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Our new website will launch Friday, May 25th!

Our authors/TLers are getting ready to make it a huge launch, so keep your eye out this week for more details of mass releases and new novels!

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The Royal Princess Fox

 I Am A Banana | Website: I Am A Banana

All her life, just because she fell too deep in love, she ended up with a tragic end of getting poisoned to death by her beloved person.

Then, came along another chance, your mother, I don’t want to love anymore, can’t I?

Feelings and whatnots were tossed far away.

The body feels light without the burden of feelings.
Carefree, fooling around in Jiang Hu*, doing anything to her heart’s content.

There’s nothing in the world more beautiful than this.

She don’t care anymore, but why can’t they let go of her ?

Schedule: Every Tuesday, EST

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