The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 8: The Beginning of a Young Girl’s Spring

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The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 8: The Beginning of a Young Girl’s Spring

Xiaodi’s academic performance was pretty good but she could not further her education. She knew that for her to be able to graduate from junior high school was mainly due to her brother, Xiaomei. He had suffered a lot just for her to study. If she was to not go to school, her family would be able to save those school fees and she might also help her family earn some money!

Xiaodi is a hardworking and guileless person. Even though Xiaodi had to go to school and study, she still spent most of her time doing housework. Xiaodi is a quick learner and she had already learned to do a variety of housework chores. From a very young age, cooking, washing clothes and even washing bedding was done by her. Overturning the cotton clothes was also done by her she as could not allow the men of the family to do the work of the women, right?

She certainly knew of her brother’s drudgery work so she was really grateful to her brother’s selfless love towards her. Xiaomei would stubbornly insist, “Little sister, you keep on studying so don’t worry. Big brother can support you! Big brother is illiterate so learn more in my place! Once you are successful in the future, big brother can also borrow your fame!”

Xiaodi would already be satisfied if she was able to graduate from junior high school. Even if she was to further her education in university, she could not as she did not have the funds. It would be better that she lighten her brother’s burden by helping him to improve the family’s living condition. The most important problem was the two thatch cottages. Who knows when the two cottages would collapse? It really worries the family. They should as soon as possible, refurbished those cottages.

She was not the only one who thought this way, her parents too had the same thinking. They always blamed their incompetence which causes their two children to follow them and live such a harsh life. They also had to live a life full of worries that the cottages would anytime collapse. The parents’ feelings were naturally understandable.

The most anxious person would certainly be Xiaomei. Other than the fact that he is illiterate, he has a healthy and normal body. Though he was living in a difficult environment and had suffered a lot, those did not deprive him of longing to live a normal life. He hoped to be like all the other men in the village, to naturally marry and have children.

However, facing reality, he did not dare to dream of it. To be able to solve the family’s food and clothes had become his biggest wish. Of course, he also hoped that Xiaodi would be able to marry into a good family so that he and his parents would not have to worry about her.

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After graduating from junior high school, Xiaodi just turned 16 and her appearance was already like a flower in full bloom, extremely gorgeous. Though she is only 1.58 meters tall, she has a well-proportioned body as areas that should grow are well developed.

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Xiaodi has a small round face, big eyes, long beautiful eyelashes, a straight nose, a small and sexy mouth and a pair of protruding ears. All of her facial features are arranged perfectly. Passersby were unable to resist looking at her a second time but it wasn’t clear which part of her body really attracted those eyes.

Peng Family had opened a factory and Xiaomei was an employee there. He had already worked in that factory for more than two years. This information was heard by Yonggang from his mother and he told Xiaodi about it. Xiaomei had been on good terms with Boss Peng’s one and only daughter, Fengying. It was said that both of them would often run to a deserted area so that they were free to act lovey-dovey with each other. They had even kissed.

Talking about Xiaomei’s looks, he is indeed handsome. He has wheat colored skin, duck egg-shaped face, thick eyebrows and big eyes, a straight nose and a wide mouth. Though he is only 1.7 meters tall, he isn’t exactly very short. He has an athlete like body and is very masculine. His body is what many bodybuilders would desire.

If it wasn’t because he has a disabled parents and his family is poor, he would have already be the typical knight in shining Armor in many girls’ heart. Even though this is so, he still managed to obtain a girl’s favor and she is his workplace, Boss Peng’s daughter, Peng Fengying.

When Xiaomei first entered the factory, his only thought was to earn some money to improve his family’s financial condition. Because his family had too little land, he got a lot of spare time and energy. In the beginning, he helped other families by working for them and only coincidentally he came to this family’s factory.

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Children from poor family are more sensible at a very young age. Since young, Xiaomei had always been very busy and hardworking. He is a very honest and dependable person. He is willing to work hard and endure hardship. He is also very considerate to people. Due to this, he quickly got Boss Peng’s daughter attention. Her interest in him started from curiosity and to the end, she fell in love with him. She would boldly pursue his love.


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