The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 1: Like This

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The Royal Princess Fox, 御狐 Chapter 1 – Like This


“Husband, come and see this embroidery of two crossed-neck mandarin ducks on the handkerchief I’m giving you. ”

“Is it nice or not? I used a long time to finish this.”

Ye Xing Tong excitedly took the barely acceptable handkerchief, which she took almost a month to learn the needlework, into the study.

Putting it up and shook the handkerchief in front of the man, who is sitting by the desk.
She was not a material to do needlework. For this handkerchief, she have to learn with her personal maidservant for a month to learn to embroider, she personally sewn it so gifted it to Husband, he would be happy.

A man with a handsome appearance put down the pen in his hand, walked unhurriedly towards Ye Xing Tong, the corner of his mouth curved up to a perfect arc with smile three part of happiness, three part of affection.

Two jade-smooth long slender hands cupped Ye Xing Tong’s cheeks.

Distressingly said, “My wife, you should just rest at home rather than doing these tiring work, you are making Husband heartbroken.”

A bit red in the face, Ye Xing Tong muttered in a small voice, “Your birthday is coming soon, I wanted to give you a surprise!”

“Initially, I wanted to embroider one clothing for you, but I was too stupid, too stupid. No matter how I did it, it’s not good, and my hand also get pricked a few times.”

“In the end, have to use a month to learn how to embroider handkerchief, and it’s the pattern of mandarin ducks crossing neck, Husband do you like it or not?”

Ye Xing Tong’s voice became smaller when she spoke, she can’t even hear her own voice when she reached the end.

This man here is Nanjiang first1 Prince Consort of Princess Ye Xing Tong – Jin Qicai.

He took a step forward and pulled Ye Xing Tong into his embrace.

Lovingly scold in a soft voice, “From now on, don’t do this anymore. Your consort me, with my current status what kind of clothes I don’t have.
As long as Wife is well, this Consort is willing to do anything.”

Hearing this, Ye Xing Tong’s eyes have a sparkling moist in it.

She muttered in a small voice, “I just want to personally make something for you, to express your importance to me. Okay okay, if you don’t want me to do it, I won’t do it anymore.”

A chilling cold gaze flashed through Jin Qicai’s eyes in a blink, too fast to be caught by anyone.
In a warm voice, “Wife, how about you come and see the portrait I drew of you.”

Ye Xing Tong nodded, head like the pounding of garlic in a mortar, eyes blinking happily, “Good! I want to know how do I looked in Husband’s eyes, it must a big beauty that can cause the downfall of a city.”2

Jin Qicai carefully let go of Ye Xing Tong, and picked up from the desk a portrait of a beautiful woman to give to Ye Xing Tong.

Then, he kindly gave Ye Xing Tong her first cup of dark green-coloured tea, softly saying, “It’s not the time for dinner yet, Wife drink some tea first to soothe your throat.”

[Translator note : Not sure why the author must mention ‘the first cup’ instead of just a cup of tea.]

From the angle where Ye Xing Tong can’t see, Jin Qicai secretly gripped his fist a few times, his gaze flashed a bit at the tea in his hand.

Ye Xing Tong took over the cup without hesitations, and drunk it all in one breath.

She praised, “Such a refreshing tea, what kind of tea is this? I never drink this tea before, it’s quite delicious. But….. but the taste feels a bit weird, I can’t tell what wrong with it.” She didn’t marry the wrong person, her consort is such a perfect and gentle man.

[Translator note : *raised eyebrow aggressively*]

Jin Qicai gave a meaningful smile, and hugged Ye Xing Tong’s shoulder : “This is a new type of tea, tribute from a country. Fu Huang3 gifted it to us, you didn’t drink it before so definitely will feel it’s weird.”

Nodding without suspicion, Ye Xing Tong shifted her focus back to the portrait after drinking the tea.
She didn’t thought her husband would draw her even more beautiful than her actual person.

The skin better than snow, the color was stunning.
Lips as red as cherry blossoms, tender like spring flowers, charming as the bright moon.
At her hair there’s a gold-coloured hairpin with peony motives, giving her entire image a bright and dazzling light.
The flowing long hair and the sleeves of her robe floated upwards.

“Such a pretty celestial fairy ah! Husband has painted her too beautiful.”

Jin Qicai suddenly distanced himself three steps away from Ye Xing Tong, coldly looked at her with his arms around himself.

Ye Xing Tong suddenly feel wrong, she looked up puzzled at Jin Qicai, “Husband, I really like this portrait. I didn’t mean anything against you, so why did you suddenly stood so far away from me and used such unfamiliar gaze to look at me?”

“What kind of jokes are you playing with me? He he, still please don’t joke with Xing Tong. You are scaring Xing Tong like this.”

Jin Qicai’s pair of handsome eyebrows jumped a bit, he said in a tone of extreme disdain, “For someone who is dying, how do you think I, Jin Qicai will treat them?”

“Or you still believe I will shamelessly caters to you like in the past? I tell you, Ye Xing Tong, don’t think about it, you are dreaming.”

At first, he thought he would need to put a lot of efforts, who would think that girl have such simple thoughts, and completely finished the tea without the slightest doubt.
Calculating the time, the poison in the tea will start to take effect soon.


Ye Xing Tong suddenly felt a wave of blood pressure rushing to her head.

Her eyes blacked out, and she slowly fall on to the ground.
Face full of anguish expressions, and from her eyes there are a few drops of shocking blood tears.

She felt like she have never really understood Jin Qicai – the Husband who have been living together with her for three years.

Four years ago, he was still a plain, unremarkable poor scholar.

Although he was not appreciated by the officials and the current Emperor, he is a talented person.
Well-versed in poetry and songs, he was quite famous with the local folks.
He was bitter that no one appreciate him, plus he don’t know any capable high-ranked officials, ended up like a useless hero without a place to use his ability.4

Supposedly, he could be Zhuangyuan5 , but the reason was not known why he would keep getting replaced.

[Translator note : I need some feedback on this one. The context showed that he might have answered all questions correctly and be the top scorer but he keep missing out being acknowledged as the top and someone else would top the rank instead. The thing is I thought people at max can only apply to sit for the exam twice, at least that’s what HK dramas taught me :p ]

After that, he was disheartened and resigned himself to be a scholar to help write letters.

And she….. by chance she went out Palace for a trip, passed by Jin Qicai’s hometown and discovered his shocking talents.
After a few days of getting along, a feeling slowly grew. His talent and gentleness had her falling helplessly in love with him.

She went back and told her Fu Huang about that matter of Qicai falling to get Zhuangyuan.
Fu Huang was really furious. Never thought such big problem will happen at the Imperial Court.
Those officials who bend the law over favoritism must have tired of living.

However, because this matter involved several high-ranked officials, the matter was left unsettled.6

But Fu Huang promised her that he will give justice for his grievance. In the end, Jin Qicai rose up to the position of Zhuangyuan with her help.

The feelings between them became better and better.

If she said she wanted stars, Jin Qicai won’t dare to pluck the moon for her.
If she led him to East, he won’t dare to head West.
If she said One, he won’t dare to say Two ….. pampering her all the way.

He yield to her all requests, letting her to indulge in his gentleness and tolerance to the point that she can’t help being with him.

Finally, after her numerous pleading, Fu Huang unable to withstand the torture of her unrelenting requests and granted the marriage between her and Jin Qicai.

Ye Xing Tong mustered all her effort to raise her head to look at Jin Qicai, who smilingly looked down at her with mocking and ridicule expression.

Her blood tears rolled down the curve of her cheeks.
Lifting her slender white arm slowly, to point at Jin Qicai.

In a voice husky laced with pain, “Jin Qicai, you despicable villain. It’s because of my help that you are able to possess the position and power you have today.”

“This past three years, what did I wronged you? I loved you so much, for you I willingly did everything that was in my power. Whether I can do it or not, I used all my effort to do it for you.”

“And you, you actually wanted to kill me…..”

Jin Qicai coldly laughed a few times, he walked towards Ye Xing Tong, mercilessly kicked her a few times to release his anger.

With a voice icy without temperature, “You still have the nerve to say that, do you know how the people out there talked about me?”

“They said I relied on your influence to be able climb up, you caused me to have no place to put my face as a man.”

[Translator note : And you didn’t?!]

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like you even a bit. You are a domineering, self-righteous smug woman, you got me to accompany you all whole day, to play with you those childish games, so childish it hit the bottom bar for childishness.”

“Do you know how long I have endured you? Normally when I went out, I have to report to you first. When I finally get to go out, you sent people to secretly monitor me.”

“I have enough of you, even now that I killed you it can’t appease my hate. ”

“You thought I, Jin Qicai is truly in love with you? Hehehe, that’s really funny. Ye Xing Tong ah Ye Xing Tong, you are really naive!”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“You are the Emperor’s most favourite daughter, I just want to use your name to get the Emperor’s trust and attention. Now that I have achieved my purpose, you—- as my tool can be completely retired.”

After he finished talking, he went and heavily kicked Ye Xing Tong again. A look of extreme disgust and ridicule flashed through his eyes.

Ye Xing Tong let out a tight groan, the injury in her heart was already painful enough to hover between life and death.
Body pain seems a little bit insignificant at this point.


  1. 南疆最长的公主驸马 : A friend told me it can be interpreted as the ‘first’. If you think otherwise, tell me.
  2. 倾国倾城 : Idiom, meaning devastatingly beautiful
  3. 父皇 : Imperial father, in Jin Qicai’s case, it’s father-in-law. Won’t be converting this to English because it doesn’t sound majestic.
  4. 用武之地 : Idiom, meaning favorable position for the use of one’s skills
  5. 状元 : Top scorer of the Imperial Examination.
  6. 不了了之 – Idiom, meaning to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled

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That is an antagonist. wow….

I really like how the antagonist just basicly killed himself by killing her. Even if he can somehow cover up killing her. What is unlikely since he poisened and even inuried her… It is the emporers favorite daughter. He wont just look away. All the support to the antagonist is because of her. Now that she is dead most of his power is dead aswell. Allways these vallians that don’t know how to be real vallians…

Thanks for the chapter


Nice!! This is so interesting 🙂

The author means:
He first kindly offered her a cup of tea…
It can be replaced by: quickly/swiftly/before all else

Thanks for the story


yep usually these ppl are the most ungratfull so full of themselfes