Guild Log 1: First Quest – Slay 5 Goblins

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Guild Log 1: First Quest – Slay 5 Goblins

After registering for the guild, I immediately head to the quest board and looked at the available E ranked quests….hmm, slay 10 goblins and bring back their ears as proof? I can do that. I grabbed a copy of the request and left the guild. Heading towards the forest, I chanced upon a small party of fifteen goblins eating beside a large tent. Hiding behind some trees, I observed them until nightfall. Seeing the goblins all asleep, I decided it was time to attack.

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I grabbed my Ghost mask and put it on. Within a few seconds, I transformed into a ghost. Slowly, I drift towards the nearest goblin. I reached my hand out and phased through the goblin. Immediately, the goblin’s eyes flew open and a look of utter horror appeared on his face. And then he died without a chance to alert the others…more specifically, I phased his heart out and he dies quickly. Next, I moved on to the next one until I have successfully killed all fifteen goblins.

Collecting the ears of 10 of the goblins, I prepared to head back but then I realized…all fifteen goblins were sleeping outside! Then…who or what is in the tent? Curiosity got the hold of me and I proceeded to venture towards the tent. Opening the flap of the entrance, I see…a large orc!

So it seems that the orcs and goblins are tied together! No wonder the goblins are attacking villages…this was all instigated by orcs! Could this mean that orcs are really planning to attack the nearby village? I must inform the guild even though it probably won’t earn me the scouting request reward but as an adventurer, this is my duty. Before I leave to inform the guild, I restrained the orc and removed my Ghost mask. The orc woke up but could not escape the restraints. Squealing in anger and panic, it looked at me as if to say “What are you gonna do to me?!?” I looked at the orc and grinned a evil grin. Taking out my skinning knife, I walked towards the struggling orc.

You guessed it! I needed a new mask. Now to make a mask, the face skin of the creature is needed. And it has to be fresh…as in the skin must be removed while the prey is still alive. Some people may say that this is inhumane…but this is necessary in order to retain the abilities of the prey. After skinning the orc, I immediately dried and preserved the skin and placed it in my bag so I can work on the new mask at home. Then, I slit the pig bastard’s throat.

Leaving the forest, I quickly made my way back to the guild and presented my loot as well as notify the guild that the goblin attacks were instigated by orcs. Afterwards, I stood there waiting for my rewards….


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