The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 10: Caught in the Feeling of Love

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The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 10: Caught in the Feeling of Love

Confront with Fengying’s intrepid offensive, Xiaomei’s heart felt both uneasy and joyful. Even though this love may be mismatched, he really needed somebody to love him, so in his heart, he really desired for love.

Ever since young, he already had enough of the people treating him with indifference. There were very few people who had expressed their care and concern for him. Now, a young girl who is filled with vigor suddenly entered into his life. She is considerate, understanding and she doesn’t feel antipathy towards his family. In his heart was only the feeling of gratitude which slowly changed to adoration. As both of them continued to date each other, Xiaomei gradually found himself unable to break free from their relationship.

No matter how ardent or how brazen Fengying expressed her love to Xiaomei, it was still done behind her father’s back. In her heart, she clearly knew that her father would never agree to allow her to marry into a poor family, moreover someone who is illiterate and doesn’t have a bright future ahead. She had to wait for the right moment to announce this matter to her father for their relationship to be a success.

The relationship of the couple had progressed to the degree of being stuck together like glue. They would try their best to avoid appearing together in front of Fengying’s father. As Boss Peng was busy with both work and seeking entertainment from women, he only knew of his daughter’s situation through someone else mouth.

Boss Peng is already forty. He is slightly slim with yellowish skin. He had an upside down duck-shaped head, a pair of lustful eyes which seems to be smiling yet not and his voice is a bit sharp. Due to him spending many years indulged in debauchery, his body is pretty much spent.
The fact that his daughter, Fengying, was currently dating Xiaomei caused Boss Peng to feel extremely humiliated, to the extent that he was unable to restrain his anger. He cursed, “What does Ji Xiaomei count as? He isn’t worth to be a dog! Is he even qualified to date my daughter? I would rather give her to a dog than to be wasted on Xiaomei!”

He angrily called for his daughter, “Peng Fengying, don’t think that I oblivious to what you have been doing. Today, I will draw my line. You are allowed to date anyone, marry anyone, except for Ji Xiaomei. Only he is not worthy to be my son-in-law. He is nothing but rubbish. Do you think I will be at ease, allowing you to marry him? This is practically nothing but a joke! Let me tell you, you better jolly well break up with him. For a toad to wish to eat swan meat? To go as far as to have ideas of my wealth? Why should I be polite to him? Today, I shall dismiss him from his job!”
Once Fengying heard her father’s words, she started to panic. She certainly knew of Xiaomei’s family situation. If he didn’t have this job, it would become impossible to even solve his family’s food and clothing. Wouldn’t this mean that it was her who caused his family to be in misery?

However, to deal with Boss Peng, Fengying still got a trick up her sleeves. After calming down a bit, she coldly smiled at her father, “Dad, if you dare to fire Xiaomei, then don’t blame me for what I may do later. At the time, you can just act as if you didn’t have this daughter!”

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Peng Jiafu was dumbfounded for a moment. He didn’t understand what his daughter was talking about. Act as if you didn’t have this daughter? Could it be that she loved that rubbish to the extent that she had to marry him unless death? This silly girl, she would definitely follow through with what she just said. Peng Jiafu silently though in his heart, “I cannot act on this matter with undue haste. I have to carefully think about it. ”

[TLN: act with undue haste-操之过急]

Peng Jiafu coldly glanced at his daughter and thought, “You want to fight with me? You are still inexperienced!” He set his ideas and decided not to have a direct confrontation. He believed that old ginger is hotter than young ginger.

[TLN: old ginger is hotter than young ginger-姜还是老的辣-experience counts]

Peng Jiafu acted as if nothing had happened and casually switch to another topic, “Silly girl, when are you going to the city? Daddy will treat you to eat seafood.”

Fengying felt that she was unable to make head or tail of the situation. They were just talking about her and Xiaomei’s situation, how did the topic change to eating seafood? She did not bother to answer her father’s question but continued to stubbornly ask, “Dad, what is the meaning of this? Are you still planning to fire Xiaomei? Let me tell you this! Absolutely not!”
Peng Jiafu decided to temporary play down, “If I fire him, will it stop you two from meeting again? Won’t you two still continue? However, today I still have to tell you my bottom line. Your daddy here will never agree to allow you to marry a pauper! In this life, I only have you as my one and only daughter so no matter what you says, it is impossible to persuade me.”

When Fengying heard that her father was against her marrying Xiaomei, she became even more determined, “I don’t care whether Xiaomei is from a rich or poor family, the person I want to marry to is him! I don’t care if he has any future prospect or is a rubbish, in this life only Xiaomei can be my husband! Nobody can stop me!”

Peng Jiafu was very clear of his daughter’s character and he was too lazy to argue with her. When this stubborn daughter of his had her eyes on something, not even ten cattles could drag her back. It would be best for him to find another way.

Over the next few days, no one brought up this matter which seemed as if Boss Peng had approved his daughter’s choice. However, Fengying knew deep in her heart that her father wasn’t somebody easy to deal with. To have Boss Peng to nods his head in agreement couldn’t be done overnight. She had to closely watch her father’s every action and she herself had to be well prepared.

Boss Peng had already calculated. He wanted to have Xiaomei give up on his own. Hence, for now, he wasn’t anxious. He wanted to finish this when the two young couples were still unprepared.

Nearly half a month had passed and Boss Peng did not bring up the topic about his daughter dating Ji Xiaomei. Fengying gradually felt that her father m have acquiesced but she was unable to believe that her father would concede so easily.

One afternoon, Boss Peng found out that his daughter and Xiaomei had secretly gone to a secluded place. Within the factory premises, Boss Peng had built a two storey building. As there are many rooms in the building, normally he and his daughter would stay in any one of the rooms. He quietly exited the factory.

Boss Peng left the factory and walked to the thatch cottages which was not far away. After arriving, with both hands behind his back, he carefully inspected the thatch cottages. He felt that he was not out of luck and figured that him entering into such ‘house’ should not really cause it to immediately collapse. He cleared his throat and shouted out from outside the cottages, “Big brother Ji, sister-in-law, is anyone at home?”

On this day, it so happened that Ji Fuxing went to weed his field. At first, Xiaodi also wanted to go along but as the parents dearly loved their daughter and this very day, the weather was hot, they don’t want their daughter to suffer and tired out under the hot sun. Fuxing told his daughter, “Girl, there isn’t much to do there, daddy can do by himself. You can stay at home and take care of your mother. It just so happens that there are clothes to wash. While you are on that, you can also tidy the house.”

However, in this “house”, there were hardly any things so what’s there to tidy? Hence Xiaodi stayed at home and washed the recently wore clothes. When she was going to prepare dinner, she heard someone shouted out. She hastily exited the house to welcome the visitor.

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She was currently wearing a white dress with blue flowers on it but the dress was a bit too big. It was obvious that the dress was not hers. However, this dress highlighted her feminine charm. The dress caused her exquisite and beautiful curves to be partly hidden and partly visible. This caused people to unconsciously be lost in their wild and fanciful thoughts.


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