The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 9: Brother’s Worries

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The Woman Who Accepted Her Fate Chapter 9: Brother’s Worries

Regarding Fengying’s loving actions towards him, in the beginning, Xiaomei did not dare to allow his imagination to run wild. Not only was he very familiar with his family’s situation, everybody in the village too knew about it. How could he dare to have thoughts of marriage with a rich family’s precious baby daughter? Who knows, Fengying’s love towards him may be prompted by a sudden impulse? He himself should not casually mess with Boss Peng’s daughter!

At that time when the couple first met, Boss Peng’s daughter, Peng Fengying, was only 17. When she was a few years old, her father would often have affairs with other women. In a fit of pique, Fengying’s mother and father divorced. She left Fengying and never came back.

It was believed that children that did not have a mother would be exceptionally obedient. However, because she detested her father’s actions, this big Miss would usually argue with her father. Both father and daughter just could not see eye to eye.

If it was not because he only had this precious daughter, Boss Peng would not even give her face. He did not know why for many years he had already slept with countless women yet none of them was conceived with his child. He did not have a choice but to follow God’s will. To properly treat and care for his one and only offspring.

Fengying is 1.62 meters tall and is slightly plump. She has a big body frame which when looking from the bottom caused her to look tall and sturdy. She has a rectangle shaped face, light rosily skin, a pair of almond eyes, two curved artificial eyebrows, a straight nose and a thin and small mouth.

Though Fengying’s looks don’t count as very attractive, she still looks charming. When in the presence of her father, she would be unreasonable, but when she was in the presence of other people, she would be understanding and reasonable. She is also an honest and diligent young lady.

Since young, Fengying did not have her mother by her side and her father would always put all his time and energy on either the business or other women. Though her material needs were satisfied, she still experienced the taste of loneliness as she doesn’t have anybody to talk to. She longed for someone to only look at her, care for her and also love her.

Looking at Jie Xiaomei, he isn’t tall but is still quite handsome so she did not have any bad first impression of him. As everyone grew up in the same village, everybody had already known each other so, regarding Xiaomei’s family situation, she sympathized and pitied them. Fengying hoped to help him.

Xiaomei is a magnanimous and honest character. No matter how much he is verbally abused, he would just smile and have never gotten angry or enter a fight before. Moreover, he had never been angered till he argued back. He would always silently do his job and had hardly complained that he was too tired or that the job was too dirty to do. He would also not be flippant and insincere when he was having a dispute with others. Fengying was attracted to Xiaomei’s attitude and level of tolerance.

Though Xiaomei spoke very little, he isn’t what everybody called as a fool. He is actually sharp-witted. It was because of his family’s situation which caused him to be unwilling to bicker with others. Since young, he had already been helping his family to make a living. He also knew how to take care and love his parents. As he was raised to be able to undertake tasks despite criticism, he is not afraid of hardship and tiredness. He is also considerate and caring to others.

Looking at the little actions he usually made, it is easy to tell how much he cared for others. He was always thoughtful of others. This type of rare quality would certainly be able to touch a girl’s heart, especially Fengying who lack the experience of motherly love since young.

Through constant contact, Fengying very quickly fell in love with the man who no matter how she sees him, would always be pleasing in her eyes. She believed that he would definitely be a qualified husband. He would absolutely not be like her father who all day long would womanize. Xiaomei is every girl’s ideal husband.

Even though Xiaomei comes from a poor family with many problems, Fengying doesn’t care. What she love is Xiaomei in person, for the rest of the problems that comes with him, they are insignificant! From young, Fengying had been living a high-class life. She had never worried about food or clothes, what’s more money to spend. All she had to do was to ask and her father would generously give her money.

Throughout Fengying’s life experience, she doesn’t have a deep understanding of the concept of money. She doesn’t know the importance of money in life as what her life currently lack isn’t money but love. Hence, as long as it is what she like and want, she would not attach it with any other additional conditions. Now, what she like is Xiaomei so be it, rich or poor has no relations to her.

However, to Xiaomei, his thinking is completely different, especially when his knowledge comes from his own life experience. He very much understood the importance of money in life. As his family is poor, it is a hindrance in allowing him to live a normal life. He knew that without money, even finding a wife would be impossible.

Towards Fengying’s love, Xiaomei dared not accept it. He knew about the large disparity in both the family’s conditions. Boss Peng definitely would not marry off his one and only daughter to him. If he did not handle this problem properly, he might even lose this job so he didn’t want to take the risk.

This is the difference between the rich children and poor children. Hence from the very beginning, he dared not dream big but to just quietly work. Unless Fengying’s attitude towards him become more obvious that people were able to determine it with one look, he would hold himself back and hide from her. It wasn’t because Xiaomei dislike Fengying but he dared not like her.

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However, the more Xiaomei tried to avoid her, the more Fengying went on the offensive. It was as if the more difficult the task is, the better the reward would be. She did not care what others say and she even did not care how others look at her. She just simply loves Xiaomei. During the hide and seek between Xiaomei and Fengying, Xiaomei already understood in his heart that he really needed the feeling of love.


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