The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 7: The Beauty of Humans

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The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 7: The Beauty of Humans

Xiaodi’s heart was filled with untold gratitude and happiness when she received the white steam bun. Now she would be able to eat during the time when her stomach was rumbling with hunger. She imagined that if her home had plenty of such white and big steam buns, her parents and her brother could be able to happily eat them till they were too full that they were unable to stuff any more steam bun into their stomach. How she yearned for such desirable scene ah!

Yonggang was older than Xiaodi by two years. When Yonggang first attended junior high school, Xiaodi was a fifth-grade elementary school student. At this time, Xiaomei had already fully become the family’s main breadwinner and manpower. He not only cultivates his family’s land, he also often went out to help other families. Sometimes he would receive food or clothing and on other occasions, he would simply just received his wages.

Hence at home, they had managed to avoid having any problems regarding food and clothing but all of these simply were only just enough to satisfy their basic needs. As Xiaodi’s studies required a large portion of the family’s finance, she did not have the ability to settle her lunch. Also, all along her family did not have the surplus of food so in her family, there are only two meals, not including lunch. Thus she did not know such an important thing.

During the first two days of school, Xiaodi’s stomach would growl nonstop as she experienced hunger which caused her felt so embarrassed that her face reddened. At that time, she really wished to find a hole to jump in. Due to her hunger, she would often experience dizziness. She clenched her teeth and tried to endure. She knew that there was already not enough food and it was impossible for her to make another unreasonable request about lunch to either her parents or her brother.

On the third day, Xiaodi was going to school, carrying the bag gifted from Yonggang. When she went out of her house and saw Yonggang, who was standing not too far away and was waving his hand at her, she cheerfully ran towards him. Yonggang stuffed a round object wrapped in white paper into her hands, “Xiaodi, this is for you. Every morning I’ll wait for you here.”

Xiaodi held onto the object which still had a little bit of warmth left in it and instantly knew that what Yonggang had given to her was her lunch. Xiaodi shyly said, “I don’t need it, you can eat it yourself.” All these years, her lunch was shared from Yonggang’s lunch. In her heart, she had already long been both grateful and apologetic to him. Hence how could she accept him giving his lunch to her?

Yonggang took out the same object out of his bag and sincerely smiled, “I’m already a junior high school student. I told my mom that one steam bread isn’t enough to satisfy my stomach so I asked her to add one more. Like this, both of us would be able to eat lunch already!”

Yonggang, not only did he normally care and protect her, he would also be attentive and thoughtful of her. For him to be able to think of this idea must have cost him a lot of time and effort. It must be that in his heart he was thinking of her.

Xiaodi was touched to the point where tears almost flowed out of her eyes. She knew that other than her family, Yonggang is the only person who treats her to best. He is always concerned about her, love and protect her, and would always think of her well-being. Such a good person who also treats her so well, when she grows up she would marry him and be his wife.

When Yonggang saw Xiaodi’s expression, he felt heartache but also satisfied as he hurriedly pulled her hand, “Let’s go, we don’t want to be late right? Don’t forget, everyday wait for me over here.”

Hence like this, Xiaodi from elementary to junior high would be able to have lunch as Yonggang shared half of his lunch to her.

Every day after school, because it was too dark at home and it would be a waste of electricity to on the lights during the day, Yonggang would invite Xiaodi to his home to do homework with him. When Xiaodi encountered any difficult questions, Yonggang would patiently explain to her without feeling bored or sick of helping.

Yonggang, from the bottom of his heart, had always treated Xiaodi well. In his memories, ever since he met her, he started to like Xiaodi. In his eyes, Xiaodi was the most beautiful, kindest and adorable girl he had ever met. Not only that, she was also obedient, delicate and considerate.

From his perspective, everything of Xiaodi was all very charming and impeccable. He was hopelessly in love with her. Every day he had to see her or else he would feel that in his heart, something wasn’t right.

Though Xiaodi and Yonggang’s little sister, Yushu, is only a year apart, both of them had a somewhat good relationship with each other, at least from Xiaodi’s perspective. The three would play together, do homework together so most of the time, Xiaodi would stay at the brother and sister’s home.

As they were still young, from time to time there would be friction between them. On many occasions, Yushu really disliked Xiaodi as she could only cry and apologize pitifully and Yonggang would naturally stand by her. Finally, Yushu could not take it and broke into tears as she while telling her brother, “I despise you, I will tell daddy and mummy that you helped Xiaodi bully me!”

Though the Xiang husband and wife were dissatisfied with their son’s foolish actions of bullying his little sister to help a stranger, they could not do anything. Their son is a reasonable person but they knew that no matter how much they tried to talk to him, he still would not change. Moreover, their neighbor’s circumstances was a little special so they didn’t feel right to reprimand the neighbor daughter’s words and actions.

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In particular, their neighbor daughter from young was a frail child. Normally the girl would always be cautious with her actions and never even dared to breathe heavily. Even more, she would not quarrel with others. Nobody had the heart to pick on that trait of hers.

The parents, of course, did not know how protective their son was to Xiaodi. If they were to know that for this delicate and charming little girl, Xiaodi, their son would enter into fights and be beaten black and blue, they would definitely think of ways to separate them, the further the better, and prevent their son from staying near to the source of disaster.

There were many times when Yushu complained to her parents but in the end, nobody helped her. Later she gradually understood that her tears would not be able to solve her problems. She really wanted to be by her brother’s side so from then on, she no longer showed her childish nature. Hence in this way, the three of them could be said as to have a peaceful relationship.

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In the blink of an eye, Xiao had already graduated from junior high school and Yonggang was in his third year in high school. Though his family’s circumstances weren’t that good, they were still able to afford their two children’s school fees. Also, Yonggang is making good progress in his studies. His results are excellent so his parents are counting on him to be admitted to a university and help the Xiang family to bring honor to their ancestors.


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