Guild Log 8: First D-rank Quest – Slay 5 Lizardmen

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Guild Log 8: First D-rank Quest – Slay 5 Lizardmen

Waking up late in the morning, I walked in to the guild to see what new quest to take on. Hmm, slay 5 Lizardmen…I can do that. Taking a copy of the request, I hurried out the door. Walking around for a bit, I finally spotted some Lizardmen eating near the outskirts of the forest next to the town…a total of six Lizardmen. Silently, I walked up to their encampment and saw that the Lizardmen were eating…Orc meat?! Does this mean that the Lizardmen and Orcs are enemies? That’s is good news. We could use this information to indirectly cause some minor skirmishes with the orc army. If that’s the case…I took out my Orc Mask. After a few seconds, I transformed into an orc. Taking out a blade trap, an explosive, and a mine that I got from trading with Shadow, I first strategically placed the traps around the Lizardmen. Then, I threw the explosive into the Lizardmen cluster. The explosive landed in the fire pit and exploded with a deafening roar. The Lizardmen were blown back. Two of the Lizardmen who were closer to the fire died immediately, with burnt marks on their bodies and on their faces. Shoot…they’re unusable now….

Quickly, while the other Lizardmen are down, I rushed forward with my Skinning knife and slit the throats of two more Lizardmen. Taking my time, I carefully removed their faces, dried them, and stored them in my bag. The other two Lizardmen, seeing that they are at a disadvantage, turn tail and ran…in the direction of my traps.

*BOOM*…the mine went off and torn apart the lower half of one of the escaping Lizardmen…instantly killing him. The last Lizardman was lucky as he only suffered some burns. The last Lizardman looked back to see if I was in pursuit and…stepped on the blade trap. With a swoosh, the blade trap activated and the blade swung towards the Lizardman. Seeing the incoming blade, the Lizardman jumped. However, he was not fast enough as the blade sliced off one of his legs. Seething in pain and terror, the Lizardman continued to limp onward without looking back.

Seeing the Lizardman a distance away, I took off my Orc Mask and proceeded to de-face the other Lizardman. Taking the tails of the 5 dead Lizardmen, I strode off towards the guild. Upon entering, I placed the Lizardmen tails on the counter in front of the guild receptionist.

“Tails of 5 Lizardmen as proof of slaying them.”


Some distance away in the forest, a large encampment of Lizardmen were eating and discussing plans for the future. Suddenly, a pained cry sounded out and the Lizardmen all looked to see who it was. Upon seeing a wounded Lizardman limp in and collapsed on the floor, an old Lizardman jumped forward and grasped the half-dead Lizardman.

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“Son…what happened?! Who did this to you?” The old Lizardman said. This Lizardman was the Chieftain of the Lizardmen clan. “Tell me who did this to you and I’ll swear upon the Dragon Gods to wipe out their entire clan!”

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“Lord Father…it…it was them pig bastards…there were 20 of them…they attacked with fire and swords.” The injured Lizardman gasped. “They…they killed my guards…father…please help me…I want to live…please…hel-.”

With a final breath, the Lizardman died in his father’s arms. The Chieftain held back his tears and gritted. “Those damned Orcs…they will pay for this.”

Standing up, the Chieftain looked at his warriors. “Warriors! This is WAR!!!”



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