The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 14: Ungrateful

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 14: Ungrateful

Credit : Joni Johnson-Godsy – link

Ye Xing Tong felt powerless against this arrogant dog.
In soft voice, she said, “Fine, I won’t argue with you and you don’t be angry with me either.”

“Right now, I should give you a name ba?”

Thinking about the names of the people she knew, she can feel a headache coming.
She disliked giving names but she can’t keep calling it little dog ah.

“I will call you Cutie![note]小可爱 : Technically, it should be Little Cute but meh, it sounded terrible. Not that Cutie is any better.[/note]”

Little dog protested with several ‘Ao ao’ sound.

Then she snappily looked at it, “I’m giving you a name but you went and protested against it. This is my first time naming others, Cutie is very cute ah!”

“Forget it, it can’t be helped even if you disliked it.”

Looking the dog’s red colored fur, an idea suddenly crossed Ye Xng Tong’s mind.
She happily said, “Your fur is red, red, red…. dazzling red, flirty red….”

Then she thoughtfully murmured for an hour.

Her eyebrows rose and suddenly she shouted, “Let’s call you Hong Ye, the Hong from the color red, Ye from the word seductive.”

[Translator note : Here’s the chinese word for the name 红 (Hong) 冶 (Ye). The ‘Ye’ is a bit tricky for me but I settled with the word seductive, it can also mean flirty.]

Wa! She has thought of such a nice name!
Hong Ye, hehe…

Seeing that the little dog suddenly opened its eyes, Ye Xing Tong smiled.

“Hee hee, how was it? Hong Ye, that sounds nice! This is the first time I knew I have such good naming talent, but it is just for once. Thinking for names is too strenuous. Oh, my head hurts ah!”

“I decided not to do such drudgery matter anymore, remember ah, I only did it for you.”

When the little dog heard Ye Xing Tong calling it Hong Ye, there was a flash of light in its eyes.
Then hearing her self-boasting words, the corner of its mouth twitched a few times.

“Hong Ye, Xiao Ye, haha… from now on, we both mother and child[note]娘俩 : The author used this word like those people with pet calling themselves mother/father and their pets furkids.[/note] will rely on each other in our life.

Thinking about her future situation, Ye Xing Tong felt a bit concerned.
She can’t come out for too long, she must find a way to look for her brother, Ye Xingyu and get him to speak some good words on her behalf to Fu Huang.
Nanjiang is her home, the place she was born and grew up, she has to go home.
Hope Fu Huang can forgive this unfilial daughter.

Mother and child?
Hearing Ye Xing Tong’s shameless words, a lot of black lines appeared on the little dog’s face.
It then moved its body a bit with dissatisfaction.

[Translator note : Black lines mean this expression (-_-lll) ]

Suddenly a ‘gululu’ sound came out from her stomach, Ye Xing Tong realized that she has not eaten anything.
She put the little dog on her lap, then hold a steamed bun by its mouth and softly said, “Eat ba, I brought three steamed bun for this journey. I’m giving you one.”

The dog took a sniff on the bun and awkwardly turned its head away.
Slightly surprised, she shook the bun in front of the dog and said, “You don’t want to eat? If not, I’ll eat it.”

The little dog glanced at the bun then buried its head into her arms.

She felt helpless, then she just eat the bun by herself.
This little dog really…
So picky, don’t even eat steamed bun.

After eating a steamed bun and drunk some water, she took her bundle and picked the little dog up to go out of the cave.
Now she need to hurry back on her journey.
Not even birds shit on this crappy place, there was no place to stay and the food was just some dried buns.

Em, she still like to eat sumptuous meals.

In this ghostly barren hills, she don’t know when she will reach an inhabited village.
If wasn’t for her horse escaping out of fright, she would be able to ride it and leave the place earlier.


“It’s all the fault of this stupid weather, why suddenly rain ah! And it was at that critical moment, really deserve a beating….”

As she continued her travel, she keep on cursing.
The little dog in her arms slightly twitched, an indistinguishable complex light flashed past its eyes.
Finding a comfortable position in her arms, it serenely closed its eyes.

Ye Xing Tong don’t know how how long has she walked under the burning sun.
Looking at the fiery sun and the endless mountain trails, she felt a huge sense of powerlessness.

If wasn’t for her having strong internal strength, she afraid she won’t be able to support herself for that long.
A lady from a normal family would have fainted after a few steps.
After walking for a long distance, Ye Xing Tong really admired her own strong will.

There was a village at the end of the trail, and she sighed in relief.
She finally found an inhabited place.

Right now the sky has gotten dark, the sun was hidden behind the clouds, creating a golden yellow scenery.
Looking up at the sky, she shook her head slightly and headed towards the village.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

It might be a relatively poor little village with probably a few dozen families.
Ye Xing Tong knocked on the fence of the nearest house, soon a hunchbacked old lady came out to open the door.

Almost all of her hair have turned white, and the wrinkles on her face were clearly visible.
Her body was thin and looked like she can be easily blown away by the wind.

The old woman was surprised of a visitor coming all of a sudden, her mouth opened wide and she unblinkingly stared at Ye Xing Tong, as if she encountered a monster.
She was startled for a moment and didn’t react in time.

Ye Xing Tong gave a friendly smile and said with a sweet voice, “Granny, how are you? I am passing through this village, may I stay here for a night?”

[Translator note : The granny term here doesn’t mean she is related to our MC. In chinese culture, older people regardless blood-related or not will be referred in general rank by age. For example : Older man = Uncle, Older woman = Aunty]

“Oh oh, of course,” the old woman reacted with a friendly smile.

She make way for Ye Xing Tong to get inside and gave a gesture to welcome her, “Girl, please come in. I was being rude.”

Ye Xing Tong went in and puzzledly asked, “Granny, you seemed surprised to see me. Was it because it’s rare to see visitors?”

If she guessed it correctly, this village belonged to a town called HuaiYin town.
It should be on the border between their country and the neighboring country.
And this village was quite remote and poor so it make sense that not much people passed by.

The old woman put down a dilapidated small bench for Ye Xing Tong, and patted away the dust.

“Girl, please sit! Our house is simple and crude, please don’t mind it.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Holding the little dog, Ye Xing Tong sat down and shook her head with a smile, “It’s fine, thanks to granny sheltering us or my dog and I would have to spend the night in the wild. Xing Tong is very grateful..”

The little dog in Ye Xing Tong’s arms suddenly opened its eyes and gently bit her at her arm.
Feeling an aching pain, she sharply glared at it.
Damm little dog, even tried to bite her.
Too ungrateful.


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thanks a lot—!
hong ye huh? it’s a pretty good name! judging from the creature’s reaction, it’s similar to its own name?! also, i’m gonna assume it’s male lol! well now, yay, a village!

Tamago Kake Gohan

Why can’t you realize that Hong Ye is NOT a dog and he/she don’t like you keep calling it a dog Xing Tong


thank you for the chapter ^.^


This village and the narration is so suspicious. It makes me feel like Hanzel and Gretel going into the witch house.
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