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These are just random illustrations I found which I think would fit the characters in Three Lifetimes quite well. If you do have other suggestions, please feel free to comment :3 I do not own these pictures, credit goes to the illustrators.

Juju, daughter of Heaven and Netherworld

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Jin Lei, God of War

Seiran, Juju’s Soul Beast


The Jade Emperor, Ruler of Heaven


Jin and Juju in school uniform


Arc 2: Gary and Kina


Arc 3: Alenaire and Luce



Arc 3: Zephyr

Arc 3: Alasdair

Arc 3: Alaric


Arc 3: Seiran, the old Queen Dowager’s chamberlain

Arc 3: Crowned King Callel


The Lei Family

Juju in her wedding gown


Seiran with Juju’s son


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Atta Nox
Hello? Um. I just wanted to tell you that thanks alot for posting this story here. I didn’t know that you wrote your own personal stories and so when I started getting emails about Three Lifetimes, I didn’t want to start reading as I thought it’s a translations and there won’t be enough chapters for me to devour.. But then around chapter 24’s email… I was curious.. And started reading… and well… I got hung over ~\(≧▽≦)/~ and just kept on reading till I crashed at 5 am in the morning at chapter 47…(And all this while your emails of… Read more »

Thank you so much for the story! ❤️❤️❤️