The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 18: A Feeling of Shock

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Chapter 18 – A Feeling of Shock

Treating and giving, there really wasn’t much of a difference. For a moment, Gu Zheng couldn’t tell the difference.

“How come I could give food to my friends in the earlier test, why is it different now?”

Gu Zheng’s point was argument that when he made the honey chicken and sorghum rice for Wang Tao and the others, he had passed after they stated it was the best food they had ever eaten. It had opened the Great Desolate space, as well as won him the Immortal Essence Dan and fried egg Cooking Skill.

“Earlier, you used your own cooking skills, that was fine. However, now you are using master God of Gluttony’s cooking skill, so it is no longer permitted!”

The spirit device spoke toughly, and Gu Zheng could no longer argue. Meanwhile, Shu Yu stared at him with wide eyes open, wanting to determine whether he was joking or not.

At this moment, Shu Yu still couldn’t believe Gu Zheng really wanted to sell fried eggs, and even sell them for 88 RMB each.

“Shu Yu, please trust me. If I cause you a loss, I will be sure to compensate you!”

Shu Yu had been staring at him, so he whispered to her. He didn’t dare to mention the matter of Shu Yu eating the fried egg. He wasn’t able to reason with the spirit device. Since allowing her to try a fried egg would lead to him failing the test, Gu Zheng silently cried inside.

“It’s your choice.”

After staring at Gu Zheng for a full five minutes, Shu Yu could only helplessly agree. Gu Zheng wasn’t kidding, and she had promised him, so there was no longer any reason to regret it.

She had no problem with Gu Zheng selling fried eggs. The key problem was the set price for the fried egg. It looked like a joke. Even if they were using those good eggs, they should only cost around three fifty or so. Along with the other ingredients, it would be 4 RMB. However, the price he wanted was 88 it was almost more than twenty times the original price. If it was sold, then it would bring huge profits.

The most important thing was that she had only recently started her business here. She had a price-friendly strategy, and Gu Zheng’s high-priced fried egg would definitely affect the image of her prices. So she felt quite uncomfortable.

Gu Zheng had seen all of Shu Yu’s reactions, and felt a sense of helplessness.

If he had the choice, he would be fine with selling his fried eggs for 4 RMB. It would be fine if he didn’t make money, as long as he generated reputation. However, that damn spirit device refused to agree, it was truly abusing it’s authority. Asking this and that of him, when he had yet to start.

If Gu Zheng could meet the God of Gluttony and speak to him, the first thing he would do would be to ask, “Is allowing your spirit device to bully your disciple like this, is it really okay?”

Within the kitchen of Shu Yu’s small shop, there were two chefs. One was responsible for making the wonton, while the other made rice noodles and other foods. He was also responsible for the fried eggs. The eggs priced at 2 and 5 RMB at the store were made by him.

Sith Gu Zheng in the kitchen, it looked somewhat crowded.

The two cooks weren’t that old, they looked to be around 27 years old. They looked at Gu Zheng strangely.

Yesterday they were here, today they were also here. They knew about the requirement of Gu Zheng, but the also knew about the price that he set the fried egg. It was an astronomical price. They had agreed with the boss, they both didn’t know what to think, they had thought it was a joke.

“Sorry, I want to use my own pan!”

GU Zheng whispered to the two of them. The spirit device didn’t require Gu Zheng to use his own pan, but he knew how to use this one properly. If he used this restaurant’s, he didn’t know how many times he would have to try in order to meet the spirit devices standards.

The spirit device had long since decreed that no ingredients except for the ones listed below could be used.

Using the spring mineral water imported from france, he washed it carefully. Gu Zheng lit the flame and turned it to medium heat. The other two chefs paused their work and crossed their arms as they were more interested in watching Gu Zheng.

LIght the flame, heat the pan.

He poured a tablespoon of sesame oil. As the sesame oil poured out and was heated, a colorful fragrance released. A few guests of the wonton restaurant turned around in curiosity. The open kitchen allowed for the aroma to flow out quickly.

This second-class sesame oil was a lot more fragrant than ordinary vegetable oil. Even Shu Yu turned around and was surprised to see Gu Zheng there.

He sprinkled a bit of salt into the oil, then picked up a jade white egg. The two chefs were unable to clearly see Gu Zheng’s actions. They saw his hand flick, then the egg broke out of the shell and fell into the pan.

There was no unpleasant sound, and not a single drop of sesame jumped from the pot. Instead, the aroma became even more concentrated.

The pure white egg white and agate-like egg yolk gradually formed in the pan. Gu Zheng’s hand moved slightly, and the fried egg flew from the pan, flipping a perfect circle, before landing back in the pan.

The egg that flew out was lightly coated in oil, and the oil then completely enveloped the egg. It seemed as if this wasn’t the case, it only looked like it had a yellowish translucent covering. This scene stunned Shu Yu.

The fragrance continued to spread out. After more than a minute, Gu Zheng poured the pan of fried eggs onto the delicate plate, and the fried egg was complete.

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REmembering the fried egg he ate in the morning, Gu Zheng swallowed his own saliva. However, that spirit device only allowed him to eat one a day, otherwise he would eat ten straight without wasting any.

“Gu Zheng, this is your fried egg?”

Shu Yu walked over, and looked at the perfect circle upon the plate. White was white, Yellow was yellow. The clear separation made the fried egg seem like art. It didn’t have a single drop of excess oil and it had a few tiny holes. It was clear like a picture taken by a high-definition camera, it made people enjoy looking at it.

“Correct, this is the fried egg I spoke of!”

GU Zheng slightly smiled. Shu Yu reached over, and picked up the plate. GU Zheng’s face changed slightly, and cursed internally. He whispered: “Shu Yu, It’s not me who wants this, after this I will definitely invite you out to eat something, however, if you want to eat the fried egg, you have to buy it according to the market price!”

Gu Zheng didn’t know how to say these words properly. After he finished he lowered his head.


The two cooks to the side were shocked and stared at Gu Zheng in confusion. He was selling fried eggs in boss’s shop, yet when the boss wanted to try one, she actually had to pay?”

“No problem, I’ll be your first customer!”

Shu Yu glanced at Gu Zheng, then laughed. She generously handed over a 100 RMB. Gu Zheng had no change, so she specifically asked to cashier for change, and placed 88 RMB in front of Gu Zheng.

“Can I try it now?”

After paying, Shu Yu asked. Gu Zheng quickly nodded, while his face was still somewhat red. Internally, he cursed the ruthless spirit device. Any curse word he could think of, he sent to the spirit.

“Excellent fragrance!”

She bit a small mouthful. Shu Yu’s eyes changed, and the color of her face was completely different. She couldn’t help but be filled with wonder. Her current reaction, and Gu Zheng’s in the morning was almost completely the same.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Shu Yu’s household was somewhat wealthy. Her wealthy parents always somewhat spoiled her. It could be said that Shu Yu had eaten many delicious things before. While she didn’t have the same palate as Gu Zheng, that was because he was a food critic. He couldn’t not travel the world. However, Shu Yu still traveled abroad every holiday.

She had tried food made by some of the world’s top chefs, such as the Royal Chef. She ate out quite a bit and had been to many 3 star Michelin restaurants. She had also tasted dishes from chefs that were hard to come by. However, none of them were like Gu Zheng’s fried egg, which gave her a strong feeling of shock.

Correct, it would be ‘shock’. At this moment, she could only use the word ‘shock’ to describe what she was feeling.

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