The General’s Little Peasant Wife Chapter 6

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The General’s Little Peasant Wife Chapter 6

Sorry for the delay, this is chapter six! Chapter seven will be released on Friday or Saturday! Enjoy! ( ^ ^ )/

As long as they did not make a fuss, Big Sis Meng Yao won’t get angry. Even if they got noisy until she couldn’t do her work, she would only put down the things she was doing and looked at them play in the courtyard, even joining them play sometimes.

“That’s right. Big Sis Meng Yao even taught us how to write words. We now can write our own names.” The dog wardens stared at Yang Xiu Er dissatisfiedly and said, “We won’t allow you to slander Big Sis Meng Yao like this.”

The children on the field one by one said that they could recognize words, some had memorized three words.

The villagers who previously did not believe became believed. Children won’t tell lies and seeing that many children all said the same thing moreover they learnt things that could only be taught at the school when they all never went to school could only be one thing and that was because Ning Meng Yao taught them.

Thinking this way, the villagers’ view towards Ning Meng Yao slowly changed; some even thought that she’s a good person.

Yang Xiu Er leaned into Mafam Luo’s embrace after hearing such words, making her awkward knowing that if she continued to slander Ning Meng Yao, there won’t be anyone who would believe her.

Yang Xiu Er’s heart carried unrestrained resentment towards Yang Le Le. It’s all because of this wench! If not for her, she won’t be in this situation where she couldn’t come down the stage!

“Xiu Er girl, next time don’t slander other people like this mindlessly, it’s not good.”

“That’s right, ah.”

“People willing to teach you, that is good, but if they’re not willing, then it is not unreasonable.”

The crowd each spoke out until Yang Xiu Er’s face became purple after a while, very unsightly.

Looking at Yang Xiu Er’s awkward face who did not know what action should she take, Yang Le Le let out a disdainful snort and turned her body, the dog wardens also bounced and followed the little girl to the side of the river to play.

Waiting until the crowd dispersed, Yang Xiu Er could not continue to pretend. She raised her heard from Madam Luo’s embrace, her behavior ferocious, “We originally can make Ning Meng Yao’s reputation became bad in the village, who knew that this plan is suddenly foiled.”

“Slowly,” Madam Luo hit her daughter’s shoulder, saying to pacify her daughter.

Only an orphan, what can she do? Where else can she go? Is she not only for them to pinch, round, and twist flat?

When Yang Le Le went back home, she thought of what the dog wardens said then went to discuss things with her father, “Dad, Yao Yao knows words. Do you think we can let her teach the children in our village to read?”

“This, do you think she will be willing?” The fee for school was high and their village was not rich. The children who wanted to study were not little, but they did not have any chance. If Ning Meng Yao was willing to teach them, then it was a very good thing.

Yang Le Le let out ‘hehe’ as she smiled, “Yao Yao taught the dog wardens to write words and read the book, indicating that she’s a good person, she will definitely agree. Wait until I ask her about this. If she agreed then you should find her to discuss things, dad.”

Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“It cannot be done like this. I will be the one who go over to ask her, this way is much sincere,” Yang Zhu pondered and shook his head to reject Yang Le Le’s idea.

Since they were the ones who wanted to invite Ning Meng Yao to teach the village children, then he should go over himself, showing sincerity, because if the other party thought that they did not have any sincerity and refused them, what then?

He wanted to let Ning Meng Yao taught the children words, not prepare the children to join the examination, only until they’re able to recognize words. Having one more option was after all a good thing, at least not like the other villagers who could only rely on god to eat some rice.

“Good. Why don’t we go together this afternoon? I also wanted to play around with her,” Yang Le Le said and smiled with a ‘hehe’.

She liked to play together with Ning Meng Yao. She felt very comfortable around her.

When afternoon came, Yang Zhu took some watermelons that he grew from the ground and followed Yang Le Le to go to Ning Meng Yao’s house together.

Seeing Yang Le Le and Yang Zhu coming over, Ning Meng Yao put down the things she was doing and walked over, “Village head, how come you’re here?”

That time when she arrived here to settle down, Yang Zhu helped her a lot. Ning Meng Yao respected this old man much.

“Girl, Uncle came here today is to request you for something,” Yang Zhu looked at Ning Meng Yao, his voice trembled a bit, this let Ning Meng Yao felt strange. She turned her head over to Yang Le Le while the latter gave her an innocent look.

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