Guild Log 6: A Short Exchange and A New Customer

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Guild Log 6: A Short Exchange and A New Customer

Another day gone by…I was at the usual place drinking a nice cool mug of honey mead and trying to sell my masks. Suddenly a man walks up to me. He is Shadow – a seasoned tinker.

“Ah, you can have this. Might be useful in the future. Just tell me if you have any good story when using them.”

Surprised, I looked at the things he placed next to me. An explosive, a mine, and what looks to be a blade trap. “Thanks, here…have a white hobgoblin mask (4 uses, 24 hour cooldown) with Holy affinity and 2 violet hobgoblin masks (3 uses, 24 hour cooldown) with Thunder affinity. They’re all D-rank magic items that transforms user to hobgoblins.”

Shadow nods and leaves with the masks.


An hour passes….


“I got some masks in my inventory, if you’re interested in trading for one or if you have questions about them, ask me.” I exclaimed.

“Ohh…I’m listening. So what specific abilities do I get with each masks?? Or do I get different kinds with different masks??” A half-asleep man hugging a pillow asked.

I stared at this guy and realized he was the one who helped Fanz get the materials he needed for the red imp mask – Shiyo – a master of sleeping and sleeping.

“So I have D-rank and E-rank hobgoblin masks. These masks are transforming masks meaning they transform the user into a hobgoblin and lets the user acquire the hobgoblin’s general abilities. Different color gives different special abilities of that hobgoblin. For instance, the red hobgoblin gives you fire abilities. The masks I have are limited use masks ranging from 3-5 uses. If you take too much damage while wearing the mask or take off the mask, you will revert back to your original form and the masks will go into a 24 hour cooldown.” I explained, “So, interested?”

“So…how do we do this? Trade or money ??”

“Trade…for some items of equal value.”

“All that I have from my last hunt are 11 normal slime nuclei, 5 goblin tooth, 10 pieces of orcs, 4 beaten up Wandering lizards, 4 Green herbs, 5 Red herbs, and 3 Yellow herbs. When the three different herbs are put together, they can give a much stronger effect.”

“What are the special effects of the herbs when used separately? Do you know?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know…but the green herb is the standard herb, while the red and yellow I haven’t tried using them separately yet.”

“Ok, I’m interested in the slime nuclei and the herbs. What rank magic items do you say they are? If no rank, then just say low grade or something.”

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“Well they are normal ones so lowest rank I’ll start it at E: E-rank herb when all three herbs are combined and E-rank slime nucleus. How many will you take for one mask?”

“I’ll give you 3 E-rank masks for the herbs and 2 D-rank masks for all of the slime nuclei…deal? If so, which masks do you want? Red=fire affinity, black=normal, green=nature, violet=thunder, pure black=darkness, and white=holy.”

“Ohh…I’ll take the E-rank (black, green, and pure black) hobgoblin masks as well as the D-rank (red and white) hobgoblin masks. That’s all I guess…”

Shiyo hands over the items to me and I reach in my bag and grab the chosen masks. After receiving the masks, Shiyo holds out his hand. I took it.

“Nice doing business with you. If you want a custom-made mask in the future, just contact me.”

Shiyo nods and then walks away.

After finalizing the trade with Shiyo, I decided to open my Maker’s Domain. Once I activated my domain, I took out the herbs I traded and appraised them. Seems like the herbs are low grade items. The red herb turns out to be a minor flame herb, the yellow herb is a minor light herb, and the green herb…is really just a normal herb. The minor flame herb is good for making fire-related potions, the minor light herb can be used to make glow-in-the-dark paste, and the green herb is some sort of medicinal plant. Satisfied with the appraisal, I deactivated my domain. Now…wonder if there’s an alchemist who’s willing to convert these herbs for me in exchange for a mask or two….


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