Guild Log 7: PK Comes Again and The Rip-Off

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Guild Log 7: PK Comes Again and The Rip-Off

In Tavern….

“Hey Khaos. I heard you have a cursed mask…is that true?” PK asked one day.

“Yes, but this cursed item…upon using will curse the user with whatever effects that made this a cursed item…in this case – disease. In other words, once you finish using, you will be afflicted with disease. Also, because the material was bad, the masks are one time use. Are you still interested?” I replied.

“Oh, I see…. Hmm, want to trade? One white hobgoblin mask and one red hobgoblin mask is what I want…. If you want to trade, choose something from my inventory although I don’t really have much variety.”

“Ok, let’ me see what you have.” I agreed as I rummaged through his items, “Give me 4 gunpowder kegs since both white and red hobgoblin masks are D-rank items. Also make sure you understand, white=Holy affinity and red=Fire affinity. Red mask has 5 uses and white mask has 4 uses. These masks are transforming masks – they transform the user into whatever creature the masks are made from. After enough damage or you take off the mask, you will revert back to your original form (healthy as if no damage was done) and there will be a 24 hour cooldown before next use.”

“Ok deal, thanks.” PK said. He got up, took the masks, and brought out four kegs of gunpowder from his storage belt. “Here you go. Keep it away from fire and water….if it gets wet, then dry it before use.”



Minutes later….


“Hey Khaos, I want to order something.”

It’s that arrogant person again…what’s his name? Fanz? I looked at him with my best salesman smile, “Ok.”

“I want you to make a lot of normal mask to sell. No effects. As for the bodies? On the way.” Fanz grinned.

Dumbfounded, my mind couldn’t process what he asked. Did he ask me to make normal masks? So, I asked again to make sure I didn’t hear wrong. “Why do you want normal masks that have no effects?”

“Too sell. Our town lacks toys for children.” He replied.

Wow…did not know he was thoughtful. Maybe his arrogant attitude was due to being unable to talk normally with strangers…and deep down inside, he’s not a bad guy. “You gonna share the profits with me? I want at least half.”


Wow…this shameless bastard…did he just shamelessly say 1%? Upset, I dismissed him. “Ok, you can find another mask maker then. If its just normal masks, an expert like me can make 500 a day nonstop. If I sell them myself, I’ll get 100% profits. Thanks for the idea.”

“You don’t have a good reputation with your mask. It’s more profitable if I am the one selling it.” Fanz explained. “0.9%.”

“Besides, I don’t need bodies to make normal masks.”

“It’ll lack its richness. 0.8%.”

“You don’t understand. Masks made from bodies are automatically transforming masks if dragon tears aren’t applied in the making process. For normal masks, I can use about anything…wood, stone, cloth, flowers, pancakes…”

“Still can’t compare to the real one. 0.7%.”

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“Hahaha, you still lowering? You’re getting 0%. Why? Because I’m the only mask maker in town and you are not on my good side.”

“Tch.” Fanz muttered as he stormed off.

Shameless bastard indeed….


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