The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 10: Meeting

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 10: Meeting


[Translator note : Readers, before you started reading this, I need to somewhat clarify something a bit. I started to notice that the author used a female pronoun (她) for Meng Hui. It wasn’t used in the first chapter Meng Hui appeared as his name was always used when the need to describe him arose. Then the next chapter, the female pronoun started to be used. I thought it was a typo but up until this chapter, it was still being used. I will double-check the chapters again, but until Meng Hui’s gender is properly stated, I will continue to use ‘He’ as the pronoun as eunuch is male naturally. If Meng Hui happened to be a girl, that means it’s illegal but we don’t know about this yet. Let’s hope the author was drunk instead.]

Thinking of his own brother, Meng Hui started to feel sour in his eyes.
He strongly tried to hold back and forced the tears back to his eyes.

“He is a good brother. But when I went back home one day, there were nothing left inside.”

“Everything in the house has been taken by the bad people, all the innocent servants has been killed.”

“Brother has also disappeared, his life or death is unknown. I am very worried about him, really afraid that…..”

Second Prince pulled Meng Hui back into his arms, comforted him in soft voice, “It will be all right, it will be all right ah!”

“He will be all right, everything will pass.”

Perhaps even he didn’t noticed his sudden action of tenderness.
In his heart, he was very worried about Ye Xing Tong.

Maybe she suddenly found out that Jin Qicai was not the type of person she wanted for husband so she ran away.
But she was afraid to be punished by Fu Huang so she didn’t even have the time to tell him anything.

Fortunately there are his people in Fu Huang’s Secret Guards, so they helped her to escape unscathed.

The only thing he can help her now is to try his best to delay time in front of their Fu Huang.

Hopefully not sooner later when Fu Huang found out what happened, he won’t be flying into a terrible rage and get anyone by the side involved.

Feeling the warmth in his arms, Meng Hui slightly curved up his mouth.
This Second Prince was not that bad as what he portrayed himself on the surface ah!
The decision he made was a right choice.

Thinking back on the first time they met, Meng Hui felt a burst of warmth without reason.


That day, because of the misfortunes happened at home, he wandered down the rainy street in distraught.
At that time, he don’t even know what silver is.
He only knew that the stuffs in other people’s house can be eaten.
Wandering in slow steps, he keep on going.

He doesn’t know he want to go, his home was gone, his brother was gone.
He felt a piece of his heart died.
Just like a walking corpse.

He really wanted just knock his head against the wall and die.
Perhaps when he is dead, all the pain will be gone.

But when he suddenly thought that his brother might be still alive, a burst of hope lightened up his mind.

Yes ah, he cannot die.
He still have to find his brother whose life and death is unknown.
Plus he need to take revenge on behalf of his family’s people.

Finally, the rain stopped. He dragged his heavy steps to stop at a corner of a wall.
Slowly squatting down, he put his cheeks in his hands.
He was unfamiliar with the environment, not sure where to go.

Suddenly he noticed the hand stretched out in front of him.
The voice of the man he will always remember.
Like the fragrance of alcohol, mellow and rich.
Like the warm of sunlight, making it’s hard to forget by anyone.

“Should be hungry ba! Give you some change money to buy something to eat!”

Meng Hui have no idea how embarrassed he was at that time.
His hair was not washed for a few days, disheveled.
There are mud everywhere on his clothes.
Even his pretty little face has dirty things all over.
That leave only his pair of eyes, shining with dazzling colors, as clear as water.

He reached out and slowly took something that looked like a stone.
In his heart, he felt a doubt. What exactly is this thing?

This young man said can eat, this thing really can eat?
Stupidly he put it inside his mouth and bit down.
Then he can’t help but frowned.

“Wa, it’s really hard ah! Can’t eat it at all ah.”

<< fantasy-books Property >>

“Ha ha … you are too cute. How can you eat silver?”

“Ai, this Prince can see that you have not eaten for a long time. Seeing you alone really evoke a feeling of sympathy.”

“Who let this Prince to be a kind and good-hearted person, this ten tael of silver is enough for you to buy a big meal to eat. This Prince won’t accompany you to play now.”

Hearing that nice chuckle, Meng Hui slightly raised his head to look at the person.

He was dressed in snow white clothing, it fluttered along with breeze.
His head full of glossy hairs, using a piece of silk tied loosely behind.
The hair on his forehead floated up by the wind, a pair of black-coloured eyes with a faint smile.
Just like the warm spring breeze after winter.

He was very handsome, very charming.

That moment Meng Hui saw him, he became absent-minded for a while.

His brother was a handsome man with unparalleled beauty, one of the rare beautiful men.
Even though this young man was not as stunning as his brother, but he gave him a completely different feeling.

Meng Hui’s heart seemed to suddenly lose direction for a moment.

“Thank you, may I ask where can I find you?” Meng Hui raised his naive little face and asked the young man.

“Didn’t thought it’s a little girl with nice voice, your voice is sweet but …..”

[Translator note : The word 小姑娘 was used by the author, it might be the author just want to mess with us as children sometimes sounded the same regardless gender. I still will continue with the He pronoun]

The young man thought for a while, he seemed to be embarrassed.
His hand gently holding his chin, “It’s all right if you know who this Prince is. This Prince lived in the Palace, it’s not a place you can go in.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Listen carefully, this Prince is the handsome, chic, suave, one who charmed all young maidens and young married women, Nanjiang most handsome and popular Second Prince, Ye Xingyu!”

Meng Hui looked at the young man with eyes wide opened.
Puzzledly asking, “My name only have two words, why is your name so long?”


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AWwwwwww cute!!!!

Thanks so much for all your hard work and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


thanks a lot—-!
considering how uh, ‘dumb’ meng hui is…i feel like it’s quite possible for meng hui to be a girl…but uh, oh well! doesn’t matter! i care about xing tong! xing tong—!


They’re both pretty stupid lol


Urgh… i really wish the author would just f**k away from this…… wierd prince and his ‘eunuch’…. i am not interested in the LEAST BIT.
I wanna read about Ye Xing Tong, not a freaking idiot eunuch and a wierd prince..


I think Meng Hui might be a girl pretending to be a eunuch

Tifa Lockhart

why im i looking forward to the prince nd his eunuch’s story instead?