Author: J-Mitch
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Acknowledgements: Several Members of Novel-Updates Forum have provided insights into building this story. J.R on plot, Arcturus on Main Character Design, NoFear911 on MC’s name, Vorpal on story title, and Ai Chan on particular mature elements.

*Story is a part of the Build Your Own Short Story In 24 Hours Event.


Macharius has been given a chance. Thrown in a cell miles below the very city she has protected for five years, she was doomed to live like an animal till the end of her days. Now, she has been been resurfaced by the very daughter of the man who put her there. And she has come with a mission. If Macharius succeeds, she retains her freedom.

This story is an action pact story that involves love, heartache, death, and all in pursuit of a wax idol that Macharius has no clue on what its purpose is. But even without that knowledge, she will kill in order regain the very rights that had been taken from her.

Action, Fantasy,  Martial Arts, Mature, NTR, Supernatural, Yuri.

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