love them. You never cared. Else, why would you be here? Why haven’t you done everything you could to get back home? Why are you here? Why don’t you know who you are?”

“I do love them!” He blurted! “I do…” Tears began to flood his eyes and roll down his cheeks. “Mom… Brother… My love…”

The figure’s voice went really soft. “If you do, then tell me… Who are you?


Delias’s eyes flew open. A rapid, blue fire swarmed around his hands. His ripped up, makeshift shirt erupted in flames. The black sinew lines on his skin undulated as he moved. The fire swarmed his black hair, and yet, it did not hurt him. There was no fear in Delias, just anger. Anger at having this new body, and yet, being so far away from home. Anger at the incredible loss he had taken, and yet, did not know what that loss was. And with that anger, fueled by fear of losing more than he had ever lost before, a fear of dying in a place that knew nothing of him, he felt more alive than ever.

Who are you? The question seemed to echo in his mind.

Who are you?

Who Are You?



And with one thrust of his fist, a torrential flame poured out of him.

It was only a glance as he threw it. A glance was all it took, but Delias had looked into those dark, soulless eyes of the giant wraith in front of him, and for the first time he saw something he had never seen in any other wraith. Fear.

Crack… CSh!

The flame crashed into it, consuming the wraith. There was no scream, no howl. The wraith was there, and then it was gone, only a blue flame roaring in it’s place.

The flames around Delias’s hands became faint. The glows around his body dulled to nothing, and he just stood there, bare chested among the battlefield.

Around him was silent a few meters out. The wraiths, the averati, they all were looking at him. Of course that was only a small portion. Most were still engaged in combat, being aware, but not too focused on the small area that that devastation contained. This was not a fight you could be distracted in. One slip up, and it meant death!

The wraiths that had surrounded Delias jumped back. Two even ran.

Delias’s eyes narrowed. He glared menacingly at the wraiths that did not move.

It was a stare down, he knew, but internally, he felt exhausted.

And yet, he took a firm step forward, using every ounce of energy he had.

The wraith directly in front of him jumped back even further. It seemed startled, and with a quick thought, it turned back into it’s ethereal form, and ran away.


After that, it was like a domino effect, all the wraiths followed suite, running in different directions in fright.

Delias was glad. One step was all he could do, if he had to take another, he would have dropped, unable to hold up anymore.

The battle continued, wraith against wraith, averati against averati, wraith against averati.

But no one got even a meter around Delias. No one.


The Elders above the ridge, glaring down with their eyes piercing through dimensions and upon Delias, were startled.

“Such power!” One said.

“Too bad he exhausted himself. And in the midst of such a battle, he’ll be dead for sure.”

“We don’t know for sure” Another piped in.

“I wonder…” All the Elders were discussing the events, driving out of their more quiet stance. All except for Three Elder.

One was The Recruitment Head. From start to finish, he had a solemn look on his face. The other was Elder Sun. He remained quiet, but his gaze was piercing. And last was that one mysterious Elder that did not seem very powerful. The one that had practically sneered at the Recruitment Head’s actions without directly doing so.

No one knew what those three were thinking.

But surely, it would affect the tide to come.


“Did you see that?” A girl punched another in her shoulder as they stood upon a branch in a tree. They were encased in shadow as they looked out. The girl that spoke was excited, but managed to keep her voice low. The two had been gazing upon the battlefield the entire while, not entering the fray. They had been silently observing, waiting for the prime moment to act.

“How could I not? First the Light Crystal, and now Spirit Fire? I thought he was just stupid, running in there like that, but it seems he had the power to pull of his little stunt.”

“But don’t you know what this means? The Council didn’t just send us! To have Spirit Fire. He must be from the East.”

“Of course The Council didn’t just send us. Look around. There are more than two dozen powerful warriors of the east in our age group. And we were told nothing of them. More likely the various factions and clans have found a way for others to participate. I don’t know why The Council didn’t tell us about the others, but they must have had their reasons… But don’t be so sure that he’s from the East.”


“Spirit Fire is from one of The Six Great Clans. Though their base was in the east, The Great Clans spanned the entirety of the empire. He could have been born in any of the other sectors. His loyalty… It cannot be so easily determined.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Plus… If he really was from the East, how could we not know? How could The Council be able to hold such a secret so guarded that there was no mention of him at all? Not even rumor?”

The girl that had punched the other turned her head to look at her companion. She stared into those green eyes of hers and shivered.

“I know full well of your abilities,” she responded. “Nothing can get past you… So if he’s not from the East, where is he from?”

“That’s what I want to know…” she said. “That’s what I want to know.”


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