The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 18: Magnificent

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 18: Magnificent

A ‘Pa’ sound was heard.

The lady was slapped so hard that a large red colored hand print immediately appeared on her face.

The rest of the onlookers silently took a deep breath.
The Boss was enraged, the development of the situation is heading to the worse.

“You hit me? You actually hit me?! We have been married for so many years and you have never hit me before, today you actually hit me?!”

The woman covered her hot face, looking at her husband in disbelief.
Pushing on the ground trying to get up, two woman around her age nearby quickly stepped forward to support the woman.

“You forced me to do this, I don’t want this too. Hurry up and go back to the room, don’t continue being disgraceful here.”

Facing his wife’s shocked expression, the man felt a little guilty in his heart.
Who said he was not sad ah! It was a daughter they have raised for fifteen years after all.
His heart also ached ah!

But as a man, as the pillar of this family, he must hold the whole family up ah!
They still have a child under the age of ten, they still have a future to continue on.

The woman suddenly laughed out loud.

“I am being disgraceful? At least me being disgraceful is not as strong as you being hypocritical. Your daughter is gone, she is gone. Do you know that?”

“Our daughter who we raised for fifteen years is going to get married soon. She is gone just like this… haha, the God is really ‘nice’ to us ah!”

Pulling the woman back into their room, the middle-aged man said in low voice, “If you want to be disgraceful, at least do it in our room. You don’t want face but I still want it. We are not the only family with this problem, shouldn’t we be prepared for this earlier?”

The woman fiercely pushed the middle-aged man away.

“To Hell with your preparations, I just wanted her to get married earlier. Who knew such a thing would happened? If only she can get married earlier, then this incident maybe would not happen.”

“I’m telling you, I don’t have any preparations at all. I am being disgraceful and throwing away your faces, what can you do to me?”

“I ought to throw your faces away, how much does your face cost?”

“Is it more important than your daughter’s life?”

The moment the man heard it, his breathing quickened.
His face was flushed (with anger) and he raised his hand to give the woman a slap in the face but she held on his hand tightly before it reached her face.

“You want to hit me? Own daughter already died, what’s the use in hitting me?”

“If you have the ability, go and catch the murderer instead ah. Go and take revenge on behalf of your daughter ah. What are you doing trying to pretend as a hero ah?”

Flinging down his sleeves, the man heavily put down his hand and almost screamed.

“You thought I am not sad?! I raised the daughter for fifteen years, I am sad too ah!”

“But what happened has happened, can we revive our daughter? No. We can’t, can you hear me?”

“We can’t revive our daughter so what’s the use of us being sad here?”

“If our daughter is still alive, she would want us to continue living on.”

“You this old thing, you still tried to be logical with our daughter’s death? How can our daughter rest in peace in the netherworld?”

“She won’t forgive you, she will always hate this father of hers. I’m telling you, I won’t forgive you too. My son and I also won’t forgive you.”

Not to be outdone, the woman shouted at the man too.

The middle-aged man pulled the woman into the room, “Have you cause enough trouble? If you have the ability, then go and be disgraceful inside the room. I still want some face.”

“I don’t want you to pull me, get away! My daughter don’t have such shameless father like you.”

The woman don’t know where she gotten her strength but she fiercely pushed away the man.
People started to gather to watch these two people going at each other.

A woman similar age with the grieving woman stepped in between the two and pulled her to sit down on a bench at the side and comforted her.

“Don’t be impulsive, I can see that your family was not easy too. He has to hold up the family for you and your children sake…”

“Don’t tell me good things about him, I don’t want to listen.”

The grieving woman pushed the other woman away.
Suddenly stood up, she pointed at the man’s nose and started cursing.

“I am really blind to marry such an unpromising husband. Such a hypocritical husband is not worth mentioning, I’ll leave with my son right away.”

Raising his hand angrily, the man furiously said, “You are forcing me to hit you.”

The woman sneered and stretched her head forward.

“Hit ah, hit me ah. If you have the ability then hit me to death. I’ll save the you who lacked of conscience, the need to get angry after I died.”


Seeing the man’s hand was about to hit the woman’s face, the crowd held their breath.
If this slap landed, the ladyboss’s face will definitely be disfigured.

“Stop, ‘a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist’1. Boss, don’t you think your behavior like this is a bit too bold?”

A clear and elegant voice like yellow oriole sounded.2

The middle-aged man felt a strong hold on his arm and couldn’t move it.
Subconsciously, he looked up to see the woman who has grabbed his arm.

Because of this sudden situation, the others went to see this person who abruptly appeared holding a cute unknown animal.
Everyone was amazed.

This woman is really beautiful, just like a celestial being in Heaven!
Exceedingly outstanding, pure and unique.
As if any language used on her (to describe her beauty) are insignificant.

Gently releasing the middle-aged man, Ye Xing Tong gave a shallow smile.

“This uncle, I would like to ask one thing. What is the most important thing being a man?”

Being released by Ye Xing Tong, the middle-aged man felt some pain from his arm and rubbed the sore arm.
He turned his line of sight to the side and said in a boring tone, “Placing family and country as utmost importance, and win people by virtue.3.”

Ye Xing Tong nodded with agreement after hearing the middle-aged man’s words.

“You are correct, win people by virtue. A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist. Now I think you know what to do next.”

Looking at the woman crying silently by the side, she said in a low voice, “She is just a heartbroken mother who just lost her daughter.”

“Both of you have shared a bed together for nearly two decades, a day together as husband and wife means endless devotion the rest of your life4. Should you be making such a heavy move?”

“Between husband and wife, there should be mutual understanding. I believe you must be very sad too, but for man the sadness is hidden in the heart.”

“There is nothing that can’t be solved as long as both of you are on the same page. All the suffering are now in the past, don’t you still have a little son?”

“For the sake of your family, for the sake of your son to cheer up together, I believe that your daughter in Heavens will hope everyone are living happily. When you do, then she will be able to leave at ease.”

“If you felt sorry for her death, then you should find ways to get the murderer, am I right?”

“Correct! This Miss is correct!”



Suddenly, a burst of cacophonous sound was heard from among the crowd.
Everyone was emotionally excited over her speech and the loud clapping sound surged up.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“This Lady said it very well, Benwang was thinking the same thing. As long as you husband and wife are thinking of each other, no need to waste energy going against each other. All suffering will come to pass.”

A pleasant male voice, like the clanking sound of spring water was heard from the crowd.



  1. 君子动口不动手 : Means gentlemen settle problem through discussion, not violence
  2. Translator note : #Really ? Sounds like a flower, really?
  3. 以家国为重,以德服人 : Chinese words for those who need to refer
  4. 一日夫妻百日恩 : Idiom, self-explanatory

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