Watchmen Chapter 19: The Dream Dance

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A dazzling light, a happily laughing crowd, melodious rhythm, and quick dancing movements, it was a noisy celebration of a heroic deed.

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Right inside the party was a rectangular stage. The dance floor was in the center and some tables were scattered around the room with a self-help buffett on top.

The atmosphere in the room was very lively. People in groups of three to five came together and talked up a storm. They would pair up to go dance, creating a scene of joy and liveliness.

To the right of the dance floor was a round table; where a young pretty lady was seated, along with a cute and vivacious little girl.

The lady and little girl were chatting happily, occasionally letting out a few bell-like laughters.

At this time, a westernly-attired young man approached the table. He bent his knee slightly and gave a gentlemanly bow, while saying, “My lady, your beauty is like the stars in the sky, it shines so brightly that even the night sky is unable to obstruct it. Please, would you do me the honour of dancing with you?”

The lady covered her mouth and laughed, red quickly rising up her cheeks.

The little girl at the side used her forefinger to lightly scratch her face and pouted. “Darn, darn, darn. Daddy really has no shame. You have been husband and wife for so long, but you still want to do this kind of thing.”

The man pretended he didn’t hear her, his bow getting deeper, humble, and sincere. “Beautiful lady, please, may I have this honour?”

The lady managed to forcefully stifle her laughter, raised her head, and mimicked a regal pose. “I accept your invitation. To be thought of favourably by a handsome man is an honour.”
Saying so, she held out a hand.

The man quickly reached out and grasped hers, while humbly saying, “No, it is my honour.”

The two of them shared a smile, and slowly headed to the dancefloor.

At this time, a new song just started. The new song played, which was a famous spanish tango song: Por Una Cabeza.

The high-pitched, yet understated violin melody slowly spread out leisurely, just like a woman dancing the tango. Stepping nobly, turning up her nose at everything, rejecting a dance partner, and refusing to be included into the masses.

The two’s movements were quick and in sync, incomparably well-coordinated. In just a moment, they were the center of attention in the room.

The other people on the dance floor retreated discreetly. The pair danced at a high pace. Occasionally, they moved like a single entity (two hearts beating as one), and other times, like a galloping horse. Gentle and lovely, or passionate like fire, the two of them were mirrored, like they were the other person’s whole world.

Following the strong piano keys, the music started to approach a crescendo. The two’s passionate movements also pushed the audience’s mood to it’s peak. After that, the music suddenly slowed down, and heading toward its ending. The two people’s movement also gradually slowed down. The song ended, and the couple reluctantly parted like they didn’t enjoy it, so it showed that they became disappointed.
The room erupted in a round of applause for quite a while. The two of them bowed, and then saluted to the people watching.

The girl at the round table also clapped loudly until her palms turned red. Like a blooming flower, she looked at the two people on the dance floor. “Really shameless.”

The man on the dance floor had a square face that was resolute and calm, vaguely resembling Gu Shi Tong’s younger self.

At a corner table, there sat one man and one woman, they were Jiu Jie and Gu Shi Chen.

Jiu Jie was clapping and at the same time, lamenting, “Did you notice Uncle Gu’s expression? I have never seen a man give such a deep stare at his lover. As long as they’re not blind, anyone can see that he definitely loves her a lot.”

Gu Shi Chen had no expression on her face, only coldly saying, “Already married for so long, they really have no shame.”

Her eyes were red, so you could clearly see that her eyes were wet, but she held it in, not letting the tears fall.

At this time, the host of the party walked on stage, and gave an opening remark, then said, “Before we formally start the celebration, let’s invite President Mr. Gu up on stage for a few words!”

Another round of applause sounded.

The younger Gu Shi Tong raised a hand in greeting before walking onto stage. He started off by speaking a bit about the future trials of the company and the direction the company will develop. At the end, he loudly proclaimed, “Regarding my decision to organise a public welfare fund, I have decided to name it after my most beloved woman. From today onwards, it will be called the Shi Chen Fund!”

Resounded knowing laughs erupted below the stage, and another round of applause started.

The younger Gu Shi Tong walked off the stage to the round table and pulled the young girl into his arms, kissing her chubby cheek. It was hard to cover up the love in his eyes.

“It’s obvious,” Jiu Jie, who was sitting in the corner, said, “Uncle Gu really loves you.”

“That makes it all the more unforgivable,” Gu Shi Chen said coldly. “Since he loved us so much, why did he just watch her die? He betrayed us.”

“Actually, we can look at it from another angle,” Jiu Jie said, “You feel that he betrayed you guys, you feel like you’ve been hurt, but actually, Uncle Gu is the one who was the most hurt. He’s always been suffering from a deeper wound. He already lost one of the women he loved the most, how can we let him lose the other one?”

“He’s been suffering from a deeper wound? After mother died, he pretended everything was the same. I never saw him suffer any pain.”

“Not the same,” Jiu Jie shook his head. “When women are sad, they can cry and throw tantrums, but men cannot. He will bury the hurt deeply in his heart, crack his teeth and blood, and swallow them all down. The more firm the man, the more he’ll be just like that. He won’t let other people see his weaknesses, only secretly lick his wounds in the dark.”

“What use is there to what you just said to me?”

“I feel like it’s very useful. At least we know that Uncle Gu has always loved you two deeply.”

“So what? Don’t you want to undo my trauma? Myy trauma is still there though. We haven’t found anything, and haven’t change anything.”

“I’ve never thought of undoing your trauma,” Jiu Jie said, shaking his head. “Once a wound has been formed in the heart, it cannot be treated. Once a wound is formed, we cannot undo it.”

“Then, why are we wasting our time here?”

“While we cannot undo a trauma, we can use other methods to resolve it. We can cut open the wound again, and let it re-hea. Even though the trauma is still there, the obstruction will no longer be there.”

“I don’t understand your meaning,” Gu Shi Chen said.

“For example, even though we don’t know why Uncle Gu watched her die, we know that he deeply loved your mother and you. That’s enough. Just cut open the wound and isolate it. We’ll seal up the two ends, and once again build up your father-daughter relationship. Since he loves you so deeply, what’s not to forgive?”

Gu Shi Chen was speechless and fell silent for a while. She glanced up at Jiu Jie, while saying, “I never thought of it that why. You’re so young, but you can think of such a deep method.”

Jiu Jie humbly said, “It isn’t my idea, I just learned it from other people.”

Gu Shi Chen turned her head, and started watching the opposite table where the younger Gu Shi Tong and his family were sitting with their brilliant joyous smiles.

Gu Shi Chen had a calm, cold face; it was hard to get her to smile. She muttered, “That’s right. Since he loves us so much, then what’s not to forgive?”

Jiu Jie turned his head, and saw that on Gu Shi Chen’s miserable face, their were two dripping tear drops, just like the dew drop of a softly moving pear blossom.

In such a short period of time, he actually saw such unbelievable things.

Gu Shi Chen gently wiped her tears away, then turned toward Jiu Jie and said, “Let’s go dance.”

“Huh?” Jiu Jie was a bit absent-minded, and suddenly didn’t reply.

“Refusing a young lady’s invitation, isn’t that very ungentlemanly?” Gu Shi Chen teased.

“But… I can’t dance.” Jiu Jie was a bit embarrassed.

“No problem, i’ll lead.”

Saying so, Gu Shi Chen stood up and pulled Jiu Jie to the dance floor.

Gu Shi Chen taught him the tango by speaking and dancing at the same time. Jiu Jie had two left feet though, and couldn’t keep up, stepping repeatedly on Gu Shi Chen’s feet.

Jiu Jie was embarrassed beyond belief. He wanted to go home, but Gu Shi Chen wouldn’t let him.

In the end, the two of them could only remain, and slowly sway to the beat.

At this time, the song Por Una Cabeza started playing again, inspiring them to do the spanish tango.

Following the violin, Gu Shi Chen moved her pair of hands upwards until it wrapped around Jiu Jie’s neck, her whole body leaning in his arms.

Jiu Jie didn’t know what to do with the warm fragrant jade in his arms. He didn’t know where to put his hands.

The song slowly flowed, and all the sounds and scenery from everything and everyone vanished, leaving only the dance floor, and the clumsy slow dancing couple.

“Jiu Jie, thank you,” Gu Shi Chen breathed into his ear.

She had a soft, gentle, and fragrant voice. When Gu Shi Chen’s voice was whispered into his ear, Jiu Jie felt his whole body become soft.

Something made his shoulder wet. Oh, she was crying.

Jiu Jie felt sympathy. He summoned up his courage, and opened up his arms to hug her. He softly said, “You’re welcome. This is what I should do.”

In the midst of the melody, the two of them were lightly embracing, their hearts drawing closely together.

From that emotional, gentle, womanly body; love suddenly erupted in a flash.

Let my love violently combust.

It was really Por Una Cabeza (TL Note: By a head, as in winning by a head),

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He was brimming with zeal and her lips were trembling.

Sweeping away all the hurt, it soothed her heart.

So one head makes such a difference.

If she doesn’t remember me, I won’t hesitate to die a thousand times

If she doesn’t remember me, why would I want to live?

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I don’t get the last part. Does it mean that she will forget what happened in her dreambody?