The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 19: Magnificent 2

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 19: Magnificent 2

A pleasant male voice, like the clanking sound of spring water was heard from the crowd.
People can’t help but imagined what a peerless talent the owner of the voice was.

Suddenly startled, Ye Xing Tong felt like a warm current streak across her heart.
This man’s voice sounded very nice, just like the light, refreshing wind in the early summer seeping into the people’s pore.

The ‘small dog’ in her arms heard the pleasant voice of the man slightly opened its closed eyes.
Lazily, it gave a glance at the scenery in front then went back to lean into Ye Xing Tong’s arms.

The lively discussions by the crowd just now went quiet.

A pair of eyes looking forward with joy at the man in white clothing, walking in slowly from outside the door.
Right after the man came in, a burst of sigh was heard from the crowd.

The man was holding an exquisite folding fan, a hint of smile was hanging from his face.
Dressing in white silk satin like snow, it flowed gently with the wind.
He has a white jade hair ornament[note]白玉冠 : The small hair binding clip you usually see on ancient men’s hair. Google that chinese word and look for pictures.[/note] on his head, making him even more ** cool and handsome.
His facial features and white skin as if he was made out of flawless beautiful jade.
Eyebrows like painting and the lips as red as cherry, his eyes were flashing with glass-like lights.

Upon coming in, his glance swept over the inn and finally rested on Ye Xing Tong.

Giving off a slight tremble, a light flashed in his eyes.
With a smile on his face, he moved towards Ye Xing Tong who was holding a ‘small dog’ in her arms.
Ye Xing Tong didn’t thought that this self-proclaimed king will walked to her direction.

Another man wearing a smart uniform trailed along beside the white-clothed man.
His style was more simple, wearing only a black ribbon on his head.
The few strands of hair leaning on his chest gave out a different feel.
Although he was dressed in plain, his inherent temperament helped adding a domineering and majestic aura to the white-clothed man.

If this was a normal public area, he could be considered a beautiful man.
But comparing to the peerless man right in front, he was quite lacking.

Without a doubt, the man in white was certainly very noble to be accompanied by local officials and self-claiming as king.
And the onlookers were surprised and excited.
His identity was obvious, if she didn’t guess it wrongly.

He was known as the suave, world’s most beautiful man, Jun YiFan, also the third Prince of the neighboring country.

Speaking of the big countries of the continent, the Li* Country should be mentioned first as it is the largest country in the continent.

[Translator note: *礼国 (Li guo) has been translated as ‘the neighboring country’ ever since this word appeared in the earlier chapters. It was because the Li in 礼国 can be interpreted as those ally countries which needed are required to present yearly offering to the reigning country.
So right until now, we are still not sure whether this aforementioned country is called ‘Li’ or it really mean ‘neighboring country’. But since a character from that country has appeared, all the 礼国 from now on will be translated as Li Country until further notice (or just follow whatever the next translator think is the best)]

Ever since the ancient times, wars happened frequently here and there.
Some countries combined into one, some torn apart.
In fact, three hundred years ago, this whole word was still a complete whole country.

This land was called, “Continent of Dream”[note]梦幻大陆 : Google suggested ‘Dreamland’ but this translator don’t think it’s strong enough.[/note].
It gradually formed after Cao Cao was established the Emperor after he defeated two other countries and became the hero of Three Kingdom.

(Revealing some information here, in the history of modern China, Cao Cao died young and did not complete his great cause. But in this time and space, Cao Cao defeated Sun Quan. And Liu Bei unified the world, receiving the worship of thousands of people.)

(The society of ancient Chinese is the same parallel space, and the history of the late period of the Three Kingdoms are the same with the current Chinese society. Just that a big division happened during the period of Three Kingdoms here.)[note]The brackets of info were provided by the author.[/note]

It has been an unified country all along.
The other small bordering countries was too small, they were not able to raise any threat.
As for the citizens, they were well-fed. It was a time of peace and stability.

But due to the country’s Emperor lost the love of his life, he was down with a serious illness.
He stopped caring about the affairs of the nation.

The deceased Emperor of Li Country, the Founder Ancestor Jun RongXiao took the opportunity to secretly plan a rebellion.
So he launched the mutiny, wanting to rule the whole country.
Who knew that during the time they forced into the city gate to seize total victory, several subordinates under Jun RongXiao refused his orders and secretly planned a conspiracy to establish their own country.

Although Jun RongXiao was angry, but all of them was depleted of their internal energy due to the rebellion so it was not a good idea to him to ‘take care’ of them immediately.

After all sorts of changes, the country of Nanjiang, Li and QingYu was formed as the Three Kingdoms.
There were also a few other small countries but the Li Country is the big brother of them all.
The whole Li Country was almost two time the surface size of both Nanjiang and QingYu’s territories combining together.
Furthermore, the Li Country was a vast territory with abundant resources, has a long history and situated in the central plains of the continent.

Ever since the founding of the country three hundred years ago, the monarchs were meritorious, fair and diligent.
They have maintained a well-organized country so no small countries were wiling to entertain the death-seeking idea of taking over the country.

The first two Princes of Li Country were dead, one died in a difficult birth, the other died poisoned by his imperial concubine.
Finally getting the third Prince, the Emperor of Li Country naturally rejoiced.
So, this third Prince was given the title King Xuan the moment he was born.
He was given all the love he could get.

It was not excessive to say he was treated like ‘afraid to accidentally swallowed when put in mouth, afraid to be broken when put on hand'[note]含在嘴里怕化了,握在手里怕碎了 : Maybe it’s a saying, I’m not sure. Google can’t tell me. I’m guessing he was treated carefully as if he was really fragile.[/note].

As for this King Xuan, he really lived up to expectations.
He was pretty smart since he was a child, clever and obedient.
When he was one years old, he can recite poetry.
When he was two years old, he can create poetry.
When he was three years old, all those thousands of ancient books, army strategy books were well-memorized like the back of his hand.

He was a genius, an unique genius not seen in a few thousands of years!
The Emperor of Li Country was extremely pleased and arranged for a banquet among the citizens for ten days, when he was informed of Jun YiFan’s innate talent.
It can be seen how much importance he placed on his Prince.

Jun YiFan stopped in front of Ye Xing Tong.

Showing his beautiful smile in the midst of the crowd’s sigh, he smiled at Ye Xing Tong, “Miss, you looked familiar ah!”

Such a tacky way to hit someone up.

Ye Xing Tong secretly rolled her eyes before slightly squinting her eyes and smiled.

“This common girl do not deserve such attention from Xuan Wangye(King). How can such elegant, peerless talented famous figure know about this small common girl?”

In her heart, she can’t help but regretted her stunned look when she saw him at the first time.
Wasn’t he just a famous genius of the world?
She, Ye Xing Tong, what kind of situation haven’t she seen before?
She was a person living for two lifetimes after all.

Two lifetimes?

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Thinking of her past life, her eyes went slightly dark.
Her past life was a nightmare, it was also an ironclad example.
Jin QiCai’s bloody betrayal keep reminding her not to easily believe in a man.

She actually met this Jun YiFan a few times when they were still young.
It was just a few times but she remembered him from her heart, remembered his gentle smile at her.
Remembered his beautiful voice.

Perhaps the reason she fell for Jin QiCai was because of this good childhood memory of hers.
Jin QiCai possessed the same gentle smile like him.
Like him, he was as gentle as water towards her, caring for her in all manners.

She didn’t expect to be able to see him again.

But this time, Ye Xing Tong was no longer the previous Ye Xing Tong who always put feelings as her main concern.
Good impression is just a good impression, it should just stay in childhood memories.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

She won’t treat her happiness as a joke anymore.



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This is confusing. I thought Cao Cao was the emperor. Then:
“The deceased emperor of Li Country, the founder Ancestor Jun RongXiao took the opportunity to secretly plan a rebellion”

How did a deceased emperor plan out a rebellion…?


Thank you for the chapter~