Transcending Evolution

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Transcending Evolution

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A sudden and terrible disaster had struck, completely changing the environment of Earth as they knew it. Plenty of Source Energy spread, and opened a path for biological evolution, one that brought superior human beings out of a race on the brink of extinction.

This is the resurgence of a glorious ancient cultivating civilization, wher devopment of science and technology was no longer the theme of daily life. The use of martial arts was no longer a legend, but the a must to evolve and to survive.

It is the worst era of natural selection, survival of the fittest; you life at stake.

This is one of the best eras, where the strong have gathered, heroes have risen, transcendence is not just a dream.

Here, a lonely orphan, left by his parents, is where legends begin!

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi

Donation: $50 per extra chapter – it takes about 6 hours to TL one chapter, and another 3 to edit and TLC it. That’s why it is so high.

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Chapter 41: A New Student

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