The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 2: It is Decided

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The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 2: It is Decided

When Zousao saw that the family of four were silent and their heads were still lowered, she sneered, “Your family’s Xiaodi does look beautiful and will definitely attract many suitors. However, apart from that she has nothing since all of you are her family members. Tell me, which family will allow her to marry into their family? If there is, won’t they be burdening themselves? Once that family becomes in-laws with your family, won’t they feel uncomfortable seeing your family suffering in poverty? Xiaodi’s heart will also not feel at ease. To put it simply, this family is like a bottomless pit. Who would have the guts to jump into it? There’s only Boss Peng. He is rich and powerful and he doesn’t care about your family’s background. Since we are all in the same village, let me give you an advice. This marriage is your family’s golden opportunity. If your family missed this chance, in the future your family would regret it. At that time, don’t blame me for not warning all of you. Also, Xiaomei would have to live his life as a bachelor. For a man and woman who are very much in love with each other to not stay together, who is to blame?

After hearing Zousao’s ‘caring’ opinion, the family of four started to believe her. The first person to speak was the mother, “Zousao, can Boss Peng’s words be trusted? Will he really allow Fengying to marry my family’s Xiaomei? Will he really renovate our house? Will he go back on his words after marrying our daughter?”

When Zousao saw that there was a chance to persuade them, she smiled and decided to fool them all the way to the end as everyone in that family wasn’t bright. “Aunt, don’t worry. I can vouch for Boss Peng’s character. Whatever he said, he will fulfill them and he isn’t a stingy person. Whatever he promised you, he will definitely gift them to you without missing anything. I assured that all of you will be satisfied.”

“If Fengying’s father is really like that then there is nothing for us to worry about. What do you think?” The wife looked at her husband as only the father of the family could make the final decision.

“Only my daughter will have to suffer.” The husband still hesitated over this matter.

Zou Sao quickly gave an answer, “Your daughter isn’t going there to suffer but to marry a rich man. Isn’t this a blessing? Your family is marrying off your daughter into a good home. Also, your family will be able to benefit from your daughter’s marriage, especially Xiaomei. Xiaomei and Fengying are already a loving couple who cannot live without the other. If they weren’t able to be together, they would surely felt that they were living a life filled with suffering. Since this good thing which is hard to come by managed to arrive at your doorsteps. Won’t you gratefully accept it ah?”

Xiao Di was unwilling. She didn’t want to marry Boss Peng. She wished to forever be with her lover. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she said, “Zousao, I don’t wish to marry this early!”

The mother knew that her daughter did not want to agree to this marriage. She suddenly was afraid that such a good thing will burst into nothing and this would not only let her son down but also her family. She hurriedly reached out to grab her daughter’s hand and entreated: “My dear daughter, it’s all because dad and mom do not have the capability. Mom beg you, please forgive mom, mom has let you down! Please do it for me, your father and brother and just accept fate. Mom will definitely repay you in the next life!”

Xiaodi was stupefied as she did not know what to do. She could not bear to brush away her mother’s wish. She looked into her brother’s eyes which were mixed with many emotions. His eyes portrayed the feeling of despair as he was clinging to his last hope.

Currently, Xiaomei’s heart was full of contradiction. In dreams, he had always wanted to start a family with Fengying but he was worried that his sister would suffer because of him. He was uncertain of whether his or his sister’s happiness was the most important. This really was a difficult choice.

His parents seemed to be standing at his side because if Xiaodi really married Boss Feng, his parents’ living conditions will greatly improve. They no longer have to live in this broken house anymore. The whole family would be able to live a good life.

Xiaodi had always been kind and understanding since very little so she was willing to sacrifice her happiness in exchange for her family’s happiness. Xiaodi’s heart was troubled but she still sensibly nodded her head and replied, “I will listen to Dad and Mom!”

Zousao cheerfully laughed, “Good girl! So have all of you decided? Ok, I will immediately inform Boss Peng. All of you just have to wait for the good news!”

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Zousao left the family of four who began to feel uneasy. They did not know whether in the end, their wish would come true or at this point, their wish would come to a stop.


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