The Abandoned

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The Abandoned



The Abandoned

Author: JFantasyBooks 

The human world is not like it used to be; it is fractured. And even as those who fought at the boarder against a species called, the Averati, they fought amongst themselves. War rampaged across the land, so much so that even the children of those nations, at only fifteen years of age, were conscripted. But Delias Avancooli was not only conscripted, he became a commander through his decisive tactics.

In his youth he fell in love; and he became arrogant in his leadership. That lead to his downfall. Now, after fourteen years of living in a shelter for crippled veterans, Delias Avancooli is given a new chance at life – a new body. One that brought him to a side of the world where monsters, demons, and the averati reign supreme.

But what happens when he finds his new body only has 10 years left to live? Before it devours his very soul?

Now Delias  does everything in his power to get home as he hides his identity; to find a way to cure himself; to salvage a life that was in ruins for fourteen years. But as he does, he gets dragged into a political feud between multiple factions in a country on the precipice of civil war! This is a story of a man, as base and corrupt as any other, tries to go home only to be baptized by blood and defeat as he strives to tear himself from the plots and schemes of those who try to hold him down and devour him.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Body Forging, Comedy , Fantasy , Horror, Martial Arts , Ranking Systems, Romance , Original

Property of ©; outside of it, it is stolen.

Every $10 received, bonus chapter will be released.

03/03/17c50: That’s What I Wan...JFantasyBooks
03/01/17c49: A Move to WarJFantasyBooks
11/14/16c48: The Gaze That Bares a SoulJFantasyBooks
11/12/16c47: Let’s Make a DealJFantasyBooks
11/11/16c46: The Past is the Past; A...JFantasyBooks
11/10/16c45: Time to Die!JFantasyBooks
09/21/16c44: Stay and Die!JFantasyBooks
09/20/16c43: When the Earth TiltsJFantasyBooks
09/04/16c42: The End is NearJFantasyBooks
07/31/16c41: A New StudentJFantasyBooks
07/30/16c40: The ComingJFantasyBooks
07/21/16c39: The TrapJFantasyBooks
07/17/16c38: Bleeding KnucklesJFantasyBooks
06/26/16c37: The Name That Thrilled HimJFantasyBooks
06/26/16c36: Of the DeadJFantasyBooks
06/09/16c35: Damn Bloody WraithsJFantasyBooks
05/29/16c34: Power to Affect the WorldJFantasyBooks
05/22/16c33: I Am AloneJFantasyBooks
05/13/16c32: Flying FeetJFantasyBooks
05/09/16c31: A Second Death?JFantasyBooks
05/08/16c30: The Old ManJFantasyBooks
05/04/16c29: The ChamberJFantasyBooks
04/18/16c28: One Long LookJFantasyBooks
04/15/16c27: I Have a PlanJFantasyBooks
04/13/16c26: Wraith ImperatorJFantasyBooks
04/12/16c25: The First PageJFantasyBooks
04/12/16c24: Lurking from BehindJFantasyBooks
04/11/16c23: The Movement of PowerJFantasyBooks
04/11/16c22: Realm of the StalagmitesJFantasyBooks
04/10/16c21: Meeting of the EyesJFantasyBooks
04/10/16c20: Into the DarknessJFantasyBooks
04/06/16c19: The Start of A JourneyJFantasyBooks
04/03/16c18: A Visit to the PastJFantasyBooks
03/28/16c17: Forge the BodyJFantasyBooks
03/28/16c16: Impending CrisisJFantasyBooks
03/28/16c15: Immortality is DeathJFantasyBooks
03/28/16c14: No Money Lovely BeautyJFantasyBooks
03/27/16c13: Trying to Kill me?JFantasyBooks
03/27/16c12: New PlanJFantasyBooks
03/26/16c11: Protection FeeJFantasyBooks
03/25/16c10: Crawfield ElderJFantasyBooks
03/25/16c9: Olato CityJFantasyBooks
03/20/16c8: You’re Human?JFantasyBooks
03/14/16c7: What Just Happened?JFantasyBooks
03/14/16c6: TearsJFantasyBooks
03/14/16c5: Mr. King!JFantasyBooks
03/13/16c4: The GatewayJFantasyBooks
03/13/16c3: PainJFantasyBooks
03/11/16c2: PermissionJFantasyBooks
03/09/16c1: The DecisionJFantasyBooks

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Sounds too dark man. But still work if the chapters reach 100+ so I don’t need to wait for plots.