The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 2: The truth

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 2: The truth


Turns out ….. turns out ….. the truth is actually like this.
In his heart, she was such an unbearable woman.

Rise to be domineering?1 She was trying to get him to pay more attention to her, to care a bit more about her, she just acted on a bit of childish temperament only.

She was just too lonely, too afraid.

With the exception of her brother Ye Xingyu, there was almost no one else who she can hold a conversation with.

If she didn’t see Qicai for a while, she would feel restless, but when they met she would feel very afraid.
She afraid that there will be one day when he won’t be gentle to her, won’t like and love her anymore.

She just cared too much about him, couldn’t be this ….. also considered wrong?

Sent people to monitor him?
Is it wrong to be worried about his safety?
Worried on whether he would encounter any danger outside, he don’t know even the slightest bit of martial arts, what to do if accidents happened?

Just because she was worried about his safety, that she sent out people to secretly protect him, that’s all.

Worrying is also a kind of wrong.

Being used, she was just a tool to be used by Jin Qicai.

Her heart has been hurt by thousand of injuries, full of bruises.
Forget it, what’s the use even if she explained?

He wouldn’t believe her anyway, and she was also dying.

Earth to earth, dust to dust, if there is such thing as afterlife, she don’t ever want to see him again.

Thinking about this, Ye Xing Tong felt that herself was quite pitiful.
Self-deprecatingly laughed, “My sincere feelings to you has resulted me the fate of being poisoned to death, you still want to treat me to this extend?”

Jin Qicai looked down with arrogance on the Ye Xing Tong who was lying on the floor, with icy cold gaze, jeered mockingly, “Sincere feeling?”
“How do you have sincere feelings? Just because your Muhou2 died early, you thought to get comfort from me? Who the Hell will believe in your sincere feeling.”

Ye Xing Tong’s gaze completely dimmed, her pupil turned down, she is dying now and yet he won’t let go of her?
Must mock and ridicule her to this extend only will he be satisfied?

Feelings of three years as husband and wife, three years of feeling, all turned to bubbles.
Her dream was broken, and so did her life.

Suddenly, she raised her head and sneered, “Do you think you can be free and without concern after killing me?”

“Fu Huang cared for me the most, don’t forget I am Nanjiang’s First Princess. If he knew you killed me, he definitely won’t let go of you, Fu Huang will help me take revenge.”

[Translator note : I’m afraid to look down ….. who planned to kill people won’t think of consequences first?]


Jin Qicai raised his eyebrow, a face of annoyed expression approached Ye Xing Tong, gave a chuckle, “You are right, I have already thought of this point. One month ago, I have declared that you contracted a serious infectious disease – smallpox.”
“After your death, I will help you make the symptoms as if you died of smallpox, do you think your Fu Huang will still look for me for revenge?”

[Translator note : Damm it, 绝, really 绝 ….]

Jin Qicai then added another blow,”Because of you, I can’t be with my childhood sweetheart. Only after you are dead, then can you do us the favor.”

Ye Xing Tong used to feel his smiles were very warm, like a ray of sunlight into her heart.

But right now, it only felt very crude, very mocking, very disgusting.

His heart has already had another person from the beginning ah!
Then what was she actually considered as?

“You…… you…… you are very despicable! Very….. ”

The hand that Ye Xing Tong slightly lifted up has completely fell on the ground, her body heavily sprawled on the cold floor.
She can even feel the force and the pain of her soul pulling away from her body.

If God can give her the chance to start it all over, she will definitely not believe him, she wants to live out the life that only belongs to herself.

Then….. then…..

Then she completely fall into coma. Still good, let’s end it this way.

It hurts.
Ye Xing Tong suddenly opened her seemingly heavy eyelids.
A streak of striking color flashed across her eyes.

It is chaotic in her brain, her head feels extremely heavy like she never felt it before.
What happened to her?

Why would she suddenly get a moment of dizziness?

Feeling light-headed, like if someone would lightly touch her, she will be knocked down onto the floor.
She is tired, as if she have done heavy works and living tiredly for a long time.

So curiously strange.

Looking around the red sedan chair and the luxurious decorations.
The loud sounds of the gongs and drums outside so loud as if it will cause earthquake can be heard.

In Ye Xing Tong’s mind, a sudden ‘What’ flashed across.
She remembered.
Today is the good day where she gets married to Jin Lang.

[Translator note : The Lang here was referring to his position as a groom.]

She is currently sitting in a luxuriously decorated sedan chair, the pain she felt just now was because she dizzily fell asleep, and accidentally hit the edge of the chair.

It’s obviously a good day today, but …..

But why did she felt a little unhappy?
There’s a tight feeling in her heart, Ye Xing Tong cannot help but covered her heart.

The luxurious red sedan chair in front of her shook and swayed, causing her body to move together with it, it didn’t give her any trace of festivity.
On the contrary, it caused her heart to suddenly feel a heavy sense of disgust for no reason.


Yes, it’s indeed a feeling of disgust.
But why would it be like this?
She was really in love with Jin Lang.
The marriage today was also from her pleading her Fu Huang several times, through both hard and soft method only it was obtained.

Suddenly, a force of memories that doesn’t belongs to her but yet, felt like hers rushed into her head.

She wanted to close her eyes to stubbornly resist, wanted to get rid of this portion of memories, but still was half a step late.

The seemingly familiar memories surfaced one by one in her mind.

Jin Qicai being dejected and in dire states.
His and her first meeting in the rain.
She being surprised by his amazing talent.
His tenderness towards her.
She asking for justice from her Fu Huang on his behalf….

For him, she pleaded several times with her Fu Huang to grant them the marriage.
Finally….. she was filled with happiness to be able to marry him.

But three years later, she died in the hands of the Husband she loved so much.
A cup of poisonous tea has ended everything, and also left her completely despaired.

Those vicious and mocking words seemed to still echoing in her ears.

“For someone who is dying, how do you think I, Jin Qicai will treat them?”

“Still believe I will shamelessly caters to you like in the past?”

“I tell you, Ye Xing Tong, you are dreaming.”

“You still have the nerve to say that, do you know how the people out there talked about me?”

“They said I relied on your influence to be able climb up, you caused me to have no place to put my face as a man.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like you even a bit. You are a domineering, self-righteous smug woman, you got me to accompany you all whole day, to play with you those childish games, so childish it hit the bottom bar for childishness.”

“Do you know how long I have endured you? Normally when I went out, I have to report to you first. When I finally get to go out, you sent people to secretly monitor me.”

[Translator note : Okay, some shameless copy-and-paste from the author on all the cold words the jerk said before. No point letting you guys read everything all over again. Such cold words. Let’s proceed to the last part.]

“Because of you, I can’t be with my childhood sweetheart. Only after you are dead, then can you do us the favor.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.


His emotionless mockery, him berating her mercilessly…

Ye Xing Tong suddenly opened her eyes, a pair of blood-thirsty eyes filled with murderous aura.


  1. 飞扬跋扈 – Idiom, means bossy and domineering
  2. 母后 – Imperial Mother

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Dear translator, I know it took efforts and hard work to translate this wonderful novel. But please refrain from insert your opinion then and there between the story, it ruins the mood almost completely. If you want to discuss or speak on behalf of the beloved MC, please put them at the end of the chapter and it will be good for reader to comment with you.



He really thinks that such a weak plan succeeds? I want to see how you can face smallpox. This plan is so rediculous lol. He can directly go say the heavens warth descended. That would be equally believable.

Thanks for the chapter!


That’s terrible…. To remember the future just as you are to be chained to the man who killed you… What fate….