The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 16: This wasn’t…

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 16: This wasn’t…

Picture credit to NPye13

Ye Xing Tong lightly shook her head.

“I’m not those type who cares about greetings and ceremony. Grandpa and Granny can just call me Ye Xing Tong.”

“Princess bears great importance and it’s a blessing to the civilians to receive your empathy but we definitely cannot be so presumptuous to address you by your given name.”

The old lady chipped in, “Right ah, Princess. It’s already the greatest blessing for us to have you personally visiting us.”

Then, turning to the old man she said, “Old man, the Princess is visiting today. We must prepare something delicious for her. Go and cut up the rabbit!”

The old man happily replied, “Ai… yes, I will immediately go….”


Morning slowly broken into dawn, a few stars still twinkled the light blue sky and the earth was hazy, being shrouded in silver-gray veil.
Branches some distance away shook slightly, making a ‘sha sha’ rustling sound.

At this moment, the residents have yet to wake up.
When Ye Xing Tong woke up, she went and put some small change of silver on the dilapidated table in the middle of the house.
She ate and slept for a night, the money can be counted as her repayment for the kindness of this family.

Picking up the little dog which was still sleeping, she went out and carefully closed the door of the fence.
Then she turned around and walked away without hesitation.

She need to go to the town to find out what exactly has happened, and to seek justice for those young men and women killed in this incident.
Even if she wanted to go to the neighboring country, she still needed to go through HuaiYin town.

After a long journey, Ye Xing Tong finally experienced and understood the hardship of travelling on foot.
Upon reaching the town, Ye Xing Tong felt so tired that she almost collapse on the ground.
Her thighs felt as heavy as stone, it felt very difficult to take another step.

Halfway there she met a middle-aged couple sitting on a cart, on their way to the town to sell their vegetables.
The middle-aged couple was kind enough to take her in to go to the town together, otherwise she would be exhausted to death.

Casually picked an inn, she fell on the bed and started sleeping soundly.
Even when she was asleep, she held the animal she thought was a small dog tightly in her arms.

A red light flashed in the small dog’s eyes and red mist rose from the corners of the room, gradually surrounded them.

Out of the sudden, Ye Xing Tong flipped her body and completely pressed the little dog under her body.
The small dog which its face was originally red in color, became redder out of anger.
It still have physical injuries, although the wounds were mostly healed.
But it knew its innate qi suffered a heavy damage, probably needed at least a few hundred years to recover.
For now, even transforming into a human form was difficult.

This vicious women even dared to put all her pressure onto its small and frail body.

It struggled to get up, but how can a thin body like itself can easily move Ye Xing Tong’s heavy body away?
After struggling for a long time, the small gave up due to tiredness and its body was sweaty from the wrestle.

In the end, it just have to use human language to speak to her.

“Hey Ye Xing Tong, get up. Do you hear me? You are flattening me.”

Feeling like she heard an ear-pleasing sound by her ears, Ye Xing Tong blankly wrinkled her eyebrows and muttered, “So noisy, don’t disturb this Princess to sleep.”

The little dog was furious, the alluring red lights from its eyes shone blindingly.
It looked at the unmoving Ye Xing Tong with a complex expression, then opened its mouth to bite on her neck.
But the moment its mouth approached her, Ye Xing Tong turned her body, evaded its attack right on time.

Ye Xing Tong don’t know it but she almost die in the mouth of the dog she saved because of her lousy sleeping pose.

In fact, what she saved wasn’t a small dog but a nine-tailed fox with six thousand years of cultivation.

It was due to the serious injuries sustained by the fox spirit that it cannot maintain its human form, not even its former size in fox form.
So it looked very small like it was only a few months old.
And it was originally pretty and cute, so for Ye Xing Tong who never seen a fox before, she can only think of it as a cute puppy.

Foxes were rare in this world, those hunters who hunt deep in the forest could barely see one.
An ordinary fox was rare, let alone a nine-tailed fox.

The small fox was released from the pressure, immediately jumped on the soft couch beside the bed.
Then it found a comfortable spot on the couch and closed its eyes.
Lying down like a human, it continued to sleep.


Midnight came and the moon seemed a bit fuzzy in the sky, with a few stars blinking faintly.
Wind whistled with a ‘hu hu’ sound scraped the edge of the window, making a harsh sound.
If listened closely, it seemed the sound of men and women crying can be heard, causing anyone who heard it to feel fearful in their heart.

The night watchman[note]打更人 – Chinese words for those who wanted to know. I don’t have wiki for those who don’t know what is a night watchmen. For ancient chinese, these men went around the town holding a clapper or a gong and sounded it along with a solemn shout of the current time.[/note] for the third watch (around 23:00-01:00) knocked his gongs and shouted the time while passing by the inn.
Suddenly a black shadow drifted in front of the man. He thought he has seen it wrongly so he closed his eyes and opened it again.

A woman dressed in flirtatious manner and disheveled hair[note]披头散发 – Idiom for disheveled hair. Not sure why the author this it will look charming :v [/note] slumped down by his side.
Her smile was very enticing with demonic charm, she is most probably a female ghost which seeks for the soul of her victims.

The watchman shouted, “Ghost ah!!”
Leaving behind the lantern and gongs in his hand, he ran away in big steps.

After the watchman left, the woman gently landed on the ground, her lips carrying a smile as she looked at the direction the watchman has sped away.
She lightly spoke to the empty spot behind her, “Let’s go!”

A young man’s chuckle was heard no sooner after her words were out, “Yao Mei, you see you have scared people away. Seems like your charming power has weakened ah!”
Instantly, a form of a man appeared.

The woman called Yao Mei elegantly turned behind, her slender figure drew a perfect arch (body line).
Alluringly laughed, she said, “Quickly now, or we will delay the important matter on hand.”

The man stopped speaking and lightly floated into an inn, while the woman flew to the other direction.
In the blink of an eye, both people disappeared from the spot just now.

The sleeping small fox suddenly opened its eyes, a cold light flashed through it.

There are the presence of spirits in the vicinity.

Looking at Ye Xing Tong who was sleeping soundly, the small fox suddenly jumped up to her side.
Nesting on a spot not far from her, it returned to sleep.
A touch of red light once again surrounded a person and a fox.

On the outside, a black figure flew in a circle beside the windows.
Then, finally seemed to found the right direction it flew into a room on the first floor.


<< fantasy-books Property >>

In the morning, a harsh shrill scream woke Ye Xing Tong.
She lazily sat up and yawned widely.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Yesterday was a good sleep.


[Translator note : Finally something interesting happened :v ]

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