Guild Log 2: First Customer – Kyuu

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Guild Log 2: First Customer – Kyuu

Sitting at my table with a half finish cup of mead, I silently observed the remaining adventurers. It seems that my recently formed partner Oddfreak has left for home and a few other adventurers have retired to their rooms. Looking at the remaining adventurers, I stood up and clinked my cup.

“Hey guys, I have with me 5 goblin masks each with 5 uses. These masks can be considered as low-grade magic items. Wearing these masks, you can transform into a goblin and gain the abilities of a normal goblin. Of course if you take the mask off or you sustain too much damage during a fight, the mask becomes unusable til after 24 hours. I would like to propose a trade…a mask for another item, anyone interested?”

“Hmmm…seems interesting, how about a few vials of poison or a fire crystal?” Someone said.

Looking up, I see Kyuu – a dual wielding assassin capable of plant as well as water and ice manipulation. Smiling, I replied. “Ok, that seems like a fair trade, a goblin mask with 5 uses for a few vials of poison…by the way, how many is a few? And how strong is the poison? Can you describe to me the effects so when I use it during quests, I can adjust the dosage appropriately?”

“5 vials of poison and 3 vials of the antidote. The poison is a fast-acting paralyzing agent that becomes lethal if left alone for more than 5 minutes. Three drops are sufficient to kill a normal human”

“Okay, done deal. I’m only trading one goblin mask though.” I said as I hand over one goblin mask.


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