The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 5: Unbearable

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 5: Unbearable


Suddenly his heart gave a shudder, but he still strongly maintained his calm and coldly asked, “You…… you…… who are you actually?”

“I do not know you, immediately get away from this Prince Consort path!”

“Stop babbling nonsense[note]胡言乱语 : crazy and unfounded ravings[/note] here.”

Remembering what the woman has said just now, he burned with rage in his heart.
Where did he had two wives?
This woman, he don’t know who sent her to specifically frame him, wanting him to ‘lose reputation and name'[note]身败名裂 : to have one’s reputation swept away[/note] .

The woman smilingly looked at the Jin Qicai who spoke of his denial of acknowledgment, full of sarcasm she said, “Don’t know me? That’s good, it doesn’t matter if you don’t recognize me.”

“Today is you are going to marry the Princess right? I will give you a big gift.”

Jin Qicai don’t know why but he think this woman’s eyes were incredibly scary.
A glance at her had him feeling like he went down to the depth of Hell.
Yet, he faintly felt a little familiar, like he saw it somewhere before.

Alarmed, “This Prince Consort do not know you, your things I will not receive, immediately get away from this Prince Consort.”

The woman didn’t care about the man’s reaction, lightly chuckled and asked, “Not willing to receive?”

Abruptly, her tone became fierce, “Good, you are not willing to receive, very good!”
“Unfortunately, this Miss want to gift it. You receive it is receiving, you don’t want to receive it is also receiving.”

[Translator note : Basically means you need to receive either way :v]

Jin Qicai tightly gripped the rein, a few pea-sized beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead, in trembling voice, “Miss, what you do want to gift to the Prince Consort?”
“Like this, then this Prince Consort can decide whether to accept or not.”

The woman sneered, “No need! This Miss usually work without explanation, don’t even understand the need for them.”
“Besides, you make me feel disgusted, more the reason why I don’t need to explain anything to you.”

“You…… whose vassal are you from![note]暗卫 : Secret agents like assassins, secret guards, secret clan or group[/note]”
Jin Qicai yelled with a clear voice.

“Subordinates are here![note]属下们在 : It’s what the guards yelled to announce that they are ready to receive order and take action[/note]”
Suddenly numerous voice rang out, secret guards flown out from secret places simultaneously knelt in front of Jin Qicai.

Not waiting for Jin Qicai to issue the order, the white-dress woman floated as if she’s flying, floated to the side of the secret guards’ leader.
The leader drew out his swords, ready to fight with the white-dress woman.
Instantly, the item in the woman’s hand had him abruptly stopped his hand.

The leader was taken aback, looking surprised at the white-dress woman in front of him: “You are…….”

[Translator note : Sheesh, stop with her white dress already. Don’t you have other adjective to use? Like young lady, seemingly skilled woman or sumthin..]

The lady in white put away properly the item in her hand, while the leader is still in the moment of surprised, went to whisper a few words in his ear:

“I know you worked under my younger brother Ye Xingyu, refrain from telling my things to my Fu Huang. Otherwise, I won’t let you go.”

Then, she raised a palm and heavily hit the leader to the ground.


The rest of the secret guards wanted to take their weapon and rush forward.

But instead, the leader said, “Don’t get in contact with this woman, her whole body is covered with poison.”
“We are not her opponent, we need to get back to the emperor to report this.”

[Translator note : The leader was telling his subordinates that they cannot win her so need to retreat. Hope you don’t read it the other way.]

Second Prince’s method of doing things, he knew about it.
Ye Xing Tong is the Second Prince’s most respected and beloved sister, he don’t dare to easily offend her.

The moment those words were out, he flown away.
Seeing their leader has left, the rest of the guards glanced at the Jin Qicai who has fury all over his face, can’t help but left together with their leader.

Jin Qicai looked at the direction where the guards left, and secretly clenched his fist.
Staring angrily at the white-dress woman in front of him, in his eyes flashed past a chilly and vicious light.

This woman is really this powerful?

Even can make the Imperial secret guards who were nurtured with effort, to run away scared.

A sudden squeeze at the horse’s stomach (with his legs), he galloped towards the woman.

Other people and guards can’t help but gave a shout.
Their eyes opened wide with fright.
The lady won’t be trampled to death by the Prince Consort, right?

Her gaze turned cold, stared fixedly at the horse rushing forward.
As it approached nearer, from her hand two small stones suddenly flew quickly towards the horse’s eye.

At the same time, Ye Xing Tong has already retreated to a safer area, at least ten meters away.

Want to plot against her? But ‘he didn’t see how much he weighed'[note]也不看自己有几斤几两 : It’s something like not knowing your own (weak) ability[/note].

If it were the Imperial secret guards, then she won’t be able to escape so easily.

But these so-called Imperial Guards, they don’t really mean anything in her eyes.

The horse’s eyes has been hurt, it neighed loudly, and immediately ran away like crazy.
Without warning, Jin Qicai was flung off by the horse and onto the ground heavily.

The Imperial Guards promptly escaped from the crowd of people.
One of them flew on the horse, and soon managed to restrain the escaping horse.
The rest of them rushed to the Jin Qicai who has been thrown on the ground.

Anxiously supporting Jin Qicai up, they asked with concern, “Prince Consort, are you alright?”

Initially, Jin Qicai was feeling hurt all over his body, like he was rolling under a car.
But hearing them asked, the fury in his heart is greater, can’t help but angrily yelled, “You say, am I alright or not?!”
“You can’t even catch those civilians who don’t know martial arts, what do I need you men for?”

The Imperial Guards lowered down their heads, ashamed:
“It’s subordinate’s fault, subordinate is incompetent.”

Jin Qicai forcefully pulled away his arm which the guards were supporting, looking calm and indifferent.
Towards the white-dress woman who seems to not take anyone seriously in her eyes, he clenched his teeth and spitted out, “Just let go of those innocent people!”

“They were just under the instruction of someone. This Prince Consort is tolerant and magnanimous, considering today is this Prince Consort and Princess’ wedding , just let go of them.”

“But this woman must be captured for Prince Consort, do you hear me?”


[Translator note : Technically, the author wrote ‘Heard it!’ but Yes! would make more sense in English.]

Having heard what was said, the Imperial Guards still feeling a bit scared in their heart.
After all, the difference of skills between them and the woman was too much.
Going forward means surrendering their life ah!
Even the Secret guards went away one by one.

Even if they don’t die, to forcefully catch her it’s inevitable that they will be seriously wounded.

Moreover, they don’t know how deep is her strength, and they most probably can’t catch her.
But they can’t ignore the words from the Prince Consort.
So they can only clench their teeth hard, and pick up the sword on the ground, slowly making their way towards Ye Xing Tong.

If Fu Huang knew that she went missing, he will definitely send a lot of people to look for her.
At that time, she won’t know when she can return.
Making such a big mess, she have to at least wait until Fu Huang’s anger simmered down.
Fortunately, she still have her beloved brother to support her and speak good words on her behalf.

Hundreds of guards have yet to rush forward, they have yet to feel anything, when an indescribable burst of ‘palm wind'[note]掌风 : A martial art move when martial artist can produce waves of wind to attack enemy with a wave of their palm[/note] swept them off their feet on the ground.
Each one of them let out painful cries, not caring about their image.
Their body felt the pain like a car had rolled over them.
This woman, even her palm wind is so powerful.

The other person haven’t even started dishing out moves, they have already lying on the ground.
This is the difference ah!
As dignified Imperial Guards, actually unable to withstand a single blow from this woman.

<< fantasy-books Property >>
< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

The white-dress lady clapped her hands, all the guards who were yelling in pain shivered, faintly said, “Today, Ben gong[note]本公 : It’s how the imperial members address themselves to others[/note]……. Miss’s feeling is quite good, considering that all of you earning imperial wages and are working for our wise Emperor’s sake, I will spare you.”

Then, in a flash of moment, she arrived in front of the Jin Qicai who was tip-toeing to escape away.

Jin Qicai felt a burst of strong wind blowing past his cheeks, he quickly looked up to see the white-dress woman which he don’t know when she arrived by his side.
After a loud shout, he stammered: “You… you demon, I… am the Prince Consort, you want to murder the dynasty’s Prince Consort?”


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