The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 8: This matter

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 8: This matter


At the luxurious Palace gate, a pure-looking handsome young man with slender body half-squatted in front of the flowers that grew by the entrance gate.

The smile at the corner of his mouth matches the brilliant colours of the flowers.
The wind lightly blew, the hair at his forehead floated up in an elegant arc.
His black jade like eyes seemed to be smiling, every move he made was elegant.

Beside the young man stood a short handsome little eunuch.
The little eunuch had both his hands supporting his face, a pair of eyes staring fixedly at the young man with unparalleled beauty.

Eyes clear and as gentle as water.
From time to time, he will emit a few giggles.

After the little eunuch giggled for the ‘n’ times, the young man finally couldn’t take it and said with his magnetic low voice, “Meng Hui, as the Prince’s personal eunuch, why are you giggling there and not helping this Prince to work on the garden?”

“Quickly come and help this Prince to attend to these delicate flowers.”


The little eunuch named Meng Hui stunned for a moment, then immediately reacted and squatted beside the young man.
Mischievously said, “Second Prince, your charm was too charming. So even Meng Hui as an eunuch couldn’t resist, hehe… let Meng Hui come to help Second Prince.”

The young man heavily hit Meng Hui and deeply sighed, “I am a dignified Royal Highness Second Prince, how did I managed to get someone stupid like you as my personal eunuch?”

“Doesn’t your back hurts if you tell lies while standing up? As a little eunuch, you also knew how to bootlick.”

Meng Hui covered his own head, feeling wronged.
He softly whispered, “Why did you hit me, how Meng Hui is stupid? Didn’t I came to help Second Prince now?”

The young man was silent, simply too lazy to speak.
Pointing at a red flower that looked like a big bowl, he said, “Those flowers needs to be watered, go and take some water for them.”

“These flowers were all carefully tended by this Prince, you must be careful in attending them.”

<< fantasy-books Property >>

He usually likes these kind of exotic flowers, as long as there are some kind of special flowers, he will try his best to get it no matter where.

In the small garden at his main hall, almost all of the flowers were the whole Nanjiang’s most famous and most unique flowers.
Some were brought over from their neighbouring ally countries.

“Yes, Meng Hui will go now.”

Not sooner later, Meng Hui came back carrying two barrels of water with ease.
Don’t just see Meng Hui’s body was thin and weak, he does have great strength.
Lifting to buckets of water is just effortless like eating and drinking.

Seeing the young man was busy, Ming Hui didn’t talked to him anymore.

At the moment he didn’t notice, a ‘Bang’ was sounded and all the water were poured down on the flowers.
The young man heard the unusual noise, instantly ran to Ming Hui’s side.

He saw the beautiful red flower with a part of it dying on the ground due to the impact of the water, couldn’t help but enraged with fury, “What’s wrong with you ah?!”

“These kind of flowers are very delicate, how can you not care about any precautions and directly upturned the water on them?”

“Do you know that they might die?”

“Some flowers only needed to be watered in small portions, you don’t understand anything. You should have asked this Prince first….. ”

The young man saw that Meng Hui lowered down his head, his shoulder rose up and down, he immediately stopped talking. ‘Hating iron for not becoming steel’[note]恨铁不成钢 : Idiom, means resenting someone for not meeting expectation and impatient to see improvement[/note], he pulled Meng Hui to one side.

Sincerely saying, “You don’t cry ah! I just said a word or two…..”

“Wa wa….”

The more he comforted Meng Hui, the powerful he cried.
Tears were streaming down.
So much that even the leaves on the tree fell down.

He swooped in to the arms of the young man and continued crying, while hitting him.

[Translator note : ……… You! Eunuch! Stay away from our handsome Second Prince!]

The young man forced a bitter smile.
Why did he felt like they swapped identities?
Forget about it that his personal little eunuch didn’t comfort him, now he need to personally comfort him back.

Lightly patted the back of Meng Hui’s shoulder, he softly comforted, “All right, stop crying. This Prince didn’t even hit you, only said a few words. Was it necessary to cry so badly?”

“True men [note]男子汉大丈夫 : Fancy words for true men[/note] shed bloods, not tears.”

Suddenly thought of the thin man in front is already an eunuch, he gave a low cough then unnaturally said, “That… although you are no longer a man, but don’t you still have this Prince?”

“In the future, this Prince will cover for you so no one can bully you, is that all right?”

Little eunuch Meng Hui continued crying loudly.
Wiping the young man’s body with his tears and snivel.
The young man was helpless, as he can’t bear to cruelly push him away.

To be frank, he really don’t know if meeting this little eunuch is a blessing or a curse.

“Second Prince…..”

Suddenly a sharp voice was heard, the young man quickly pushed Meng Hui away.
Meng Hui heard the voice too, immediately quieted down and obediently stood behind the young man, bowing down his head.

“Second Prince…..”

A middle-aged eunuch came forward in front of the young man, respectfully did the greeting ceremony, “This servant give respect to Second Prince[note]奴才扣见二皇子 : This is what the author wrote. This is a greeting all the servants need to say every time they met anyone higher rank than them. It can’t be directly translated so I wrote the nearest one I thought was suitable.[/note]”

Coughing once, the young man lightly waved his hand, “Get up ba. Thanks for Eunuch Wen to personally came, does Fu Huang have any orders?”

“Thank you, Second Prince.”

Eunuch Wen stood up, respectfully replied, “The First Princess suddenly disappeared on her big wedding day, the Emperor speculated that somebody came to abduct the Princess. The Emperor wanted Second Prince to investigate this matter.”


Upon hearing that, the young man’s body stiffened for a moment.
A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.

“Eunuch Wen, is that really true? Fu Huang really lets this Prince to handle this matter?”

“Yes, Second Prince. This servant don’t dare to deceive Second Prince. The Emperor is waiting for my report on your acceptance, this servant will take a leave now.”

“Go then, inform Fu Huang that I will take charge over this matter.”

Not only the young man didn’t show half a point of sadness, he even have a touch of excitement flashed through his eyes.

“Yes, this old servant retires first.”

Eunuch Wen glanced back at the young man with a bit of suspicion before he left.

In his heart, he thought :

The sudden disappearance of the First Princess is very important.
Why would the Emperor assigned this person who doesn’t know the matter of world, who played with flowers every day, who refused to attend to serious matter, this Second Prince to handle this big matter?

Couldn’t it be the Emperor grown too old?

Not sooner than Eunuch Wen left, the young man’s effort to maintain a distinguished and majestic persona suddenly disappeared.
Leaning against a big tree, he laughed out loud without a slightest regard of his image.

“Haha …… so funny, it’s too funny……”

Meng Hui who have wiped clean his tears was very confused by the young man’s attitude.
moving to his side, Meng Hui pulled the young man’s sleeve a bit and asked in a whisper, “Second Prince, are you all right?”

Could it be he was shocked by Eunuch Wen (‘s word) ?


She has a sudden thought that she was no longer the well-loved noble Princess, her own loved one was gone, her home was gone too.
Couldn’t hold back this abrupt moment of sorrow, she can’t help but vented out all these hidden pain.


After laughing for a long time, the Second Prince finally stopped.
He went to the side of Meng Hui’s ear, and asked him with a face full of mystery, “Do you know why this Prince was laughing?”

Meng Hui was shocked by the Second Prince’s warm breath that his ears went red and his heart beating fast.
Straightly shaking his head, “Meng Hui don’t know.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

After carefully thinking for a moment, he continued, “The Princess suddenly disappeared on her wedding day, Second Prince should be sad ah!”

[Translator note : I have no idea why the author suddenly threw in two sentences of Ye Xing Tong out of the blue]



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Anna Tong

wut happen??
second prince==first prince??
Season’s greetings!
as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


Is he in love with her, or does he hate her? It’s one or the other….

Thanks so much for all your hard work and enjoy the holidays~~~~~~


If he were in love with her wouldn’t he be sad or angry thinking she was about to get married? I don’t think he hates her tho, I think she mentioned they were very close


thanks a lot—-!
well, this sounds interesting! yeah, hey you, stay away from second prince! hmph hmph!
hm—-this second prince should know his sister well, so—?


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ѹҎҋ ҟҏҖҊ ҔҏҍҎҜҔҡ ҈Ҕҋҟ, ҜҎҋ Ҏ҆ҏҚ ҆Ҝ Ҏҏқ ҌҗҚҋҎҋ҆Ҋ ҌҔҗ҆ҜҋҊ ҝҘ ҏҖ ҆Җ ҋҔҋҍ҆ҖҜ ҆Қ҉.
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I can’t read anything ;-;


Thank you for the chapter~
I can’t stand such a useless and troublesome subordinate…


o*g, is this a yaoi world!? Did the author just changed prospective and decided to go a different path? Or em i the only one who is seeing things…don’t go misleading ppl please that sentence up there is very misleading..but I won’t care a bit if they are ^^ in fact I will cheeer their romance~