The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 9: Interrupt

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The Royal Princess Fox, 公主御狐 Chapter 9: Interrupt

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The Second Prince raised his head to look at the azure blue sky, his lips curled up to a smile, “You’re right, I should be sad.”

“But at this moment, I can’t even get sad. My twin sister Ye Xing Tong is a peerless master in martial art. Other than this Prince, no one knew about this information, not even our Fu Huang.”

[Translator note : Then why are you telling it to your incompetent eunuch >.< ?]

The Second Prince raised his eyebrow and winked at Meng Hui, “Even Jin Qicai, the so-called most perfect man jiejie always talked about, he definitely don’t know about this.”

“To top on it, not much people in the martial world can be her opponent. You tell me, how can she disappear without reason?”

Upon hearing that, Meng Hui smiled sweetly and asked, “Does that means it’s a conspiracy?”

Shaking his head, the Second Prince smiled and sighed, “According to my deduction, this Prince’s jiejie definitely won’t be abducted suddenly.”

“No matter how much the high-ranked officials disapproved of this marriage, even if they wanted to take jiejie away in the middle of the chaos, they still won’t be able to do.”

“Then why would she suddenly disappeared? Wasn’t your sister happy to get married to Prince Consort Jin Qicai?”

“For the sake of this matter, she didn’t hesitate to make noise with the Emperor, even went as far as going on a hunger strike to blackmail the Emperor.”

Thinking until this point, Meng Hui was feeling more suspicious.

[Translator note : Lol, now we know why Ye Xing Tong is afraid to go back home.]

“It was because my sister disappeared on her own.”

The words from the Second Prince completely floored Meng Hui.

“What do you mean by that? She is an adult, a whole living person1, how can she disappeared by herself?”

Giving Meng Hui a heavy hit on the head, the Second Prince shook his head and sighed.

“You stupid Meng Hui, you say why are you so stupid? This Prince has explained so clearly, you still don’t understand.”

Meng Hui covered his head, angrily glaring at the Second Prince and said, “You hit me, I will cry for you to see.”

He knew the Second Prince do not like women crying, one of his Ce Fei 2 love to cry whenever she saw him, making the Second Prince quite anxious.
The Second Prince will be at complete loss whenever he saw women cry, that also make it a good weapon to control him.

Upon hearing that, the Second Prince immediately covered his ears and compromised, “A small eunuch acting like a woman, only weak women like to cry.”

“All right. This Prince is scared of you, seeing how stupid you are, I’ll give you a more detailed explanation.”

“First of all, didn’t this Prince told you already that my twin sister is a martial art master? Only a handful of people can go against her.”

“Then, she suddenly disappeared from inside the sedan chair. It didn’t happened without reason.”

“I have always been skeptical about Jin Qicai, I think he is very hypocritical and fake. But jiejie like him, what can I do as the younger brother ah.”

“If she want to marry, then marry ba. This Prince has persuaded her many times but she doesn’t want to listen. Even accused me of being biased.”

“Because of this matter regarding Jin Qicai, we argued for nearly a year. Later on, I became lazy to even participate in her wedding.”

“The most important thing is …….”

The Second Prince paused for a moment, his eyes flashing with the lights of the stars.

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“I already knew about this on the day she escaped from her marriage.”

“Escaped marriage?!” Meng Hui exclaimed loudly in surprise.

The Second Prince immediately covered Meng Hui’s mouth and carefully looked around.
Seeing no one were around then he pulled Meng Hui to the back of a large tree.
He whispered in low voice, “Lower your voice, you want to let the whole Palace know ah?”

Meng Hui can’t open his mouth as it was covered by the Second Prince. Feeling the heat from his palm, Meng Hui went red at his ears and face.
Unable to nod, he make ‘wu wu’ sound to indicate he understood.

The Second Prince loosened his hand and with calm expression he gave a threat in low voice, “This matter cannot be told to anyone else, do you understand? If you dare to leak it out, I will not spare you.”

This is the first time Meng Hui saw the Second Prince with such serious expression.
He nodded his head and replied, “Yes, Meng Hui understood.”

A face with a big smile, he put his arms around Meng Hui’s shoulder and praised, “Indeed you are this Prince’s little attendant, I did not get the wrong person.”

Shocked by the sudden action of the Second Prince, Meng Hui’s body trembled a bit.

The Second Prince then slowly told Meng Hui about the reason (how she fell in love).

“Although my twin sister is extremely smart, she was an idiot in the emotional part. She was too compassionate.”

“Seeing filthy bureaucracy and officials protecting each other’s back, their favoritism hurting the talented genius Jin Qicai, her heart turned to sympathy.”

“Lastly, she gradually lose her own heart under the multiple attacks from Jin Qicai. Everything was dominated by him. Even I as the twin brother was ignored to the side.”

Remembering of it, the Second Prince heaved a sigh.

“I am her dearest brother. Although she was just an hour 3 older than me, she always has put me in front of her first.”

“If there are any good food, she will give it to me. If there are any good things, she will leave it to me.”

“But ever since Jin Qicai became an official, she changed. Sometimes I really think she has not been herself, always put Jin Qicai as first priority. Whenever I went to look for her, the palace maidservants and eunuch will say she went out with Jin Qicai together.”

“Are you jealous of Jin Qicai?”

Meng Hui suddenly raised his head and the first sentence that came out from his mouth was that question.

“Don’t interrupt.”

The Second Prince gave him a glance, a flash of light in his eyes.
He don’t know why he told the little eunuch what he thought in his heart, but he suddenly felt better after saying it all out.

Meng Hui trembled under the gaze of the Second Prince, obediently quieted down.

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Everything seems to come naturally. He pulled Meng Hui’s head towards his chest and slowly said, “Jealous of Jin Qicai? Might be a little.”

“The jiejie who has been treating me well suddenly be good to another person, no matter how it is will feel unaccustomed to that.”

“But later on, I slowly get used to it. Jiejie will need to get married some day, I can’t rely on her forever.”

Hearing this, Meng Hui looked down with a sense of loss4.

“My older  brother also treated me extremely well since I was young. But I always make him angry.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“Being naughty, all causing problems and every time he will be behind me cleaning up the mess. He wanted to punish me but every time he saw me tearing up, he can’t bear to do it and ended up patiently comforting me instead.”

The Second Prince gave Meng Hui with a strange look, suddenly smiled and said, “Didn’t know you have such a good brother. But if he cared for you so much, why would he allow you to enter the Palace to become an eunuch?”

Actually what he really wanted to say was this young man who looked more beautiful than women, why would he choose such a dead-end option?
Getting into the Palace as eunuch, the life as a man is destroyed.
This ought to make the ladies of the world in despair ah!


  1. 一个大活人 : For those who want to know the chinese word
  2. 侧妃 : Concubine in Ce rank
  3. 半个时辰 : Half a sichen, sichen is 2 hours
  4. 有些怅然若失道 : I was a bit baffled by the dictionary’s meaning of this sentence so I took Google Translate’s suggestion instead.

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