The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 3: Heartless

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 3: Heartless


Ye Xing Tong suddenly opened her eyes, a pair of blood-thirsty eyes filled with murderous intent.
Her body suddenly filled with an abnormally strong aura.

God have not disappoint her, for letting her wish came true.

Jin Qicai —- This life, you can stop thinking to once again play me, Ye Xing Tong around in the palm of your hand.

The debt you owed me in previous life, I will definitely get it back from you a thousandfold.

To hell with feelings, she no longer need it.

Jin Qicai, in past life you disregard our husband and wife feelings, even betrayed everything between us with a cup of poisonous tea.

I will not forgive you.

From the outside, the trumpets were earth-shattering loud, many passerby crowding towards the procession of escorting the bride.

This is the wedding of their Nanjiang Emperor’s most favourite First Princess after all.
It was said that the Princess have appearance like a fairy, the Prince Consort also handsome and talented.

He’s also the current Zhuangyuan, really talented man and beautiful woman[note]郎才女貌 – Ideal couple [/note] ah!

[Translator note : I laughed.]

Jin Qicai with a face full of festivity, rode right in front with an air of elegance on a big horse, looking down at the lively crowd of people.

The corner of his mouth raised up to a perfect arc.

The feeling of being proud is showing on his face.

Suddenly, he felt a strange burst of wind blowing, Jin Qicai sensed a sudden cold sweat in his heart.
Feeling chilly for no reason.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

At this critical point, it is imperative that nothing goes wrong.

Just a step away from success.

He painstakingly planned all these, he won’t allow anyone to sabotage him.

Out of reflex, he turned back to take a glance at the red sedan, then nodded with satisfaction.
He must have thought too much, absolutely nothing wrong will happen now.

The emperor’s most loved little princess is getting married, he sent a number of Imperial Guards and Secret Guards to protect her, how can something possibly happen?

But he have forgotten a very important fact, or perhaps he actually didn’t know, that is —– the Ye Xing Tong who he thought as naive and brainless was actually an excellent martial artist, with an absolute skill in Qinggong.[note]轻功 – A martial art skill that allows you to be lighter in footsteps, allowing you to be able to jump from high place or run across water :v Wiki it[/note]

On normal days, Ye Xing Tong rarely use martial arts in Princess Residence, moreover Jin Qicai practically know nothing about Ye Xing Tong so he have no idea that her martial arts skill was that good.

[Translator note : Princess Residence is the place the Princess live with the Prince Consort]

And that caused the miscalculation he had today.

After escaping from the sedan, Ye Xing Tong used her skills to lightly sneak into a clothing store.
She changed into a white set of fitting[note]劲装 – Google said it’s some tight-fitting clothing, which some people wore with armor. But I’m not sure. [/note] clothing, loosely tied her hair into a simple hair design, completely changing her entire appearance.

She might have to live a life as a fugitive from now on, so she must be well-prepared for it.

[Translator note : What about your father?]

Taken three sets of red clothing plus some daily necessities, she put it all in a bundle that was prepared earlier.

Then, Ye Xing Tong heard a slight sound made by someone who is entering the backyard.
She gave a glance, sweeping across the somewhat dilapidated yard, slightly shook her head.

She took people’s clothing, definitely cannot leave without giving back anything.
Looking at her bright red wedding clothing and hair accessories on the floor, and phoenix headdress, Ye Xing Tong randomly selected a few valuable items.
The rest were thrown at a small unnoticeable corner of the small courtyard.

Easily escaped from the clothing store owner and the customers, she took out her somewhat ordinary folding fan and strutted[note]大摇大摆 – Flowery description of someone swaggering[/note] out.
If it was a romantic scholar[note]风流潇洒 – Flowery description (for men) of being talented, confident and at ease (basically usually used to describe some talented scholar)[/note] , hand swaying the folding fan back and forth, it’s considered okay, but since she’s a girl…… she looked a bit strange.

The times she went out to the Capital of Nanjiang was not that much, even when she did, it was to secretly out for sightseeing and play with her younger brother, Ye Xingyu.
Therefore, with the exception of the court officials, no one will recognize her even if she showed her face.
So, no need to worry much about this matter.

Ye Xing Tong walked aimlessly on the streets, feeling a bit lost.
Where should she go?
And where can she go?

At the moment, she don’t have even a single penny on her plus she boldly escaped from the wedding procession.
When Fu Huang know about this, he definitely will be very angry.
Very very angry.

She pleaded her Fu Huang for so long, only after then he promised to grant her marriage to Jin Qicai that bastard.
Who knew he would turn out to be such a despicable villain.
Such a waste of her single-minded love for him, and for him she even abandoned a piece of her heart.

Wandering into a slightly remote street, Ye Xing Tong saw a few people wearing gray-coloured clothes with patches playing a game she doesn’t know of.
A few of them were fooling around, not enjoying the game a bit.

Ye Xing Tong heart skipped a beat. Wasn’t she also like this before? Just that she never expected, all those tenderness and happiness were total lies.

[Translator note : I’m under the impression she was referring to the times JQC played with her in her childish games.]

Jin Qicai lied to her for so long, in the end mercilessly poisoned her to death.

Looking at the black-coloured bracelet at her wrist, a sudden flash of light[note]灵光一动 – It kind of means a light bulb flashed in her head, she have a idea[/note] in her head, and the corner of her mouth raised up.
Ye Xing Tong suddenly thought of a very good way to punish Jin Qicai.
She won’t let him die, just will thought of a way to let him live a life worst than death.
This lifetime, don’t think she will let him get away.


Jin Qicai smiled, looking the crowd who came give their wishes and to watch the celebration.
Finally his day of shining through[note]扬眉吐气 – Idiom, to describe someone becoming successful[/note] has arrived.

A sudden roar of a beast, from the sky floated down a woman with her face covered, her long hair fluttering along with the sleeves of her white clothing.
Coincidentally, she landed in front the horse that Jin Qicai was riding.
The people in the crowd can’t help but stared at the masked women. She looked like a fairy who has just descended from the sky.

Although her face is covered, the clean holy feeling and coldness from deep within the bone were undoubtedly radiating from her body.
she looked more clean and refined from the Nine Fairies of Heaven[note]九天仙女 – Stunning beauty[/note] , without a single speck of impurity.

The white dress women with her clear spring-like eyes, slowly glide across the body of everyone present.
Lastly, stopping on the body of Jin Qicai who was on the horse in the middle of the crowd.
Upon seeing Jin Qicai, there a sudden flash of tears shimmering in the pair of lovely eyes.

As if she was struck by lightning, she stared at Jin Qicai like he was somewhat unbelievable.
She kept shaking her head, looking like she have suffered a great mental blow.
Stepping a few steps backwards with body trembling, she pointed at the person on the horse, Jin Qicai a bit angry, her face with a painful expression.

Her voice full of pain and misery, “You …. you heartless traitor, how can you abandon me and my elder sister to marry the princess?”

“Since you married both of us sisters, you need to take responsibility of us ah!”

“Do you know that sister and the child were ill and it’s very serious.”

“Three years, three years, you didn’t go home for three years. Sister and the child were still waiting to see you for the last time, you actually abandoned us and went to marry the princess…… do you really have conscience ah!”

“where did you placed us sister in your heart?”

“When you were in our village, you xxx with the beauties from neighboring village, we endured what we could.
But the princess’ status is so noble……..”

Ye Xing Tong’s words of indignation for her injustice and grieving words have not finished, because it had been cut short by Jin Qicai.
In Jin Qicai’s eyes, there was a flash of fury and being vexed.
“This woman what are you saying ah? This Prince Consort doesn’t know you, get out of the way.”
“If the auspicious time for this Prince Consort wedding ceremony with Princess was delayed, can you afford it?”

“We can testify for this sister, sister is innocent … …”

“We can testify for this sister… …”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“We can testify for this sister… …”

All of a sudden, a few children among the crowd shouted out loud.

Instantly the crowd erupted into chaotic noisiness like a pot split open.

As long as there are someone, gossip will never cease.

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