The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 12: Forgotten

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 12: Forgotten


But the body bloodied red with foul blood and rainwater looked a bit shocking.
On its body, there is a large piece of uncovered flesh. Bloody wounds were everywhere.

Ye Xing Tong wondered how can it still alive at this point.
From its silently enduring gaze and the deep “ao ao” call, she can know how much pain it has endured.

What was even strange was it…
Ye Xing Tong was so surprised, her eyes wide open and her mouth was hanging.
Then took two steps backwards in disbelief.
Never in her life did she get this astonished like she did from seeing the dog.

This dog…


It actually has four tails.
Yes, four tails.

Four hairy tails matted with blood and rain hung limply behind its back.

What strange scene, Ye Xing Tong didn’t stayed by its side, she just want to hurry and leave this stifling place.
She turned round calmly to leave.
But no matter how hard she tried to keep calm, she can’t helped but increased her pace.

The red dog saw Ye Xing Tong leaving and tried to move.
Maybe it accidentally touched its own wound, it cried out “Ao ao …..” again.

A pair of desperate eyes carrying some water mist, unblinkingly looked at the direction Ye Xing Tong has left.

“Ao ao….”

Hearing the dog’s call, Ye Xing Tong suddenly felt a bit sour and uncomfortable in her heart.

That was strange, she was feeling sad for that injured dog.
Was it a normal dog, she will save it without hesitation.
But this dog was too strange, for having four long tails.

It might be a an evil spirit or a monster.

Remembering the scene she witnessed just now, Ye Xing Tong can feel her scalp tingling.
Couldn’t helped but looked back, she coincidentally locked eyes with that pair of despaired eyes.
Her heart trembled, the sour and uncomfortable feelings were getting worst.

She turned away and unhesitatingly walked towards the hold of the cave.
It’s not very spacious but considered quite bright, as some light were coming out from the cave.
Sitting down on a slightly flat stone, she put down her bundle while looking around.

In the cave, she found some dry ashes and some unused dry wood.
Ye Xing Tong’s heart gave a cheer and she put the dry materials together to light it up.
She found some stray wood in the cave so she gathered them at a side.

Finally she don’t have to wear wet clothes.
The whole journey was tiring her to death.

The flaming red light illuminated the dark cave, not sooner later, all three sets of clothing Ye Xing Tong brought have dried.

She make sure all the clothes in the bundle were dried before she changed into some dry clothes.
All the clothing she prepared were red in color because she decided she can’t wear white ones in the future.

She used to like wearing white chiffon dress, because she felt that white color resembled purity, simple and frankness.
Just like her character. Plus Jin Qicai also said he liked to see her wearing white clothes, similar to a beautiful celestial being.
Thinking of Jin Qicai, a touch of harshness flashed through her eyes.

She have decided not to wear white color clothing anymore, not only to evade Fu Huang’s chase on her, but also to cut off the resentment from previous life.
After changing into other clothing, she threw the discarded one to the deepest corner of the cave.

Then, she took out a steamed bun to eat, but then she felt like she heard a faintly discernible ‘ao ao’ sound.

Ye Xing Tong wrinkled her brows, curiosity still has a hold on her.
Putting down the steamed bun, she walked out of the cave.

At this point, the rain was gradually getting lighter.
The raindrops hitting on the clothes make a crisp ‘pata pata’ sound.

She went back to the area where she found the dog, again Ye Xing Tong were shocked speechless by it.
Three other tails miraculously disappeared, leaving only one tail hanging limply in the mud behind its back.

Disbelieved, she rubbed her eyes and looked again.
She was doubting herself if she really seen wrongly earlier.

How can a small dog have four tails?
Perhaps it was just her imagination.

The small dog has closed its eyes now, its long eyelashes dropped down as if it’s dead.

Ye Xing Tong’s heart skipped a beat, it wouldn’t be dead, right?
She put her hand under its nose, upon feeling a slight breath, she eased down her worrying heart.

But its breaths were very light, as if its dying life will go with the wind any time.

Ye Xing Tong felt a bit unbearable, no matter what the one here is a living being.
How can she ignore it, letting it disappear on its own?

She found herself too heartless.
Just because she feared of getting into trouble, she ignored other life like worn-out clogs.[note]弃之如敝屐 : For those who want to see the chinese words[/note]

Ye Xing Tong was someone who died once, but was timid and don’t dare to do anything.
She really lived in vain in her previous life.

Holding carefully the small dog whose body were covered in wounds in her arms, the dog slightly trembled when her hand touched its body.
But there were no more movement afterwards.

After bringing the small dog into the cave hole, she used the water from her water bottle to clean the blood and mud from the dog’s body.

Now there’s no bandage cloth or strips here.
Nor healing herbs.

What should she do?
It wouldn’t be she just rescued it and it died, right?

She looked at the dying small dog, then took a look at her remaining three clothes.
With determination, she went and pick up the white clothing she threw away earlier.

‘Saving a dog is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda.'[note]救人一命胜造七级浮屠 : This is the correct idiom, the author substituted the human character in the idiom to dog.[/note]

It’s a pity to just throw away the white clothes.

Sitting in front of the fire and holding the little dog to dry its fur, Ye Xing Tong was feeling more and more tired.
Soon, she drowsily went to sleep.

After Ye Xing Tong went to sleep, the ‘small dog’ slowly opened its eyes to reveal a penetrating deep gaze.
A hint of light flashed in its eyes, then it shifted in her arms for a more comfortable position and gradually closed its eyes.

An amazing thing happened out of a sudden!

The ‘small dog’ in her arms started to exude a faint red light all over its body.
Even Ye Xing Tong herself was glowing with red light together.

<< fantasy-books Property >>


Ye Xing Tong have a good sleep, when she woke up again it was already the next morning.
The rain has completely stopped.
The sun rose high, and the sky were like the color of sapphire.
Even the clouds were white like it were washed by the rain.

The fire has burnt out, leaving only a pile of black ashes.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

She lazily stretched out, then something fell off of her, making a loud sound.
Looking down, she guiltily picked the small dog up.

“I’m sorry ah! I’m sorry, I have forgotten about you.”

The small dog wanted to struggle out of Ye Xing Tong’s arms but probably because of heavy injuries on its body, it can only slightly move around.


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thanks a lot!
i’m glad she saved the dog in the end! anyway, i suspect it’s going to be something similar to a spirit beast! yeah? i wonder if it’ll be able to transform into human form. -looks around shiftily-

Anna Tong

as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


Oooh!! Thank you 🙂


thank you for the chapter!


Thank you for the chapter~
She doesn’t know what a fox looks like? How can you confuse a fox with a dog? Anyway, so cute~