The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 17: Sudden outburst

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 17: Sudden outburst


Suddenly she felt like something was missing.
Subconsciously, she looked around the bed.
Finally seeing the little fox sleeping at the furthest corner, she released a breath.

She held it in her arms and used her cheek to intimately rubbed against the fox’s head.
Then she touched its smooth and supple fur.

The moment Ye Xing Tong hugged the little fox, it woke up immediately .
It recklessly struggled in her arms, seemingly doesn’t want to be so close to Ye Xing Tong.

Ye Xing Tong was shocked, why is this little dog getting so crazy this early in the morning?
It was so obedient previously.

“Hey, what happened? Did I touched your wounds?”

Picking it up again, she carefully looked at its wound.
When she saw that most of the wounds were healed, leaving half a palm size of injuries, Ye Xing Tong once again looked astonished at the uncomfortable little fox.

Stuttering in disbelief, she said, “Little Ye ah! Your… your… how can your injuries healed so fast? My God! Is this true, how can this happened? I didn’t even gave you any medicines ah!”

No longer struggling, the uncomfortable little fox turned away, not looking at Ye Xing Tong.
A trace of ridicule flashed through its eyes.
Such an ignorant woman. From the outside, she was quite a beauty, turns out she was an idiot who don’t know anything.
A woman who can’t even tell if he is a dog or fox, that was not a common level of stupidity.

After a long while, Ye Xing Tong returned to her senses.
Her thought on this was the healing ability between dogs and humans was not the same.
After all, she never raise any pets before. This little dog maybe the first but also the last.

One little dog was already quite handful to her.

Its temper was quite volatile, if it wanted to care for her, it will do it.
But if it doesn’t wanted to, it will ignore and forget about her.

Is there really a puppy with such stinky temper?

“Don’t keep ignoring me, it was not easy for me to keep you too. I held you while travelling such distance of a journey, even now my legs are feeling very sore.”

“Forget it, forget it. You are just a small dog, at most you can understand a few human words. What am I doing telling you these ya! I must be going crazy.”

Comforting and patting the back of the little fox, Ye Xing Tong felt like herself was too unnerved.
To be speaking nonsense with a small dog early in the morning.

“All right, let’s get up to see what was so noisy outside, causing people unable to sleep well.”

Putting down the little fox on the bed, Ye Xing Tong went to change her clothes.
In front of the bronze mirror, she casually tied a simple hairstyle, a relaxed and elegant style.

Just when she was about to go out, someone knocked at the door and asked, “Is the lady woke up yet? This small one is delivering the water to wash face.”

“Oh, come in!”

The servant came in to put down the water for washing and towels, when he wanted to leave, Ye Xing Tong called out at him.

“Young man, what happened outside ah? It was so noisy, causing people to be unable to sleep.”

The servant looked at Ye Xing Tong with a look of hesitation, he opened his mouth but doesn’t know how to say it.

with a soft voice, Ye Xing Tong comforted him, “It’s nothing, you can slowly talk. Did something big happened?”

In her mind, she was feeling uneasy.
She can’t believe the problem she thought of has happened.

The servant sighed, then slowly said, “Something happened to the daughter of the inn owner. This morning she was suddenly discovered dead with white foam at her mouth.”

Squinting slightly on the bed, the little fox looked unkindly at the gloomy servant.
Ignorant mankind.

“What? This incident happened again?”

Ye Xing Tong suddenly stood up from the chair, her gaze slightly dulled.
It happened again.

According to the series of murders that happened, it shouldn’t be a deliberate murder using poison.
But excluding poison as the cause, what else was left?
These happenings were all too weird.
It seemed normal but yet, there were abnormal elements implied.

“Yes ah! There were two cases this morning. In addition to the accident happened to our boss’s daughter, there is also a son of the lady boss who sells biscuits.”

“And the cause of death is exactly the same. Ai, really pitiful of them. Both have yet to marry.”

The servant said with some regret.

“All these dead young people are married or unmarried?”

Ye Xing Tong was thinking if the killer is going after unmarried young people.

“Most of them were unmarried. This small one has been worried about this matter too. So later on when I heard that most of them were unmarried, I immediately went and gotten married with a lady.”

“But after all these, I still feel uneasy. Always fearing that I will suddenly died too.”

“The incidents has lessened these two days. You don’t know, not long ago there would be nearly a dozen of young people dying everyday. At that time, the coffin shop don’t even have enough stock and needed to ship it from other place.”

“Now, many people are afraid to coming here. Even the people here are living in fear. Some people even abandoned the house they have been living for twenty, thirty years to seek refuge abroad.”

Ye Xing Tong stared for a second then slowly sat down and nodded.

“All right, I understand. Need to trouble this little brother to bring food to my room.”

“Yes, miss. This little one will retreat first.”

The servant looked at Ye Xing Tong with a meaningful glance.
Hope this beautiful miss won’t encountered any accident.

After finished washing her face, Ye Xing Tong ate a bit of the food and wanted to go downstairs.
At this moment, the little fox suddenly jumped into Ye Xing Tong’s arms and gave her a shock.

Glaring at it, she used a bad tone to say, “Letting you eat food but you don’t want to eat. You can starve yourself to death. Then you don’t listen to my words, now you want to curry favor with me?”

The small fox rubbed itself against her arms, automatically ignoring her words.

Helpless, Ye Xing Tong brought it to go down with her.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Downstairs, a middle-aged woman sat on the ground crying, disregarding her image, “I don’t want to live anymore, my poor daughter ah! My daughter ah! My…..”

A crowd was surrounding the inn, discussing the matter, and the entrance was completely blocked by people.
Probably came to pity the woman, or sighed or just came over to watch the commotion.

A middle-aged man kept pulling the woman with a black face, shouted, “Can’t you get up now? What are you sitting on the floor and crying for? Can’t you see people coming over to watch the commotion? You are embarrassing us ah….”

The middle-aged man has yet to finish his words when the woman shouted at him.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Why are you yelling at me ah, if you are so capable, go and find out who is the real murderer of our daughter ah!”

“So what if I am shameful? My heart is hurting for our daughter, and you, you didn’t even feel sad when you heard of the news. Then you started your business like usual, do you really have conscience ah!”

A ‘Pa!’ sound was heard.


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yikes I feel bad for the villagers, hope her little fox can help her lol! thank you for the chapter ^.^


Thank you for the chapter~