The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 4: Together

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 4: Together


As long as there are someone, gossip will never cease.

The surrounding crowd stared at this unforeseen event going on in front, his face changing expressions even more beautiful than a chameleon.

No matter how much they don’t believe the words of Ye Xing Tong, but with the backing of the naive, innocent children’s word, they cannot not believe it.

From the initial rosy coloured-face of happy blessing, changing to deep blue-green of dissatisfaction, then to purple black color of extreme anger.

Sure enough, the eyes of the crowd are discerning, and also most impartial.
Suddenly, everyone is talking about it.
A girl of younger age asked a lady beside her, puzzled, “Why did Prince Consort Jin Qicai wanted to marry the Princess if he obviously have a wife?”

The lady shook her head, with some fury she said, “Isn’t it obvious? He wanted to climb up Princess ‘this tall tree’, to pave the road for his future wealth and luxury hmphm!”

“Men! Is so greedy, even dared to use the Princess, really eaten ‘bear’s heart, leopard’s gall bladder'[note]雄心豹子胆 : Outrageous courage/guts [/note] , our Princess is too pitiful.”

Another older man also said indignantly, “This Jin Qicai is too abominable, how many woman had he actually chased?”
“Still want to marry Princess, really the toad dreaming of eating swan meat.[note]癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 : It’s a saying, which means an impractical dream. In English, the nearest saying would be ‘A sow is no match for a goose’. [/note]”

“Right ah! Never seen such shameless person, it’s better for Princess to break the marriage as soon as possible, else marrying this kind of villain will ruin her lifetime.”

“I heard that our Princess is a beauty, this Jin Qicai doesn’t looked that much good, temper is also violent, doesn’t match up even a bit to our kind and cute Princess.”

“En, our Princess is worthy to marry the best Prince.”

“Have you people heard of it? Prince Consort only have this day of glory because of the support from the Princess, if not that, he would have been a dejected teacher living in poverty by now? ”

“Is that true?”

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“Of course it is, it was because the Princess saw his pitiful state that she went to the Emperor to speak some good words for him, never seen such a worthless man.”

“How can such person be our Nanjiang Prince Consort?”

“Right ah! Hurry up and beat it. Previously heard Prince Consort is like warm jade, considerate and kind good person, really can’t just listen to rumors, this is simply incomparable to the rumors ah!”


Jin Qicai secretly gripped his fist, the handsome face with face so red that blood can seep out of it.
His eyes seems to spew out fire.

These people are too bold. Dared to speak nonsense on his big marriage day, discussing absurd talks.

Shouting in loud voice, “Servants, capture those citizens who spoke nonsense and talk badly of the Princess, plus this woman who dared to disturb the wedding procession and delay the marriage of the Prince Consort with Princess, capture them all!”

“Yes, Prince Consort!”

All the Imperial Guards bowed their head to answer the order, immediately took out their swords and walked towards the people who were discussing the matter and Ye Xing Tong.
Like a split open pot, the surrounding crowd suddenly ran to escape in the chaos.

“Help ah! Guards killing people!”

“Prince Consort want to exterminate everyone ah!”

“Prince Consort has gotten angry, want to kill us ah!”

A few guards was heading towards Ye Xing Tong, in their eyes flashed the determination to win.
Ye Xing Tong casually took a glance at them, a sudden movement at her hand, these men unexpectedly dropped heavily on the ground.
Covering their bottom, crying in agony.

Jin Qicai took a look at the sedan chair stopped in the middle, a strict gaze flashed through his eyes.
It’s all because of this woman. If not because of her, would he be humiliated like this?
After marrying her, must properly discipline her.

Out of a sudden, a women’s voice rang out, a crisp voice which people would questioned : “All of you, stop!”

From the aura of threat and the coldness in the voice, the Imperial guards cannot help but shivered, immediately stopped their motion of pulling back and forth with the civilians.

Jin Qicai looked at the guards who stopped their actions of catching the civilians, just because of the words from the white-clothed woman standing in the middle of the crowd, with a veil covering her face.

Angered until he was red in the face, “What are you standing stunned for? Still not get on it fast, arrest them back for strict interrogation!”
“Also catch that woman.”

The guards then snapped back to reality and wiped off their head of cold sweat.
Bracing themselves, they replied, “Yes, Prince Consort.”
But poor guards, they still haven’t react.

An icy cold voice, as if it radiated from ice sounded again.

“Want to down this lady? Then you must have the ability to so! As long as this lady is here, don’t dream of taking away these innocent civilians.”

The crowd burst into applause.
“Lady such good[note]好样 – used to praise someone’s moral integrity or courage[/note] person! We support you!”

“We all support you.”

“Lady, must not lose to Jin Qicai that heartless traitor!”

“Big sister, fighting! We all are cheering for you!”

“Down with the heartless traitor! Down with the heartless traitor!”

“Down with the heartless traitor! Down with the heartless traitor!”


< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Hearing the encouragement words from the surrounding mass of people and the children plus their support, a beautiful smile blossomed on the woman’s face.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.
I, Ye Xing Tong thank you for your support!


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Karen kay Brewer

Thank you !! Awesome story.!


Thanks for the chapter. ?


Thank you~


I still don’t know how she will proceed from there….. What if someone lifts the veil of the sedan chair? They’ll see she’s not inside… = o =
But bravo at solving this conundrum like this, I suppose.