The General’s Little Peasant Wife Chapter 5

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Hey, guy! This is Rose Red Camellia! I just wanted to thank you all for reading my translation, I’m so happy! About the release schedule, I’m going to post one chapter a week until I ‘m familiar enough to know that I can translate more than one chapters for sure. If I feel good enough, then I’ll raise the release frequency. And now, on to the questions:

About the ‘rape’ tag, so far, nothing like such happened to the MCs. If I’m correct, it was the mean side character who got it, but the details are blurry, sorry. This story don’t give the MCs victimisation, and such thing doesn’t suit my taste. I still have a loooonnnnggg way to go to finishing this book(a few hundreds chapters left), so please stick with me, guys!

These words made Ning Meng Yao unhappy and she put down the hoe, her eyes slightly cold as she looked at Yang Xiu Er, “I have my own things to do and you said I didn’t tell you? And you’ve asked that many questions, can you remember the solutions? Do you have that good of a talent?”

Ning Meng Yao cannot be blamed for saying such hurtful words because Yang Xiu Er was too much tough, making her felt uncomfortable.

Yang Xiu Er’s face became pale in an instant, pointing her trembling finger at Ning Meng Yao, “I only wanted to learn from you, earn some more money, why are you saying things like this to me?”

“Learning also has its own pace. If you don’t bother my daily activities then I will teach you, but I will not turn around for you,” Ning Meng Yao was not the least guilty about Yang Xiu Er’s condition, she even told her coldly.

Yang Xiu Er looked at Ning Meng Yao for a whole then took her embroidery while clutching her face as she ran away. Ning Meng Yao even heard her cried ululation.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Yang Xiu Er’s back, her eyes cold as she put her hoe back and then taking a barrel out to the creek to scoop some water to water the vegetables.

After Yang Xiu Er went back to the village, there were some people who saw that her eyes were red and felt weird. Didn’t she went out to search for that girl who came from who know where? Why did she came back this way?

When Madam Luo saw her own daughter, she wanted to ask whether Ning Meng Yao had taught her or not, but when she realized her daughter’s state, she felt dissatisfied for a while, “Xiu Er, why are you like this? Who bullied you?”

“Mom… Why is she this way? I just wanted to learn some things from her, but she became mad at me and belittled me,” Yang Xiu Er threw herself into her mother’s embrace, crying loudly.

There were people beside who was this and once they heard Yang Xiu Er’s words, they began to fuss.

The villagers originally did not have any good feelings towards Ning Meng Yao. She suddenly came into the village, and then stayed at the small cabin at the foot of the mountain, causing the villagers to have suspicions to the extent of thinking Ning Meng Yao as a bad person.

And now, hearing Yang Xiu Er’s words, the people who talked increased.

“Don’t speak nonsense, Yao Yao is not that kind of person.” In the midst of the crowd fussing crowd, a girl’s voice cut through the heated discussion with an explosive temper.

The crowd turned their head to see the village head’s daughter, Yang Le Le.

Although Yang Le Le’s height is not tall, but because the condition of her house is not bad, raising her well, also having a face that still had baby fat, so when she frowned, she looked like a delicious meat bun.

“Le Le, what are you saying? Are you saying that Xiu Er would lie?” Madam Luo looked at Yang Le Le in a displeased manner.

Yang Le Le let out a ‘heng’ and looked at Yang Xiu Er in disdain, “Yao Yao is not this kind of person. Although she is somewhat cold, but she is a nice person. When I went to look for help embroidering, she not only helped me, she also gave me delicious snacks to eat, also…when the village’s dog wardens accidentally ran to her house, she did not get angry, she even gave the dog wardens a bath and gave the dog wardens some things to eat….”

After saying Ning Meng Yao’s deeds one by one, she looked at Yang Xiu Er, “Although I don’t know what happened between Yang Xiu Er and Yao Yao at her house, but I believe Yao Yao is not that kind of person, don’t you dare slander her.”

No matter how the villagers view Ning Meng Yao, Yang Le Le would not believe. In her heart, Ning Meng Yao was the best, best person.

The people hearing Yang Xiu Er’s words became a bit awkward. The dog warden who listened to Yang Le Le’s words immediately ran over, eyes blinking while looking at the crowd, “Big Sis Meng Yao is very nice.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“That’s right, that’s right. Big Sis Meng Yao is really nice,” the children beside the dog warden also jumped over to his side nodding their heads continuously.

After the dog wardens went to Ning Meng Yao’s house, they often ran to Ning Meng Yao’s place to play or plucking good looking flowers outside her cabin, or went in to play. Every time they came, she never got angry; she even gave them candies or delicious snacks.

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