The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 3: Poor has their Reasons

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The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 3: Poor has their Reasons

Other than Zousao who had left to report the good news to Boss Peng, let’s understand the background of the family of four, starting from the owner of the thatch cottage.

According to an old information broker, the owner’s life story started around forty years ago.

After being born into the world for a short moment, he was abandoned by his family. An old couple with the surname Ji adopted him as they do not have any children.

The child was like a treasure to them so they named the baby boy Fuxing, meaning lucky star. The boy was born with his left leg shorter than his right leg by a toe. Not only was his left leg shorter, it was also missing its toes, it was like the foot of a duck. Every time he walked, his movement was similar to how the duck waddles but in a more exaggerated manner as his body would involuntarily sway violently.

When Fuxing was 18-years-old, his adoptive parents passed away, leaving him with two thatch cottages. He was alone with no one to depend on. He lived through his days by starving every alternate meal time. He had never thought of getting a wife. He only had one wish and that is to not starve to death. He would be content if he was to freeze to death.

However, God wasn’t really that mean to him. When Fuxing had just reached thirty-years-old, a matchmaker knocked on his door. She was the village’s Qu second aunt and her ability as a compelling speaker was very well known far and wide.

On that fateful day, she carefully walked into the thatch cottage but the truth was that if it was not because she was doing something good and charitable, she would have never entered that hellish looking cottage. It took her a very long time to adapt to the lighting in the cottage.

The room lacked furnishing. There was a never seen before colour of the bedding which was messily covering the divan. At the north side of the house stood two big wooden boxes. One was for food and the other was for clothing.

With a glance, there was not a single priceless object in the house. Qu second aunt could only let out a sigh. If it wasn’t due to Qu sister-in-law insisting on her to come be the matchmaker between her husband’s sister and Fuxing, she would have never wished to meddle into this situation. Whoever was to marry into this place, she would definitely suffer tremendously. But wouldn’t she herself also be committing a sin?

Second aunt barely managed to force a smile. She called to Fuxing, “Fuxing ah, Second aunt has always been watching you grow up. Other than your handicapped legs and your poor background, not only do you have the appearance, you are also affable, even-tempered, straightforward and generous. Second aunt knows that you are a good person with a good character. However, Second aunt isn’t willing to see you live a lonely life so today second aunt has specifically come her to recommend you a wife.”

“Wife?” Fuxing at that time did not know whether he should be surprised or scared, but no matter what even if he was to be killed he would never believe in it. Which woman would be willing to marry him to be his wife? Fuxing’s face showed his bitterness but he still needed to fawn over Second aunt. He gave an unnatural smile as he spoke to second aunt, “Second aunt, stop teasing me already. Whose family’s daughter would blindly come and marry me ah?”

Second aunt jumped up and spoke with a bright voice, “You have really guessed it. She is the Qu family’s daughter. Her name is Qu Xiuyan and she is 24 this year. Appearance wise she isn’t exactly very ugly but her only fault is that she is blind which cause her to not being able to find a partner. Last year her parents had died and she has been living with her brother and his wife. As they aren’t her parents, her brother and his wife could not take care of her for the rest of her life. Due to the inconvenience of living with her, her brother’s wife wishes to find a suitable partner for her to marry into. At that time I immediately remember you. You are already thirty years old but is still single. Why not marry her and have a child to continue your family line? Your dead parents would also be at peace ah! Trust me, we are from the same village and I’m not the type to use such a good thing to take advantage of other people!”

Fuxing also wished to marry and have a wife but in his current circumstances where he could not even live a decent life, how would he able to support and feed his wife and children? Wouldn’t he just cause his wife to suffer with him? Fuxing was very grateful for Qu Second aunt’s concern. He said, “Second aunt, compared to my biological mother, you have been treating me very well. I will never forget your kindness. However, second aunt as you can see, I’m not only poor but also disabled. If I was to marry, won’t I be causing her harm?”

Second aunt smiled widely and said, “You do not have to worry about this. Although the girl cannot see, she is still able to do some housework. If there is somebody to care for you, won’t it be better than to live in solitary in an impoverished environment? Qu sister-in-law said that if you promise to this marriage, they will gift you lots of dowries, four shops, two hundred pounds of food, two piglets and an addition of 100 yuan in cash. They will also prepare the wedding banquet. You do not need to do anything. Such a good thing, it’s like a pie had fallen from the heaven! In my opinion, your happy days will soon come!”

Fuxing wasn’t a greedy person. He really wanted to marry a woman to have her as his wife. Even though his legs were handicapped, he was still physiologically normal. For a moment he felt very lucky as he would soon have a wife!

Filled with happiness, all of Fuxing’s facial features were laughing. Fuxing from the very beginning had been an upright person. He had two thick eyebrows, two big eyes, a straight nose and a wide mouth. If he didn’t have handicapped legs, he could really be counted as a handsome guy. Fuxing was so happy that he didn’t know what to say. He bowed to Qu second aunt and thanked her, “Second aunt, you are like my biological mother, thank you very much! From today onwards I will try my best to fulfil any of your requests. No, I will kowtow to you!”

While thanking, he suddenly became so emotional that he just wanted to kowtow to Qu second aunt. However, Qu second aunt quickly stopped him and said, “It’s fine, your legs aren’t good so there’s no need to kowtow. If there’s nothing more, I will report to your future in-laws so that they can set a date for your marriage. Once the date is decided, I will come and inform you.” As Qu Second aunt was speaking, she hurriedly stood up and left. Her actions made her reason for leaving unclear as she either really wanted to quickly report to Fuxing’s future in-laws or because she wished to quickly leave this gloomy thatch cottage.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

After Qu second aunt left, Fuxing was emotional, nervous, happy and anxious. His quiet life in an instance was disturbed by a huge event. He fantasized about himself with a girl living a happy life. In the midst of happiness, he suddenly thought about his current living condition and could not help but worry. He was scared that if his future in-laws were to dislike him, wouldn’t his current celebration of his future happiness be too early? Fuxing began to feel very restless.


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