Guild Log 5: Second Customer – Fanz

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Guild Log 5: Second Customer – Fanz

“I want red imp mask. No limit use. For berserkers. Preferably with great regeneration. State yer price.”

I looked up at the sound of this arrogant tone. The adventurer before me goes by the name Fanz Resovičá Zeta – a gambling addict with an uncontrollable rage. Quickly replacing my grimace with a smile, I nodded “The masks I make transforms the user to whatever creature it was made from. If you want a permanent red imp mask…I would need an alive, good to perfect condition red imp. As for making the mask for a berserker class…the red imp would have to be a berserker class imp as well. I enchant the mask with a regeneration attribute, but I would need some troll blood. Get me those things plus unicorn blood and unicorn horn as payment and I can make you one.”

“When you say permanent use, do you mean that the mask will not break no matter how many times I use it? Also, I said mask didn’t I? Just mask with effect.” Fanz said (Did I mention how arrogant his first impression was?) and proceeds to unload items onto the table. “Can you make it?”

With a quick glance, I see 25 gold, a vial of griffin blood, a vial of high troll blood, a hellvine stem cell, a greater regeneration gem and a golden imp corpse. Then, I looked at that stupid grin of his. Seriously…this guy wants a RED imp mask…and he provides me a GOLDEN imp body? I nearly slapped my forehead at this thought.

“So you want a mask that does not transform you eh…hmm that will be harder. Nevertheless, I need an ALIVE RED imp, troll blood, wraith essence, and dragon tears. As for payment, unicorn blood and unicorn horns” I smiled as I put away the gold coins.

Fanz points at the items, “That thing is alive. I think griffin blood is superior to unicorn blood and here’s a griffin horn. I don’t want anything to do with those virgins. Isn’t that greater troll blood enough? As for wraith essence, I have this Satan Stamp. Exchange it for anything you want in hell for free. And dragon tears? Change it with God’s tears when Satan was going through puberty.”

That mouth of his…I just want to slap it a few times. However, never go against a customer…with this thought, I smiled and said, “Did you not want a red mask? Golden imp will get you a golden mask. As for unicorn blood and horns, i need it for an immortality potion. I don’t think griffin blood and horns produce an immortality effect. Dragon tears are needed to prevent you from transforming while retaining the abilities you want. God tears don’t have that kind of effect. Please follow my instructions. Mask making requires specific materials. Get me those items and I can make your mask.”

Man…Fanz’s face was very ugly at that moment. With a humph, Fanz turned around and walk towards a friend of his. “Napknight, you have those items right? Give me.”

After taking the needed materials, he drops them on my table. “There. Please work fast.”

After receiving the materials, I immediately activated my Maker’s Domain. Within the domain, I restrained the red imp. His eyes stared at me in horror. Taking out my skinning knife, I carved off the imp’s face. Annoyed by the shrieks of pain, I slit the imp’s throat instantly killing it. Carefully, I laid the face on the table. Instead of drying and preserving like I usually do, I immediately washed the face with high troll blood thus imbuing greater regeneration. Using the Satan Stamp, I exchanged it for some wraith essence which is used to produce a berserk like effect on the user. After an hour, the process is almost done. Using dragon tears, I lathered the incomplete mask in order to prevent the mask from transforming the user but still retain the necessary abilities. Finally, its done. Appraising the item, I note it to be a B-rank magic item. No limit in number of uses. Greater regeneration and berserk effects. Strength and speed of user increased by triple. 12 hour cooldown. Satisfied with my work, I deactivated my domain.

“Here’s your mask. Now although there’s no limit to uses, however, there’s a cooldown. If you take your mask off, the 12 hour cooldown starts. Next time you want to order a mask, notify me.”

“Fufufufufufu….hajahahahahahahjaHAHAAHHAHHAHA! TSUTEKI! TSUBARASHI!! Now I can do that quest with Abaddon!” Laughing hysterically, the crazy guy left the Tavern.

Well, it seems like the day is coming to an end. I got up and prepared to leave when a voice called out to me. “YOU!!! I am looking for a mask to mask the presence of a mask!”

Confused at what this person wanted, I joked. “Wear another mask then.”

“I want a thief mask.”

Looking closely, I remember seeing this guy register at the guild receptionist table. PK – previously a pirate king now just a pirate and an alchemist apprentice. “I can make a mask that can give you stealth abilities but you need to provide the materials.”

“Do you need a thief’s body? What else?”

This guy…does he not know what he’s saying? Does he really want to wear the skin of another human? Apologizing, I replied. “Oh that is a bummer. I don’t do human faces. Here, how about this, first tell me what attributes you want when wearing the mask…and I’m assuming you don’t want to transform?”

“Stealth plus alchemy success, metal attribute, and preferably with no transformation.”

“Ok, I need any stealth type creature, the stronger the better, but it needs to be brought to me alive. Get me some Automata blood for the metal attribute. I can’t give you alchemy success but if you find some Gold of Extreme Luck, I can increase you luck by double. Higher luck means higher success rate am I right? Also, I will need dragon tears to prevent transformation. Are you able to get these items with your abilities?”

“Stealth creature – yes, Automata blood – yes…I think there was an Automata in the guild.” PK grinned evilly. “Gold of Extreme Luck – no.”

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“Well good luck getting those items.”

Afterwards, it seems PK had forgotten about this exchange or the items were too difficult for him to obtain so he gave up. Either way, it doesn’t really matter to me.


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