The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 15: Damm it

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 15: Damm it


Why didn’t it think about the time when it was dying and she saved it from the edge of life?

A calm expression on her face, she threatened in a low voice, “If you bite me again, I’ll throw you at the barren hills to let you perish on your own.”
The little dog gave Ye Xing Tong a look of provocation, then continued resting with its eyes closed.

The granny sat beside Ye Xing Tong and sighed, then she started to explain.

“Something strange has happened in our town not very long ago. Young people regardless men or women will suddenly get sick at night, foaming in the mouth then died a few moments later. It has thrown the whole town in panic and chaos ah!”

“So up until now, young men and women almost extinct in this town. Nearly half of the young people have suffered the same fate.

“Our village is situated at the most remote corner of the town. And the town is on the border between Nanjiang and neighboring country.”

“Nanjiang and the neighboring country has good relationship. Usually there are a lot of people passing by but due to the strange event happening in this village, no one dared to pass by anymore.”

Ye Xing Tong wrinkled her brow, “How long has this happened?”

Now is a critical time for the country, Nanjiang has friendly interaction with the neighboring country and has trading businesses with each other.
If this road between border is broken, then the relationship between the two countries will dwindle.

As the old lady was talking, tears flowed down her face.

“It has been one or two months now, my barely 30 years old son has yet to marry but he unfortunately passed away.”

Ye Xing Tong took a deep breath, patted the old lady’s back trying to comfort her.


She opened her mouth to comfort the granny but she don’t know what to say.

“Me and my old companion managed to get a child quite late in our lives, originally we thought we can enjoy a life of being taken care by our child. Who knows in the blink of an eye, he is gone… wuuu”

The old lady wiped away her tears sadly, her unfortunate son didn’t manage to get married to continue the bloodline and passed away just like that, leaving both of them growing old in loneliness.
Ye Xing Tong clenched her fist, trying to calm down. This is too hateful, for such absurd thing to happen.
Since she passed by this place, she need to do something about it or she would have let down the victims of the incident.

“Granny, do you know how many people have died?”

“I don’t know the number for the whole town, but there’s not much of people in this village. About ten plus of young people were dead.”

The old lady with a face full of tears tried forcing a smile, “I was a bit too emotional, letting miss see an embarrassing side of me.”

Nodding deeply, Ye Xing Tong said, “I understand granny’s feeling. I will get justice for your son and the perished victims.”

Surprised, the granny looked at Ye Xing Tong and stammered, “Miss…miss, you are….”

“I am the princess of Nanjiang, Ye Xing Tong. Granny, rest assured…”

Tears flowing on the old lady’s face as she knelt on the ground and keep kowtow-ed, knocking her head on the floor.

“This lowly citizen didn’t know the princess is visiting. Hoping princess will take revenge for my son ah! My unfortunate son…”

Ye Xing Tong put down the little dog on the ground, quickly helped the old lady to sit on the bench.

“Granny, please rest assured. Since I discovered this problem, I will definitely find out the murderer.”

The little dog which has been abandoned at a side slightly rolled its eyes, not sure what it was thinking.

The old lady proceeded to inform Ye Xing Tong about what happened to her son that day in details.

That day…


She got up from a nap to start dinner preparation. Then she went to call her old spouse and son.

“Old man, son! Time to get up!”

“Ai, all right.” The old man casually answered her.

Seeing that her son didn’t get up after several calls, she can’t help but asked the old man, “Old man, why our son still haven’t get up? Did you bought alcohol for him?”

The old man shook his head and firmly replied, “Absolutely not, how about you go take a look to check on him?”

Thinking back on the murder occurred a few days ago where there were two or three young people found dead in the morning, foaming in the mouth… their son wouldn’t have anything happened to him, right?
Having thought of that, the old man was a bit scared.

He quickly pulled the old lady with him, anxiously said, “Let’s go and check on him. Do you still remember the murder occurred three days ago? Our son will not….”

“He won’t, our son’s life force is strong, definitely not…”

Startled, the granny sped up her pace to the room.
Upon reaching the room, both of them were stunned.
After a long while, the old woman reached out to caress her son’s pale face with a trembling hand.

“Son…. son… what happened to you?”

His face was as pale as paper, and his pair of eyes were wide open.
As if he saw something horrifying, dying with his eyes opened1.

The old man was shocked out of his mind, his body trembled, almost unable to support himself upright.
The son that they managed to get in old age has gone.

“Son… son ah!”


After finishing the story, the old lady was choking with tears, “Princess, sorry to let you see me like this again.”
Ye Xing Tong locked her brows after listening to the whole story.

“Granny, please don’t be too sad, both of you elders must take care of your body ah!”

The old woman wiped away her tears and took a deep breath, “Many thanks to the princess, we will.”

“Wife, I’m back!”

At this moment, a voice of an old person was heard, “Wife, see what have I caught today. We are lucky today…”
An old man with a slightly stooped body, a face full of wrinkles and his hair almost completely turned white, hobbled into the house holding a dying rabbit.
He was a bit surprised, seeing another person in the house. Then he puzzledly looked at his wife with swollen red eyes, “Old wife, you are crying again? This miss is….”

The old woman happily explained to her husband, “This is the little princess from Nanjiang, Ye Xing Tong. She specially came to the village to help us, she said she will get justice on our behalf.”

Ye Xing Tong slightly nodded to the old man, “Hello grandpa, my name is Ye Xing Tong.”

The rabbit in the old man’s hand fell down on the ground with a ‘thump’.
He stared at Ye Xing Tong with a shocked look, “You are the runaway bride who caused a chaotic scene a few days ago, the Princess of Nanjiang?”

The expression on the old lady quickly changed, she immediately went to correct her husband, “What are you saying, this is dignified noble princess. She came to help us, don’t speak nonsense.”

These old citizens of the country, their only concern was to have enough clothes to wear, food to eat. Court matters doesn’t mean anything to them.

The old came to his senses and instantly bent to kneel down for greeting, but Ye Xing Tong managed to hold him up in time.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Grandpa, no need to greet me. In fact, grandpa is not wrong about what you said earlier. I am the runaway bride but although I’m outside right now, I will do my best to help you.”

Feeling a bit excited, the old man held on to Ye Xing Tong’s hands.

“Many thanks to the princess, my poor son will rest in peace now.”


  1. 死不瞑目 : Idiom, meaning to die with a remaining grievance

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