The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 11: Big Changes

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 11: Big Changes



The young man was stumped for words.
He did not expect this little beggar would ask such a strange question.

Thinking for a moment, “This Prince’s name is Ye Xingyu. The long string of words are this Prince’s description, do you understand?”

“Oh.” Meng Hui nodded his head, seem to understand, but not really understanding it.

Then he asked again, “Big brother lived in the Palace, so what kind of place is the Palace?”

Speechless, the young man thought which human don’t know what is a Palace?
This little beggar girl although have nice voice, but she is a mindless fool.

He yawned and lazily said, “This Prince’s friend is waiting for me, I won’t accompany you to play now.”

Suddenly, a rumbling sound ripped across the sky, interrupting Meng Hui’s train of thoughts.

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“Not good, it’s going to rain soon. We must hurry back to the main hall.”

The Second Prince naturally pulled Meng Hui’s hand and ran towards the main hall together.

Turning a little red in the face, Meng Hui looked at the dark sky that was still sunny a while ago.
Somewhere in his heart was aching. Is something abnormal going to happen?

“Go ah! What are you getting blanked out for?”

The Second Prince turned his body around and shouted at MengHui, “The weather is changing fast, it’s going to rain soon, hurry up and go!”


Meng Hui answered with a sound of acknowledgement and went to follow the Second Prince’s footsteps.
Maybe he thought too much.

The Second Prince have authority and power, just by following him, he will be able to obtain news about his brother faster.


The originally clear bright sky turned dark as countless black clouds gathered.
Thunder rumbled and lighting flashed across the clouds.
Turning the air around into a bit of depressed atmosphere.

It’s going to rain soon.
Maybe due to the season reaching midsummer, the weather changed a lot.

Ye Xing Tong used some of the jewelries in her bundle to change for some small change silver.
The money for her daily expenses can last her for a while.

The white clothing definitely can’t be worn again.
For now, the whole city most probably is hunting down a women dressed in white.

Replacing her clothing with a red and sturdy dress, she went to buy some rouge and cosmetics to get herself a makeup look.
Dressing up a bit so that various kind of officers won’t recognize her.

After that, she bought an ordinary gray-colored horse and walked leisurely on the road.

But when the horse she was riding reached the forest, the weather suddenly changed.
Raising her head to look at the gloomy black sky, then the forest right in front which she don’t know how deep it is, Ye Xing Tong suddenly felt powerless.

This stupid weather was very infuriating.
So was this shadowy forest.

Right now the city is full of soldiers searching for her.
Originally she wanted to evade the searching by the soldiers, purposely taking a path in a remote and desolate place to go.
In this way, she can avoid pursuers and take lesser turns and roads.

From here, the path leads to the closest road to the continent’s largest country.

Just that she didn’t expect to encounter such temperamental weather.

“Jia, jia …”[note]驾驾 – The sound the chinese make when they urged the horse to speed forward[/note]

Ye Xing Tong don’t have any options, she could only speed up the horse and rush forward, hoping she can find a small village or an abandoned temple for shelter.

There are thunder constantly rumbling and crackling, surprising Ye Xing Tong that she almost instantly fell off the horse.
To be honest, she was a bit scared of these thunder crackling sound and flashes of lightning.

She have always dislike such thunderstorm-like weather.

Not very long after, the downpour of rain started. Ye Xing Tong’s body was drenched in the matter of seconds.
The wet clothing was tightly stuck to her skin, causing her to feel very uncomfortable.

It’s about right to say that she looked like ‘chicken in the soup'[note]落汤鸡 : A person who looked drenched and bedraggled[/note].

She have to wipe away the rain water from her eyes to be able to see the road clearly.
The rain water keep flowing down from her forehead to her eyes, it was making her eyes soured and uncomfortable.

Raising the whip again, she tried to speed up the horse.

Coming out from the forest, there’s a towering cave with the entrance about a person’s height unexpectedly appeared in front.

Ye Xing Tong felt a burst of happiness, quickly dismounted and led the horse to the cave.
Finally a place of shelter. Heavens didn’t disappointed resolute people. [note]皇天不负有心人 : Exact words for those who want it[/note]

-thunder rumbling-

Suddenly, an extremely loud crackling sound of thunder sounded.
Right after the thunder sounded, lightning flashed, cutting through the dark sky.
The crackling and flashing kept going on and one, like the roaring of a lion.

Out of a sudden, a dazzling lightning struck somewhere by Ye Xing Tong’s side.
She subconsciously closed her eyes. So scary! These lightnings won’t split her apart right?

Previous life was poisoned to death, this lifetime even more tragic, death from being struck by lightning?
If the citizens knew about this, she will be ridiculed to death. Especially her younger brother.

After waiting for a while, Ye Xing Tong didn’t feel any pain on her body, slowly opened her eyes.

She was fine, those lightnings didn’t hit her.
It struck the branches of a few lush, green trees beside her.
The trees lit up instantly, like dry woods meeting fire, the flame was unstoppable.

The fire was spreading quickly right in front of her eyes.
Suddenly, the horse neighed loudly.

Ye Xing Tong quickly grabbed the reins of the horse and pulled it into the cave.
But the horse was very disobedient, she pulled for a long while but yet to get the horse into the cave.
The horse keep neighing, struggling non-stop and desperately trying to break away from the hold of Ye Xing Tong.

Angered, Ye Xing Tong took out the dagger from her bundle and hardheartedly gave the horse a slash.
She doesn’t have any experience in controlling horse so she can only try to use this method.
If she let it get away in the middle of this rainstorm, it probably won’t survive.

The blood rushed out and flowed down with the rain.
But the horse was even more panicky and struggled.
Getting even more powerless, Ye Xing Tong can only grit her teeth and held tight to the reins.
A sudden lightning flashed, the horse neighed out of sudden.
At that moment, it broke free from its reins and madly rushed to the forest.
Its shadow disappeared into the forest the next moment.

Ye Xing Tong sighed, ready to give up on it, she have tried her best.

As soon as she entered the cave, she heard a strange sound.

“Ao ao….”

The subtle sound was too soft in the rainstorm, if wasn’t for her being someone who practiced martial arts and have internal qi [note]内功 : Enhancement power that martial artist possessed from training/practice[/note], then she wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Looking at the sky now raining slightly lesser, she felt that it most probably won’t start thundering again within 3 hours so she determined to follow the sound to check what was it.

What exactly was emitting the sound?

Sounds like a dog, but carefully listened to it, it doesn’t really sounded like one.
Especially the strange part when she can even feel frustration, disappointment as well as resigning to fate from the sound.

Then a sound of self-deprecating smile.
She must have listened wrongly, what can animal understand?
Even if it’s a small dog, it can’t express human feelings that vividly.

“Ao ao…”

As she walked forward, the sound gradually became louder.
Finally Ye Xing Tong found the origin of the sound from within a thick underbrush.

A ‘dog’ lying pitifully among the grass, its whole body soaked with blood.
Its pair of clear bright eyes staring motionless at her, as if it can see through someone.
Ye Xing Tong suddenly felt like getting see through by the ‘dog’ but she funnily shook her head.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

What was she thinking, what can a puppy see?

Everything has became very strange since she entered this forest.
Seemingly normal, but yet felt like a trace of unusual touch in the atmosphere.

A tinge of strange shade of red can be seen from its fur.
Its black pupil shone like a black crystal, as clear as a brook but bottomless deep.


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So intriguing!

Anna Tong

as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


thanks a lot!
oh, chancinh upon an animal in the cave—? hm–!


Considering the title of the novel, that should be a FOX
And why the h**l did she cut the horse with a dagger?? Freaking cruel and irresponsible!